Sonny admits part of him loves Nina GH
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At Liz’s place, Finn and Violet join Liz, Scott, and the boys for a New Year’s Eve celebration. Scott brought some of Franco’s old cassettes that he thought the kids might enjoy listening to — to keep Franco’s memory alive. He also tells Finn to watch his step as this is his family and his heart, but not to let anyone know he has a heart. Scott eventually leaves them to their celebration. Liz thanks Finn for being there to help her ring in 2022.

Finn recovers Wedding ring GH

In the kitchen, Liz realizes her wedding ring is missing from the sink shelf and fears it went down the drain. Finn gets to work on the drain, gets soaked in the process, but recovers the ring. Liz goes to put it on but pauses. She decides to put her ring away in a kitchen drawer. Finn holds her as she becomes emotional.

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At Kelly’s, Valentin suggests to Anna that they stop dancing around each other. He says they should go out, kick this year to the curb, and start 2022 fresh and with each other.

Val asks Anna out GH

New Year’s Eve at The Savoy is a hit. Curtis tells Portia he’s looking forward to a new year and new beginnings with her, and they kiss. Curtis admits to Portia that he’s falling for her.

Lucy and Martin arrive, and Martin asks the hostess about Valentin’s reservation. Lucy wonders why he’s asking about Valentin. He admits Valentin gave him an ultimatum — either her or Valentin’s business. Martin suggests they go back to his place, and share a kiss. She agrees, but before they can depart, they spot Anna and Valentin entering. Martin panics as they are trapped. Lucy suggests he just fire Valentin and pick her.

Lucy Martin NYE

Nina vents to Maxie about Scott blowing up her life in court, along with Sonny and Carly’s. Obrecht joins them and Nina instantly realizes Obrecht told Scott about her and “Mike.” Nina is furious because Sonny and Carly’s marriage might be over and her aunt has destroyed her life. Obrecht believes she saved Nina’s life.

Scott joins them, and Nina lashes out at him for revealing the truth. Scott points out he saved her hide, and if she wants to lecture about the truth then she should have told everyone that Sonny was alive a year ago in the first place. Nina can’t deal with this, wishes them all a Happy New Year, and rushes out. Maxie follows her, and Obrecht scolds Scott for rubbing Nina’s nose in her mistake.

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Martin approaches Valentin and Anna and claims he’s alone, but it’s nice to see them together. Meanwhile, Lucy finds Maxie and uses her as a cover so that Martin doesn’t lose his most valuable client. Later, Curtis counts down to 2022, and various couples kiss at midnight, including Anna and Valentin. Lucy and Martin sneak off to share their own kiss.

NYE Savoy Vanna Kiss GH

At the Corinthos place, Joss calls Cam and tells him a major development happened and she can’t be with him tonight. She promises to call him at midnight. Meanwhile, Michael tells Willow that Dante found his dad, and it’s best Sonny keep his distance. Willow apologizes for making a mess of everything. He says this is on his dad, who should have told the truth.

Carly looks at a photo of Sonny and his stocking by the fireplace. Willow, Michael and Joss approach Carly, who asks Willow if Nina asked her to keep the truth a secret. Willow admits she did, and that she didn’t want to hurt Carly seeing “Mike” was gone. Carly wonders if Michael is okay knowing that Willow chose Nina over him and the family. Michael doesn’t want to defend his dad, but he’s not “Mike” anymore and doesn’t love Nina. Carly says she asked Sonny if he still has feelings for Nina, but he couldn’t answer her. She doesn’t know what to believe about Sonny anymore and storms out.

Carly furious and sad GH

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On the terrace, Carly wishes Jason was there. Carly returns inside and apologizes to them all. She knows they are there for her, she loves them all, and takes Willow’s hand. Carly decides to take a drive and deal with her thoughts. Joss also steps out for a bit. Michael tells Willow even though it’s almost midnight, he’s not up for celebrating. She isn’t either, and they embrace.

Joss disappointed in Sonny GH

Dante talks to Sonny at Charlie’s about the hearing. Sonny explains that it was “Mike” who fell in love with Nina, and Carly can’t seem to understand that. Dante believes Carly will come around and reminds him how many times they’ve split up before. Sonny knows he should have told Carly the truth before it came out. However, he never found the right time between Jason dying and then Sasha and Brando’s baby. Dante asks about his testimony, and if he still feels something for Nina. Sonny admits he does and describes it as a feeling that he didn’t leave all of “Mike” behind in Nixon Falls. He still carries a piece of “Mike’s” heart with him, and God help him but some piece of that belongs to Nina.

Dante questions his dad

As Sonny downs drinks, Dante thinks his dad should slow down. Sonny feels his son should be ringing in the new year with Sam. Dante offers to drop his dad off somewhere, but Sonny assures him he’s fine. They share a hug and wish each other a Happy New Year. Dante grabs his dad’s keys from the bar and pockets them before leaving.

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Later, Nina turns up at Charlie’s, spots Sonny, and explains she stopped by to see Phyllis. Sonny relays that she’s not there, and he has to go. Nina thinks he shouldn’t drive in his condition, and he notices his keys are missing. She offers to drive him home, but he reveals he can’t go there. Nina says she’ll take him where he wants to go, so Sonny agrees.

Drew shows up at Sam’s place to surprise Scout. Sam is sure she’ll be happy to see him. Drew gifts Scout with some 2022 glasses and a noisemaker. He also brought Sam a pair of glasses, which he knows she can’t resist. Scout asks Drew to stay until midnight, but he thinks that’s past her bedtime. He offers to play airplane and flies her upstairs to bed.

Scout 2022 GH

Dante stops over after Drew tucks Scout in. Drew wishes them both a good night and a happy 2022. Sam gives Drew a hug goodbye and tells him to stop by anytime. After he’s gone, Sam tries to explain to Dante that Drew stopped by to see Scout, but Dante gets it. They park in front of the TV to watch the countdown and eventually share a New Year’s Eve kiss.

Drew visits Sam GH

Joss meets up with Cameron and the others on the Webber patio as they are watching the fireworks, and they share a kiss. Elsewhere, Curtis and Portia head back to his place and make love. Meanwhile, Carly heads to the footbridge and says Jason’s name as the fireworks explode overhead. She’s surprised to see Drew arrive.

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