sonny admits he has feelings for Nina GH
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Sonny arrives home to find Olivia and Carly in the kitchen discussing the Nina situation. Carly asks why he’s there? Sonny points out that he lives there, and he doesn’t want to leave until they settle things. Olivia heads out, and Sonny tells Carly that he knows he made mistakes and should have told her about Nina from the beginning. Keeping it from her has made things worse, but he’s been apart from her for nine months and doesn’t want to spend another minute without her.

Carly gives Sonny a death stare GH

Carly says that sounds like the man she married, but she needs to know if Sonny still has feelings for Nina. Sonny admits he does. However, he’s trying to get over them. Carly doesn’t blame him for how he felt as “Mike,” but he owed her the truth. Sonny asks if there is no hope for their marriage? Carly knows he said they never made love, but asks if he kissed Nina or even touched her? Sonny thinks knowing that won’t help matters, but she insists on knowing in order to move forward. He reiterates that was “Mike” and he’s Sonny. Carly points at a cookie that his daughter saved for him and storms out. Sonny thinks about waking up with his memory at the clinic, and Nina swears she loved him. He throws a glass against the wall.

Sonny tries to apologize GH

Chase stops by the Deception offices to check on Brook Lynn and Bailey, especially with Peter awake. Brook Lynn tells him they now have to worry about her Grandmother Tracy too, and she suggests he steer clear of her as much as he can. Olivia arrives and is glad to see someone is there to stop her from tearing into Nina. Olivia brings them up to speed on the hearing, Willow’s testimony, and the whole truth coming out.

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Chase talks to BLQ about Tracy GH

Chase decides to take Bailey to see his brother. He hands Brook Lynn a bagged lunch he brought her, including a banana, given she always steals his. Chase and Bailey take off, and Olivia wants to know what’s going on between Brook Lynn and Chase. BLQ quickly shifts the topic back to Sonny and Carly. Olivia explains Carly feels betrayed, but Brook Lynn thinks if Olivia can forgive her dad then Carly can forgive Sonny. They talk about how hearts can be complicated, with Olivia adding sometimes what their hearts need is right in front of them.

Phyllis stops by the Crimson offices to see Nina. She heard about everything that went on at the hearing on the news. Nina fills her in on running into Sonny on New Year’s Eve and that he was a wreck. Phyllis worries Nina is asking for trouble, and she shouldn’t be alone with Sonny even if only casually. Nina can’t help but wonder what if Sonny’s happiness lies with her. She ponders if Carly and Sonny separate if it is possible that she and Sonny could be together.

Nina is delusional GH

Phyllis says it’s possible, but she doesn’t think Nina should act on her feelings. Phyllis blames herself for not setting Nina straight earlier, but it’s time to get real. She says Sonny may not see himself as a victim, but what Nina did to him was a violation and she needs to leave Sonny alone. Phyllis asserts that Carly and Sonny need to figure things out themselves, and the next step is not Nina’s to take. Phyllis exits and leaves Nina to think about her words. Later, Carly arrives to confront Nina.

Phyllis sets Nina straight GH

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In the Metro Court, Trina and Ava meet for a working lunch. Spencer arrives, and Ava reveals he is the gallery’s newest employee. Spencer calls this less of a job and more an indentured servitude. Ava reminds him that it’s a court-ordered servitude. Ava says she and Trina have come up with several projects at the gallery for him, and he’ll be working for Trina. Trina is surprised by this turn of events.

Ava reveals she and Nikolas are renewing their vows and planning a big wedding, so she’ll be out of the gallery a lot in the coming weeks. An upset Trina excuses herself. When Spencer tries to go after her, Ava tells him to sit down as they have more business. She admits that she doesn’t need his help at the gallery, and this is about him making amends and restitution to Trina. Spencer admits he shouldn’t have lied to Trina about having a girlfriend or asked her to cover for him when he first came to town, and he doesn’t think he can make that up to her. Ava believes he can try and helping Trina with her job is a start.

Spencer argues with Ava GH

After Spencer leaves, Trina admits to Ava she’s not looking forward to being Spencer’s boss. Ava feels bad for springing this on Trina, but calls this a learning experience for when she has her own gallery one day.

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At Kelly’s, Joss vents to Cam about Sonny betraying her mother, and worries this time the breakup maybe for good. Esme approaches, overhears, and exclaims this is terrible news. She fears this means the cabin trip is off. Joss thinks their getaway is the last thing on her mind with her mother’s marriage falling apart. Esme apologizes and says she’s just been so focused on keeping Spencer’s spirits up.

Esme is upset GH

Esme doesn’t know how to tell Spencer the weekend is off. Joss realizes they promised Spencer a good time and it will be the last bit of fun he’ll have in a long time. Plus, she could use some time away from her parents. Esme understands and reveals before her parents died that they were about to split up because they both betrayed one another. She was just a kid, but it taught her that there is a circle of hell reserved for people who tear families apart.

Joss uncertain about trip GH

Joss excuses herself to take a call from Trina, who tells Joss about the latest turn of events with Spencer and Ava. Joss doesn’t feel that bad for Spencer given what he did to Ava and says he is getting off easy.

Meanwhile, Esme confides in Cam that she never grew up with her biological family, and the one who chose her imploded. She reveals that’s why Spencer is so important to her. Cam understands and tells her that he became impulsive and reckless after Franco died, but fortunately, he had people who cared about him to reel him in. He warns Esme it’s that type of anger that led Spencer to go after Ava. Joss returns and explains that Spencer just found out he has to work for Trina at Ava’s gallery. Esme appears annoyed that Spencer is with Trina. She decides to head out, but thanks them both for their help. Once alone, Joss asks Cam if it was just her, or did Esme almost sound sincere? Cam says it seems like she was telling the truth. Joss admits perhaps there is more to Esme than she thought.

Cam and Joss discuss the trip GH

Back at the Metro Court, Trina rejoins Ava and Spencer. Spencer tells Trina that he’s happy to work for her if she’ll have him. Trina jokes that good help is hard to find.

In the employee locker room at the hospital, Finn asks Liz if they are still on for tonight. She assures him they are and that she even bought a new dress for their first official date. Finn takes her hand and tells her how happy he is that she feels she can move on with him, and they kiss.

Finn worries Liz isn't ready GH

Later, Chase arrives with Bailey and runs into Finn and Liz in the halls. After doting over the baby, Liz takes off. Chase tells Finn that while he loves being a father, without a job he is feeling useless. He also worries that he’s bugging Brook Lynn. Finn says his suspension won’t last forever, and he thought he and Brook Lynn were good friends. Chase says they are, but lately, things have been awkward, and he doesn’t know what’s changed between them. Finn points out Bailey is what’s changed, but he’s resilient and will overcome this. Finn hopes to learn from his brother and embrace life as he has. Chase looks over at Liz and thinks Finn already has. Finn admits now it seems like there is nothing standing in his and Liz’s way.

Back in the locker room, Liz looks at her dress and spots her wedding ring at the bottom of her locker.

Elsewhere, Esme picks up a prescription from the nurses’ station. A nurse tries to advise her on the proper way to use the medication, but Esme already knows and takes off.

On the next General Hospital: Laura and Sonny reconnect, and Joss, Cam, Esme, Spencer and Trina take off for their winter trip.

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