Carly tells at Sonny over Nina GH
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Curtis arrives at Marshall’s hotel room to talk. He demands his father stop procrastinating and tell him where he’s been all this time. Marshall again insists there are dangers involved. Curtis can take care of himself, but Marshall hesitates to open up. Curtis tells his father to have a nice day and goes to walk out, but Marshall stops him. Marshall admits he had to leave before the trouble he got into became his family’s trouble.

Curtis yells at Marshall GH

Marshall explains he and his mother had just had Tommy, and his band and music were going well. However he had a habit of getting involved in things, criminal matters, and he got hung up in it bad and crossed an important player. Everything got out of his control fast, and the only way he could protect his family was to leave and never look back. He guesses it worked as nobody came for them.

Curtis confronts Marshall for ansers GH

Curtis asks if the player he got involved with was in the mob? Marshall feels he’s said enough, but Curtis can’t help him or keep TJ and Aunt Stella safe unless he knows the details. Marshall has nothing more to say and advises that Curtis stop asking questions if he wants to keep his family safe.

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Sonny cooks up a storm in the Corinthos kitchen and hums a tune as Carly returns home. He asks if she’s hungry, and offers to give her a taste. She tells sample his sauce and tells him it could use a little more sugar. Sonny tells her what else he’s prepared, and hopes they can at least sit down and talk over dinner, unless they are too far gone for that.

Sonny fears marriage over GH

They sit down, and Sonny asks Carly if she’s talked to her mom. She hasn’t but saw a voicemail from Bobbie. Sonny breaks the news that Luke died. Carly realizes she should call her mom. Sonny says Lucas gave her something to sleep, and maybe she should go be with Donna and Avery right now. Carly lashes out at him to stop it, and that she can’t pretend like their life isn’t falling apart.

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Sonny believes they will get through this and their life is not falling apart. Carly fills him in on the conversation with Nina and what she told him, including them almost sleeping together. Carly knows Nina put a stop to it, so spare her the explanation of his supposed memory of the faceless blonde. He thinks she’s dwelling on things that haven’t happened. Carly says she put the fear of God into Nina, and Nina probably wouldn’t mind if he checked on her. She guesses Sonny would like to do that too. Carly tells Sonny that she’s going to bed and when she wakes up he better not be there, otherwise she will leave.

In her office, Nina holds some ice on her face where Carly slapped her. Willow enters and apologizes for what happened at the hearing, as well as accusing her of sabotaging her on the stand. Nina tells her that she has no need to apologize, and it’s her that owes Willow an apology for getting her involved in this mess.

Willow angry with Nina GH

Willow doesn’t like how this situation is affecting Wiley, and it’s what she wanted to avoid in the first place. Willow offers to work on Michael if Nina agrees to give up her legal claim to Wiley. Nina accuses Willow of coming there just to do Michael’s dirty work, but Willow swears Michael doesn’t know she’s there. Willow thinks if she surrenders her rights, it will go a long way with Michael, and she’ll make sure Nina doesn’t lose her connection to Willey. Willow tells her that says Sonny’s family is hurting and this can help start putting things back together, and Nina should take the first step. Nina yells that she is not evil incarnate as some like to believe, and at least Sonny sees that. Nina won’t give up her rights and let Michael turn Wiley against her

Nina and Willow argue again GH

Austin and Britt head to The Savoy, where Austin admits he’s out of his element. Britt brushes him up on modern dating, which can be war. They grab drinks and a table, and later Austin watches as Britt tries to make the rounds and falls flat on her face with several men. Austin doesn’t bother to try talking to anyone and retires to the bar, where a defeated Britt joins him.

Britt appears annoyed Austin GH

Britt pushes Austin about his personal life, and he admits he’s interested in someone. Britt grills him about who this person is, and he finally admits it’s Maxie. Britt squeals. However, Austin feels Maxie has a lot going on and not a lot of room in her life right now for him. Britt thinks in time that could change.

Austin Britt at the Savoy GH

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Felicia and Maxie meet at Charlie’s for drinks to celebrate Luke’s memory. Maxie checked in with Anna and overheard Robert singing in the background. Felicia recognizes it as one of his drinking songs and can’t believe the losses they’ve incurred this year. Maxie has no idea how they’ll tell Lulu about her dad when she finally wakes up.

Felicia asks Maxie how she's doing

After toasting to Luke, Felicia admits she’s concerned about her daughter. She worries that Maxie appears to be holding up too well, especially with Peter back and awake. Maxie can’t afford the time for a breakdown, and until she has Louise back, she has Britt and Nina as support. She thinks about Austin, and Felicia can see there is someone else Maxie has been leaning on. Felicia wants details, and Maxie eventually confesses it’s Austin.

Felicia meets with MAxie GH

At her place, Laura asks Victor how she got into his house. He explains Spencer and his charming girlfriend invited him in. She asks what he wants. Victor smirks that they’ll get to that in due time as he’s not going anywhere. She can’t imagine there is much in Port Charles for him given his past history with the town and residents. Victor confesses he’s working on atonement. She wishes him luck on that. He is sure in time he’ll win her over and she’ll become an advocate of his, until then he plans to focus on smaller things.

Victor confronts Laura at home GH

Spencer enters with tea, followed by Esme. They sit down and enjoy the tea and cookies Spencer prepared, and Esme and Spencer sit silent as Victor and Laura discuss the loss of Luke. Victor knows Luke was a big part of his past, which is another reason he’s trying to make amends. Laura asks how he plans to do that. Victor plans to rebuild and protect his family, here in Port Charles.

As Laura finally sees Victor to the door, Esme comments to Spencer that his uncle and grandma don’t seem to get along. Spencer calls it a blood feud. Meanwhile, Victor hopes to Laura they can find common ground at least concerning Spencer, and he is sorry about Luke. She says, “No I know you’re lying,” and slams the door in his face.

Laura faces Victor at home GH

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