Peter and Victor bargain at General Hospital
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Carly is startled when Drew shows up at the footbridge. For a moment she almost thought he was Jason. He says that Jason always found peace there and he was hoping the same might be true of him. “The magic is gone and so is Jason,” she says. He tells her that he spent his last two New Year’s in a cell. This year he got to spend it with his daughter, which is more than he could have dreamed of. But she went to bed early so he came there. He guesses she is there because she misses her best friend and offers to listen to her. However, he realizes that he may only be a reminder that Jason is gone.

rew and Carly talk Jason on footbridge General Hospital

He recalls his time imprisoned with Jason and how they became a team and stopped Peter. “At a terrible price,” she adds. Drew asks if she blames herself for Jason not being there. She says that if he wants to help her, he’ll go his own way. Once she is left alone, Carly crosses the bridge.

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Sonny and Nina argue about Carly in apartment General Hospital

Nina drops Sonny off at an apartment. He tells her he has everything he needs and she can go. She doesn’t leave. Sonny begins drinking and assures her he’s not going to drive drunk. “I’m not going to make things worse. They can’t get any worse,” he says. He explains that the place used to belong to Stone and then wonders why he is telling her all of this. Nina insists they aren’t enemies. She never dreamed that Willow would be forced to testify against them and she didn’t tell Scott anything. She’s clueless about how to help. Sonny asks her not to leave.

Nina listens to Sonny in apartment General Hospital

He wants to tell her what happened when he chased after Carly. Although he begins to explain, he can’t. Nina recognizes he can’t betray his wife, but his actions say more than his words. He’s in a place that’s not his home with a woman whose not his wife. It may not be what he wants to hear, but it could be best that the truth came out. There would never be a good time for it. After he snaps at her, he assures her there is nothing she can do. What Carly can’t get past is what he kept from her. He explains Carly thinks he’s lying to himself about his feelings. Nina insists that their past is buried in the ashes of the Tan-O. It may be strange coming from her, but she hopes he works things out with Carly.

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At Charlie’s Pub, Harmony catches Alexis about to down a glass of champagne. She sits down and complains about how Willow didn’t even both sending her a generic text for New Year’s. Alexis thanks her for distracting her from her problems. She starts babbling about her doubts and her family watching her every move. Harmony isn’t about to dole out words of wisdom and suggests she learn to help herself. She assumes that Alexis came there hoping Kristina would be working the bar and the one to stop her from slipping out of sobriety. Alexis concedes she might have a point.

Haromy vents to Alexis at Charlie's General Hospital

Harmony is sorry if she made a low blow. She spends all of her time listening to prisoners and is allergic to platitudes since her time in the cult. Alexis still isn’t sure that she should have been released into a world full of temptation. She has no one to talk to. Harmony points out she has her. As she exits, Alexis thanks her.

Kevin and Laura on New Year's at Savoy General Hospital

At The Savoy, Laura and Kevin chat with Mac about Cyrus and his claims to have found religion. She admits she’s a lot more concerned about Victor being back in Port Charles. She tells Kevin that she was shocked to learn that Victor is Valentin’s father. She suspects there’s a way they can use it to their advantage. Worries about Charlotte will no doubt provide leverage to get him to betray Victor.

Maxie, Anna and Felicia talk Louise at Savoy General Hospital

Maxie and Anna are looking forward to the New Year now that Peter is no longer threat. Felecia pops up and tells her daughter that she needs to let them put their skills together and bring her baby home. Maxie thanks them but insists that she will have her child back by this time next year. She’s just happy to see they are friends again. After she walks off, Felecia admires her daughter’s optimism. Anna says optimism only goes so far. She asks Felecia if they really are friends again. They rehash what happened with Peter. Anna concedes she gave him too many chances. Felecia meant it when she suggested they go looking for Louise. Maxie watches them chatting and gets worried.

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Victor taunts Britt at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Britt bars Victor from going into Peter’s room. He claims he only wants to pay his respects. Victor hits a nerve when he reminds Britt that Jason is dead. He reminds her that he was in custody at the time and didn’t have anything to do with the tunnel collapse. Austin interrupts to announce that Peter has woken up and he wants to see Victor. The Cassadine offers to shake the tree to see if he can learn anything about Maxie’s child.

Peter and Victor bargain at General Hospital

Once he’s been searched by a guard, Victor is allowed to visit Peter, who beckons him closer. “You betrayed me,” he says. Victor points out he betrayed him first and he’s the only person who can help him. Someone obviously wants him dead and he has resources to prolong his life expectancy. He reminds Peter that he needs something one of their former prisoners had. “Tell me how I get what I need from Drew Cain,” he orders. Peter wants Maxie and his daughter in exchange for that information.

Austin and Britt discuss Peter at General Hospital

At the nurses’ station, Austin and Britt joke around about Victor finishing Peter off. She admits part of her wishes her brother was dead, but she’d be happy to see him pay for his crimes. Austin tells her that he doesn’t buy into her reputation as the Britch. He thinks she cares about people and this place.

Britt calls Mac at The Savoy and informs him that Peter is awake. He immediately tells everyone around him. Anna steps away and calls Valentin with the news. They need to meet and discuss their next steps.

Felecia, Mac, and Maxie all arrive at the hospital. Austin promises them that Peter will never be a threat to Maxie or Louise again. Mac bursts into Peter’s room and orders Victor out. He nods at Peter and exits.

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Kevin takes Laura back to their place. As they kiss, the doorbell rings. He’s sure no one who shows up after midnight on New Year’s can be a good person. She insists on answering the door but is shocked by who is there. It’s Tracy. She tells them that Luke is gone. Read fan reactions to what appears to be a shattering twist here.

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