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Curtis and Portia wake up in his bed. Neither has to report to work as they are off. After making love again, Portia admits that she wondered if it would be the same after twenty years. She is happy to say this time felt so much better because they know who they are and what they want. It feels right to her. Curtis feels the same and knows they made mistakes their first go-round.

Curtis Portia New Start New Year GH

Curtis ponders what if they could go back and make different choices… Portia stops him and wouldn’t change anything, because everything has led them to where they are now. Curtis tells Portia that he is falling in love with her, and she smiles. He isn’t expecting her to say it until she’s ready. She admits she’s falling in love with him too. They kiss.

Portia and Curtis new year GH

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In the Quartermaine’s living room, Olivia and Ned look forward to the future as a family, which Olivia says includes BLQ and her baby girl. Olivia tells BLQ that they are moving forward with Ned adopting Leo, so Leo will officially be Bailey’s uncle. A look of worry falls over BLQ’s face.

Bailey and BLQ GH

In the foyer, Drew greets Monica. She notes he was out all night and wonders if he was with Sam and Scout. He admits he saw them but right now he needs to get to the hospital as Peter is awake. Drew needs to see Peter and find out how to get rid of his conditioning. Monica doubts Peter will help him, but Drew vows to find a way to get it out of him. Monica begs him to be careful because she’s already lost one son to Peter. They embrace.

Drew Monica talk GH

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Back in the living room, Leo wants to show Brook Lynn his book about octopuses, so she hands Bailey to Olivia and takes off with the boy. Olivia puts Bailey in her bassinet and then decides it’s time for a serious talk with Ned about their future. He promises to never mess up again and hopes she can forgive him. Olivia already has, and his straying was a symptom of a bigger problem. She admits they stopped communicating in their marriage, and she’s as much to blame.  Recently she feels they’ve gotten that closeness back. She is proud of how he stood up for her son, no, their son, and he is who she wants to spend her life with. They kiss passionately.

Olivia and Ned are happy again GH

At the Metro Court, Ava and Nikolas meet with Victor. Nikolas spots the paper he’s reading and on the front page is a story about an HR crisis at Cassadine Industries. Nikolas fumes as The Invader makes him out to be the bad guy , but he had nothing to do with any of this. Shawn enters and sees Nikolas has a copy of his new paper. He reveals his non-profit purchased The Invader, and it’s now dedicated to tackling social injustice issues. He thanks Nikolas for making this possible and is sure he’ll be hearing more about this breaking story soon.

Shawn thanks Nikolas GH

After Shawn leaves, Victor offers to handle Butler if Nikolas says the word. Ava reminds him that his solution for Naomi and Hayden caused more problems than it solved. Victor says the winds of change are upon them, and sometimes sacrifices must be made. Nikolas asks about the issue he keeps alluding to. Victor says when he gets the answer he needs, Nikolas will be the first to know.

Victor looks ahead GH

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At the hospital, Bobbie stops Valentin before he can go in to see Peter. She advises him to speak to Victor, who recently visited Peter. Valentin is stunned by this information. Alexis approaches and learns Valentin is insisting on seeing Peter. Bobbie gets a text from Laura asking to see her as it’s important. Alexis promises to keep Valentin in check.

Bobbie heads out, and Alexis asks Valentin if he’ll be a good boy and stay away from Peter. Valentin wonders what’s with her snark this morning. She admits she just came from a meeting as she almost fell off the wagon last night. Fortunately, she got help from a friend and tells Valentin to help her stay sober by keeping out of trouble and Bobbie’s crosshairs.

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At Laura and Kevin’s, Laura stirs Tracy awake, who is having a nightmare on the couch. Kevin enters and hands Tracy some coffee which she comments is terrible. Laura shares how she tried to get Tracy into the guest room last night but she wouldn’t budge. Tracy notes that is likely because she hasn’t slept in two days. Laura contacted Lucky, who heard about the cable car crash in Austria on the news but didn’t know his father was involved. Tracy says his remains were identified after the crash and his personal effects returned to her. She blames herself because it’s her fault he was there in the first place.

Kevin insists this is not her fault, but Tracy says Luke got a tip on a can’t-miss scam in Austria. She was furious that he was going to choose to return to that life over her and said terrible things to him. Laura gets a response that Bobbie is on her way, so Tracy decides to head to see her family.

Alone, Kevin asks Laura how she’s doing, and she breaks down in his arms. Only a month ago she was looking at the calendar and realized it was forty years ago to the day that they got married. She doesn’t know how she’s going to tell Lulu when she wakes up. Kevin says she has time to figure that out.

Bobbie arrives, and Laura thanks her for coming so quickly. Kevin leaves to give them space, and Bobbie can tell something terrible happed by the look on Laura’s face. She brings up the news of the cable car crash in Austria, which Bobbie heard about. Bobbie stops Laura from saying any more, picks up her phone, and calls Luke. She leaves a message and tells him to call her right now!

Bobbie gets news from Laura GH

Laura tells Bobbie that Luke won’t call back. Laura doesn’t want to believe it either, but Luke is gone. Bobbie breaks down, and they embrace. Bobbie feels this makes no sense and is positive this was no accident. She’s certain someone killed Luke and those other poor people paid the price. Laura says this was a senseless accident and there is no one to blame.

Laura gives bad news GH

Back at the Quartermaine home, Monica opens the door to Tracy. BLQ sees her grammy and wonders what has brought her home. Tracy cries that she needs her family. In the living room, Ned suggests to Olivia they renew their vows. Their happiness is dampened when Tracy walks in followed by Monica and BLQ. Ned is stunned to see his mother. Tracy fills them in off-screen about Luke. She reflects on reconnecting with him in Amsterdam and how she thought it would be the two of them together until the end. However, she didn’t realize how soon it would be over. The family insists on helping her make arrangements for Luke. Ned offers to contact Dillon, Monica says she’ll reach out to Skye, and Olivia will contact Robert. Once alone with BLQ, Tracy asks her why she’s still pretending that baby is hers.

At the Metro Court, Kevin interrupts Nikolas, Ava and Victor deep in conversation. He tells Nikolas he needs to go to his mother because Luke’s been killed. Kevin reveals Lucky knows but reaching Ethan has proven to be more difficult. Nikolas has a lead on Ethan and will put out feelers. Victor gives Kevin and his family his sympathy, as Luke was such a force to go out in such a trivial way. Sensing the tension between Kevin and Victor, Ava suggests Nikolas call Ethan so Kevin can speak to him right away. They depart, and Victor gets a call from an unknown blocked number. Victor, on the phone, tells someone that with Luke neutralized, it’s time for the next part of the plan for Laura.

Victor tells Ava Nik look ahead GH

Shawn stops by Alexis’ place with the first edition of the new paper and thought she’d like to read it. They head inside, and he asks to consider joining him at the paper as his second in command.

Back at the hospital, Drew runs into Valentin. Valentin tells him Peter is not receiving visitors. Valentin also advises Drew to stay away from Peter given he could still activate his conditioning. Drew’s had a lot to process since he returned home, including what’s going on at ELQ. Valentin lets Drew know that it’s simple, he controls his voting stock now.

On the next General HospitalRobert breaks bad news, Tracy grills BLQ, Alexis consults with Sam about Shawn’s offer, and Peter asks someone to represent him as his lawyer.

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