Sonny takes the stand against Nina GH
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In court, Scott asks if Willow is saying Nina and Sonny were in love in Nixon Falls. She answers that he’d have to ask them that. Scott asks exactly what she heard, and she details that Nina called the love that she and “Mike” shared the purest she’d ever experienced, but it ended when Sonny got his memory back. Scott rests his questioning, and the Assistant DA gets his chance to cross-examine. He asks if Willow thinks Nina’s feelings for “Mike” caused her to keep his identity a secret. Willow has no idea what Nina was thinking. Willow is dismissed and quickly exits the courtroom.

Willow on stand testifying in court house General Hospital

In the hallway, Michael asks Willow if she’s okay. She cries she never meant for him to find out about this. Michael doesn’t understand why she didn’t tell him. She explains that Nina convinced her that keeping quiet would protect him and his family. Michael exclaims she was wrong. He tells her that she’s played into Nina’s hands and now she’s gotten exactly what she wanted.

Michael demands truth from Willow GH

Back in court, the Assistant DA recalls Sonny to the stand. He asks if Sonny had a personal relationship with Nina in Nixon Falls. Sonny attempts to deflect and testifies that he had many relationships, but the Assistant DA centers on Willow’s testimony. Sonny admits he and Nina fell in love. Tears stream down Carly’s face.

Carly in tears in court GH

The DA states that should this case go to trial then Sonny would be the victim, but wonders if Sonny feels he’s a victim of a crime. Sonny answers no, so he’s allowed to step down. Sonny returns to sit next to Carly, who looks the other way. Scott and the Assistant DA give their closing arguments, with Scott pointing out if there is no victim then there is no crime. The Assistant DA argues that Nina committed a felony claiming she was in love with the victim, showing how depraved she is. The judge calls a recess to consider the charges. Carly storms out, and Sonny races after her. Back in the hall, Michael asks his dad, “What the hell?” Sonny swears he’ll make this right.

Nina fearful in court GH

Back in court, Nina can’t believe what Scott’s done. He tells her that he just saved her from the frying pan. She exits and runs right into Willow and Michael outside the courtroom. Willow asks if Nina used her.

Michael questions Willow about Nina GH

Outside the building, Sonny asks Carly to let him explain. She wonders who she’s supposed to listen to, Sonny or “Mike?”

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Chase asks BLQ if she needs space because she seems annoyed by him at times. They’re interrupted by Ned and Olivia, who ask them to look after Leo while they go talk to the doctor at the hospital. Leo plays with his fidget spinner as Chase again asks Brook Lynn if his being around is making her grumpy. She thinks about her dream of him and says she’s just frustrated. She feels like she’s stuck in this limbo, but Chase suggests something may change soon and Maxie could be reunited with Louise. BLQ knows that means she’ll have to let go of the child. He knows it will be a huge sacrifice, and he’s going to be there to help her say goodbye when it’s time.

Chase has questions for BLQ GH

Brook Lynn doesn’t want Chase to feel obligated to stand by her, but he says she’s his friend and was there for him at his worst. He thinks perhaps Ned was right and they need boundaries, but Brook Lynn swears she wants him there. She quickly claims it’s for appearance’s sake. Chase understands and promises to stay out of her hair.

BLQ and Chase discuss Ned GH

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Obrecht stops in to see Britt at her office to give her daughter her Christmas gift, given Britt chose to work over the holiday. Britt opens the envelope her mother hands her and is surprised that she signed her up with a dating service.

Obrecht talks with Britt GH

Obrecht knows Britt’s still mourning Jason but believes she can find love again. She points out even Nina has found love, though with a man unavailable to her, and reveals it’s Sonny. They discuss Nina’s predicament, including having to face the wrath of Carly.

Britt and Obrecht talk GH

Ned and Olivia arrive at the hospital and meet with the doctor, who confirms Leo has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ned asks what the next step is. The doctor suggests they take time to process this diagnosis and the emotions it may bring. Olivia is afraid this will make Leo’s life more difficult, but the doctor explains an early diagnosis is beneficial to helping Leo adjust and learn how to experience the world.

Ned and Olivia ask if Leo will be able to have relationships and live independently as an adult. The doctor believes the hospital has the resources to help Leo live a fulfilling life, and they’ll follow up with more appointments. Ned tells Olivia they should go home and be with their son. Olivia embraces Ned.

TJ visits Shawn at The Invader and congratulates him on his new venture. Shawn reminds him that he forgot their plans to watch the game, and asks if something has been on his mind. TJ fills Shawn in on Marshall Ashford’s return to Port Charles. Shawn is floored and asks where Marshall’s been, but TJ doesn’t know. TJ says Curtis doesn’t trust him, and Shawn doesn’t blame him.

Shawn has questions GH

Marshall shows up to speak to the arts and culture reporter about promoting his new band and is surprised to find TJ there. TJ introduces Shawn to Marshall, and Shawn extends his hand. Marshall seethes and has no intention of shaking the hands of the man who killed his son. TJ tries to calm Marshall down, but Shawn understands his feelings. Shawn admits he’s made mistakes, including his last encounter with Tommy, but Marshall doesn’t have all the facts. Marshall knows he had an affair with Tommy’s wife and then shot Tommy in cold blood when his son confronted him. Shawn swears it was self-defense and Tommy was wracked PTSD and pulled a gun on him. Shawn had no choice and was forced to protect himself. TJ believes Tommy could have gotten help if his PTSD was noticed in time. Marshall believes that’s his fault, and if he was present to be a father then Tommy might still be with them. Marshall exits, and TJ apologizes to Shawn. Shawn tells him that he has nothing to apologize for. TJ knows Curtis has questions about Marshall, but he thinks Marshall only wants to be a member of the family.

At the coffee house, Curtis meets with Stella and wants her to tell him everything there is about Marshall because he never really knew his father. Stella says Marshall was a private person and Irene was the center of his world unless he was playing his clarinet, Henrietta. She remembers how generous Marshall was as he was always providing his boys with new clothes with the money from his gigs and donating the old ones to charity.

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Curtis questions Stella about Marshall GH

Stella admits to meeting with Marshall to evaluate his motives and feels he only wants to get to know his son. She pushes Curtis to talk to him.

Stella gets grilled about Marshall GH

In his motel room, Marshall makes a call to someone and says he’s still in Port Charles, still has business to finish, and is following protocol. There is a knock at his door, so he ends the call and finds Curtis standing there.

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