Carly confronts Nina at Crimson General Hospital
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Laura stops by the Corinthos compound and hugs Sonny, telling him how glad she is that he’s home. She can see he’s drinking and breaks the news that Luke is dead. She’s not sure why this is hitting her so hard. She can’t grieve with Bobbie and her family is all gone. Judging by the broken glass on the floor, the mayor soon senses that things aren’t okay in Sonny’s life. He deflects and they talk about Luke. She knows her life with Luke was a long time again and she is a different person now, but he was part of her life for a very long time. Sonny tells her to come to him if she ever needs anything. She says that goes both ways.

Laura tells Sonny Luke is dead in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

They chat about Cyrus finding God. She says it’s none of her concern anymore and prods him for why he’s drinking alone. “I really screwed up this time. I don’t think Carly and I are going to be able to fix it,” he admits. Sonny explains what happened in court and why he delayed telling Carly. Getting choked up, he doesn’t understand why no one understands he just wants to leave the past behind him. Laura gets it but infidelity is hard to get past. He points out it wasn’t exactly cheating. She wonders why he’s still protecting Nina. Reluctantly, he admits he has feelings for Nina that have him confused. He’s still having the dreams he had in Nixon Falls. He can’t keep things separate anymore. After she leaves, he gets a call saying he’s out of refills for his lithium.

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Trina interrupts Portia and Curtis at Metro Court General Hospital

Things are awkward when Trina catches her mom and Curtis kissing at the Metro Court. The mother and daughter admit this is a new dynamic for them. Trina talks about the trip to the cabin she’s planning with her friends. Seeing the mother and daughter want to hang out, Curtis decides to leave them to it.

Portia and Trina discuss Ava at Metro Court General Hospital

When Portia and Trina get a table, they discuss the meeting with Spencer and Ava. She senses her daughter isn’t happy about what happened. Trina didn’t like the way Ava went out of her way to humiliate Spencer. She’d never seen that ugly side of her, the side of her that Spencer and Joss despise. Her mom says no one is entirely good or bad. Everyone is capable of both. Being Spencer’s boss is going to make things even more awkward during the getaway weekend. She already feels like a third wheel around Joss and Cam. After she explains she’s going to give Spencer some pleasant memories, she admits she sometimes feels left out with her friends.

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Liz and Finn worry about her kids at General Hospital

When Liz shows up in Finn’s office, he tells her she looks beautiful. She pulls out the wedding ring she found in her locker. She has no idea how it got there. He guesses that one of the boys must have put it in her pocket and it fell out. That could mean that one of them has a problem with them being together. This doesn’t make any sense to her. She thought her children were happy for her. They try to figure out what could be wrong. She’s sure her kids would have been more direct and wonders if they weren’t making a statement at all. He offers to be there when she talks with the boys about this but she thinks she should do this alone. The doctor asks if they should reschedule their dinner. She thanks him for being understanding and assures him this is only a postponement.

TJ and Marshall discuss Curtis at General Hospital

Marshall manages to corner TJ and tries some small talk. When that fails, he offers to leave him alone. They go into an office and he guesses that Curtis warned him away. Marshall admits that he had a meeting with Curtis but it didn’t go well. He can’t give him what he wants. Without that, Curtis won’t talk to him. The answers he has would only drive him further away. TJ says that when Curtis makes his mind up, it’s impossible to change it. If he wants to get to know the family, he has to let them know who he is. Curtis walks in smiling. That drops when he spots Marshall. He takes his nephew aside and asks if they can have dinner. TJ gets beeped away to see a patient and exits. Marshall knows that his son has questions that need answers if they are to speak.

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Esme questions Spencer about Trina at Kevin's General Hospital

Esme arrives at Kevin’s penthouse and looks at the prescription drugs she picked up. Spencer arrives, moping about the dinner that Ava made him pay for. He’s furious that she’s throwing it in his face that she controls his trust fund. Esme is more concerned about Trina and wonders why he’s not mentioning that she was part of his restitution arrangement. He claims that Trina is just another means to humiliate him. Since no one is home, she suggests they take advantage of the privacy.

Victor, Spencer and Esme plot at penthouse General Hospital

Once Spencer has his shirt off and is making out with Esme, there is a knock at the door. It’s Victor. Esme invites him in and Spencer starts venting about Ava to his great-uncle. Victor tells him it’s time that the family came together in a united front. Spencer has a hard time accepting Valentin in the mix but Victor tells him to grow up and be realistic. The family includes Ava and Esme and the slights have to be left in the past. Victor insists that the in-fighting needs to end. If they bring Nikolas and Ava into the fold, her influence will only lessen. The women in his life will come and go but family is forever. That makes sense to Spencer.

When Laura arrives at home, she is shocked to see Victor there.

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Nina defends herself against Carly at Crimson General Hospital

Carly barges into Nina’s office at Crimson and demands to know exactly what happened in Nixon Falls. She accuses her of seducing Sonny but Nina insists that’s not what happened. Carly accuses her of trying to hold onto Sonny and Nina continues defending herself, accusing Carly of driving her husband to get falling-down drunk on New Year’s. She quickly realizes this is something else he didn’t tell his wife about. Nina assumes she’s come to check that Sonny isn’t there after she spat in her face. She’s had it with her.

Carly accuses her of being a “conniving bitch.” Nina points out that she’s “an idiot” for turning her back on her husband and tells her to get over herself. He’s not going to let her beat him up for much longer and then he will come to the woman who loves him. “If Sonny comes to me, I’m definitely not going to send him away,” Nina makes clear. Carly follows her around the office, ranting that her life with Sonny was just an illusion. Nina says it was something real and the only reason they didn’t sleep together was because she turned him down. When she says that they both know that what happened between her and Sonny could happen again, Carly slaps her. She announces that Nina is on notice and orders her to stay away from her husband.

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