Sonny explains himself to Carly General Hospital
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Spencer bumps into Joss at PCU. He’s there to drop some courses since he’s headed to Spring Ridge. They are surprised when Alexis shows up. She signed up for the same seminar on the sociology of crime Joss is taking. She’s thinking about becoming a mediator or something. Spencer suggests both of them need to consider rediscovering the meaning of leisure. Professor Khan comes in before he can exit and Joss makes him sit and stay. She begins her lecture. Alexis starts interrupting and offering counter-arguments. That doesn’t go over well.

Alexis attends a seminar at PCU General Hospital

After the lecture ends, Joss and Spencer tell Alexis how much they enjoyed that. The professor asks Alexis to stay behind. She recognizes her name and asks why she’s there. The former lawyer is planning a career change. Khan tells her she doesn’t belong in the class: she should be teaching. There may be an opening at PCU she could apply for. That will include a background check.

Meanwhile, Joss complains to Spencer about Nina. She hopes that she’s being punished and hates her for being a hypocrite. He wishes she hated Ava like that. She does, but she needs to keep the peace with her because of Avery. Spencer wishes he’d come to her before he started the stalking thing.

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Stella and Portia disucss Marshall at General Hospital

Stella drops by Portia’s office at General Hospital to discuss Marshall. Sitting down, Stella admits she has no idea what kind of man Marshall is now. He wasn’t always the easiest person to deal with. She’s more concerned about how Curtis is coping with it now that his childhood fantasy is back from the dead. The doctor gets the sense that he wants to get to know his father, in spite of everything. Stella worries that the reality of who his father is could crush him. She tells the doctor that this is no time to give Curtis space. It’s time to step up and give him support.

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Marshall is startled when Curtis shows up at his door. Stella told him where he was staying. His father explains that he’s still looking for a place of his own. “You intend to play house after all this time?” Curtis asks. Marshall still isn’t explaining where he’s been. He can only say that he’s ashamed of all the time he lost with him. Leaving the family was the hardest thing he’s ever done but he thought it was for the best. His son has almost no memories of him.

Curtis questions Marshall at his place General Hospital

Marshall tears up remembering what he was like as a child. “I’m a grown-ass man! I don’t need your support now,” Curtis says. He spent years defending his memory and it was all a lie. Marshall continues to insist on how much his children matter to him. His son claims he never had a man in his life to show him the man he wanted to be. As he steps out the door, his father pleads for a chance to make things up to him. Once again, Curtis begs for answers about where he’s been. If he can’t give him that, there’s no point in his sticking around.

Portia listens to Curtis vent at General Hospital

Curtis drops by Portia’s office at General Hospital. He needed to see her face after his latest talk with his father. After they kiss, he tells her he has big plans for their New Year’s Eve.

Stella shows up at Marshall’s. He tells her that Curtis was there and left dissatisfied. She’s worried about how this will affect her relationship with her nephew. Marshall promises he will never tell his son that she knew he wasn’t dead all along.

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At the courthouse, Michael and Willow accuse Nina of getting what she wanted. She insists that she never wanted her relationship with Sonny to come out. This is his fault for pushing her into court. Willow tears into Nina for standing by and watching Sonny’s family grieve for months. Nina knows what she did was horrible and she’s already said it a million times. But the relationship was over and it’s not her fault it came out. She’s not apologizing for this and walks away.

When Scott appears, Michael lectures him for what he did. The lawyer reminds him that Sonny admitted on the stand that he wasn’t a victim. “Don’t blame me because Dada was having a good time in Nixon Falls and didn’t want to come home to his family,” he says. Michael punches him in the face.

Willow follows Nina into the courtroom and accuses her of using her. Nina repeats that she didn’t. She’s not responsible for Willow’s choices. “You could’ve lied!” she points out. No one would have contradicted her. She took away the one good thing she was trying to do for Sonny. Willow continues to lay into her. Nina sarcastically congratulates her on telling the truth and devasting the family she claims to care about.

Willow returns to Michael. He’s sorry that the DA put her on the stand. She’s sorry she didn’t tell him what she knew. Michael blames Nina and Scott for everything. The DA pops up to announce the judge has made his decision.

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Sonny chases after Carly outside. She doesn’t know who he is now. He explains he’s her husband and he never slept with Nina. “You fell in love with someone else. Where does that leave me?” she asks. She blamed herself for things being off between them after he returned. Now she can see that he was protecting Nina. He insists that what happened in Nixon Falls is over. She accuses him of lying to Nina and himself.

Carly confronts Sonny General Hospital

Carly demands to know everything that happened. He recaps the entire Nixon Falls storyline. His wife suggests he didn’t want to remember her. He insists that Willow overheard something she didn’t understand and repeats that Nina is nothing to him. Sonny insists that the deepest part of him remembered her in his dreams. “I’m still yours,” he says. She can’t see that after what she heard in the courtroom. He wanted to tell her the truth, but things kept coming up. She doesn’t believe it and accuses him of hiding his time with Nina in his heart. Sonny insists that he never would have looked at Nina if he’s seen the face of the blonde woman in his dream. Carly is more concerned about how he feels about the other woman right now. He tries to explain what it was like when he was in Nixon falls. When he sees Nina, he sees “Mike’s” friend. It’s all jumbled up in his mind. “I need some time apart,” she tells him. He says they can work this out, but she tells him not to come home tonight.

Back in the courtroom, the judge dismisses all charges and the case. Michael vows this isn’t over. The DA apologizes to them, and especially to Willow. He explains that it was Sonny’s testimony that was the deciding factor. Michael tells Willow that he’s not going to let Nina get away with her crimes.

Scott is confused about why Nina looks so distraught. This isn’t what she wanted. She’s worried about Sonny.

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