Victor and Valentin discuss baby at Metro Court General Hospital
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At the Quartermaine estate, Tracy reminds BLQ that she tried to buy a black market baby from her. She asks where the child came from. BLQ claims she found a mother who needed help and used the child to get back the ELQ shares. Tracy can’t understand why she is still doing this if the mother was on board. “Do not tell me you were stupid enough to steal a baby,” Tracy hopes. BLQ swears that Bailey is not stolen but this doesn’t explain why she’s involved a cop in all of her lies. Brook Lynn insists she and Chase are just friends. Tracy also finds that hard to believe.

Harmony asks Willow about Nina at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

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In the kitchen, Michael suggests that he and Willow show each other a bit of grace in their parenting choices. She doesn’t think that they are on quite the same page when it comes to Nina. As they verge on arguing, Harmony interrupts with a gift for Wiley. It’s a train set. He gives Harmony a picture he drew and she gives him a hug before running off to show Leo his train. Harmony thanks her daughter for calling and asks how she feels about Nina getting off.

Michael is terse with Harmony at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

They sit down and discuss this. Willow admits that she and Michael have very different opinions about Nina. Harmony suggests that if she thinks Nina means no harm, it may be better that Wiley have a grandma. Michael returns and Harmony urges him to trust her daughter’s instincts about Nina. He doesn’t see how this is any of her business. Harmony apologizes for overstepping.

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Maxie shows up at General Hospital, eager for the latest on Peter. Austin and Britt try to reassure her but she reminds them that Peter has already escaped once. Martin arrives and asks to be directed to Peter’s room. They wonder what is going on.

Peter hires Martin at General Hospital

Martin enters Peter’s room. August wants to hire him to prove he didn’t kill Franco. The lawyer is very reluctant to do that without an immediate and substantial retainer. Peter grants it and Martin insists he will only deal with the Franco case. He thinks he can poke a hole or two in the DA’s case, but that is only one of the legal issues that Peter is facing. “One battle at a time,” August says.

When Martin comes out, Maxie rushes up to him and hopes he didn’t take “that monster” as a client. He tells her business is business and confirms he has taken the case.

Austin follows Britt around the halls and tries to stop her from going in to see Peter. She admits the last time she saw her brother he killed Jason and nearly her. He points out it won’t be a good look for the hospital if she kills him. She’s not making any promises.

Britt confronts Peter at General Hospital

In Peter’s room, Britt confronts her brother for Jason’s death. She’s so glad she didn’t grow up with him or know they were related. All he does is bring pain and suffering to everyone. He gets upset when she suggests that his daughter might not be alive. “I despise you,” she says. He says he’ll let the authorities know since they are still looking for who poisoned him. If she poisoned him, she would have gotten the dosage right. She’d rather he rot in a prison alone until he joins their father in Hell.

Britt and Austin chat about personal lives at General Hospital

When she leaves the room, Austin gets Britt to sit down. She admits she feels better because her words hurt Peter. They chat and she admits that she does better at work. Her social life is lacking. He notes that he’s been in Port Charles for six months and has no friends. She laughs and tells him about her mom prodding her to get out there and meet people. Austin thinks she should be doing that and offers to be her wingman.

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At Alexis’ place, Shawn tells her he wants her to work as an editor for The Invader. She’s reluctant to accept. Sam shows up and her mom tells her about his job offer. Her daughter doesn’t think that’s a crazy idea and asks Shawn why he wants to hire her. He gives his pitch, claiming that Alexis is a warrior and that’s what he needs. “We make a great team,” he adds. She agrees to consider it and he takes off.

Alexis and Sam discuss Shawn's job offer at home General Hospital

Sam sits her mom down on the couch and asks if she wants the job. Alexis likes the sound of it but doesn’t feel qualified. He daughter points out that she’s an amazing public speaker and should believe in herself. Moments later, Alexis calls Shawn and accepts his offer.

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Robert has bad news for Maxie, Felicia and Anna at Charlie's General Hospital

At Charlie’s, Anna admits to Felicia that Maxie always seems very reluctant to search for Louise whenever she brings it up. Felicia guesses that she is just focusing as they did. Maxie hurries in and informs them about Martin taking Peter’s case. They want to talk to her about finding Louise. Before they can start, Robert walks in and informs them that Luke is dead. A world without Luke seems impossible to Felicia. He was Robert’s best friend. Tracy and Laura are both devastated. Felicia and Maxie decide to visit Tracy and offer their condolences.

Anna and Robert remember Luke at Charlie's General Hospital

Left alone, Anna and Robert recall their first meetings with Luke and what a good friend he was. They didn’t get to say goodbye. That doesn’t surprise her because he was always on the move. They are really going to miss him.

Felicia and Maxie stop by the Quartermaine house to pay their condolences to Tracy. Maxie immediately heads to Bailey and leaves with BLQ to change the baby. In the foyer, BLQ admits to Maxie that her grandmother knows Bailey isn’t hers. “This is bad,” Maxie realizes. No one is as suspicious as Tracy.

Tracy realizes truth about the baby at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Meanwhile, Felicia tells Tracy how hard it was for Maxie to lose her baby seven months ago. “Brook Lynn and Maxie’s babies are the same age?” Tracy asks. When Tracy is left alone with the baby, she says, “You’ve had an interesting life haven’t you, Bailey? Or should I call you Louise?”

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Victor and Valentin discuss baby at Metro Court General Hospital

Valentin bumps into Victor at the Metro Court. “I heard you lost a child,” Victor says abruptly. He would have loved another granddaughter. Valentin makes it clear Victor is not going to see Charlotte either. His father finds what Brook Lynn did to him intolerable and suggests they show her that no one crosses a Cassadine. Martin interrupts and he and Valentin sit down for a meeting. The lawyer quickly informs him that he has taken Peter as a client. This doesn’t sit well with Valentin. Martin explains how many bills he has to pay. Valentin promptly exits.

When he gets on the elevator, his father joins him and offers again to help him go after Brook Lynn. Victor suggests they start acting more like family. Valentin admits he’s furious and asks what he has in mind.

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