Willow on stand testifying in court house General Hospital
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Drew, Curtis, and Chase feel like they’ve been tortured after their yoga session at the gym. As they head out, Chase bumps into Maxie, who asks about Bailey. They talk about messy mealtimes and he admits that Brook Lynn has been temperamental lately. Maxie heads into the yoga studio and complains about the smell of the room to Lucy. As Maxie babbles about their IPO, Lucy tries humming but keeps thinking about romping in bed with Martin. “OmmmmMartin!” she gasps. Maxie demands an explanation, so Lucy tells her about falling into Martin’s lap.

Chase in BLQ's dream General Hospital

BLQ wakes up in her bed after having another dream about sweaty Chase looming over her.

BLQ and Ned discuss their mess at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

BLQ heads downstairs and complains to Ned that she didn’t sleep well with all that tossing and turning she was doing. He explains he’s made time for them to discuss the mess she’s made of her life. She starts rambling about what a mess his life is. Ned concedes that her issues are largely because of him. He’s set a bad example for her in everything. Her father encourages her to get out in front of her situation with Chase so he can’t hold Bailey over her head the way Valentin did.

Chase interrupts BLQ and Ned at Quartermaine house General Hospital

Chase interrupts them. Ned explains that Valentin is already retaliating. He just doesn’t want to see his granddaughter used as a weapon between warring parents. Ned encourages them to iron things out in a legal agreement so there are no conflicts moving forward. After Ned strolls out, Chase says her father is being smart. Chase offers to give BLQ all the space she needs.

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Epiphany is surprised when Marshall stops by General Hospital with flowers for her. He thanks her for sharing her “dulcet tones” with everyone and asks when they can do it again. Marshall thought they had a good time last night and says they make beautiful music together. “How would you feel about joining my band?” he asks, explaining how great their chemistry was. He talked to the other musicians after their jam session, and they all thought they should give it a shot. She makes excuses and then admits she thought he was asking her out. Marshall explains that he hasn’t dated for a long time and was never very good at it. But if he was going to ask a stranger out, he couldn’t aim higher than her.

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Martin and Valentin discuss revenge at Metro Court General Hospital

Laura sits down with Martin, still in his Santa costume, at the Metro Court. He assumes she wants to warn him away from Lucy. She’s got grandmotherly issues to deal with instead. When she departs, Valentin pops up and congratulates him on surviving the attempt on his life. They banter and Martin wishes him a hearty humbug. He’s determined to make sure that Brook Lynn pays for the way she’s hurt his daughter. He asks the lawyer to look into the Cassadine wills to see how things have changed now that he’s family again. When the topic turns to Anna, the lawyer says he’s decided to move on with Lucy. Valentin wishes he had a lawyer with more common sense than to hook up with someone famous for fleecing her lovers. Val says Martin can have him as a client or he can date Lucy, but he can’t have both.

Anna warns Victor at Metro Court General Hospital

Anna corners Victor across the room. He asks her about her relationship with his son. She says it’s none of his business and makes it clear that she’s been following him. Port Charles is her home and should he step out of line, she’ll personally handle him. “The way you dealt with Peter?” he asks. She accuses him of imposing himself on Valentin.

At Kelly’s, Esme tries to be excited about her trip to the cabin with Spencer. He can’t get excited when he knows he’s going to jail after. She thinks they could really use some time behind closed doors together. Laura interrupts. Esme calls her “grandmother,” which leads to some awkwardness. Spencer assumes she is there to tell him how disappointed she is. His grandmother says she could never hate him. Esme takes some responsibility for what happened and Spencer insists he’s learned from his mistakes. The fact that he’s thrown in with his uncle Victor makes Laura wonder. She reminds him that he’s messed up, so she wants to see him make amends, not just pay lip service to reform. As he gets back to work, Esme hugs Laura and promises that Spencer’s friends will keep him on the straight and narrow.

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Scott questions Willow in courthouse General Hospital

Willow is sworn in at Nina’s hearing. Michael vents to Sonny and Carly about how angry he is at Scott, especially for dragging Willow up onto the stand. The DA questions Willow and she explains their previous meeting. Everyone looks uncomfortable as Scott gets up. He questions what Willow thought about Michael’s discussion of “values” with the DA. The lawyer reminds her that she and Michael are not spouses and therefore their conversations are not protected by law. Scott asks what was expected in return for the huge donation that Michael gave to the DA. Willow says that Michael was only interested in justice. As far as she knows, the donation was legal. Scott wonders if the charges against his client even merit a trial. Is there any reason to believe that Sonny saw himself as a victim? Willow says Sonny is no one’s victim.

Sonny exposed to Carly in courtroom General Hospital

The judge and DA get annoyed by Scott’s vague questioning but let it continue. Nina looks worried, Sonny squints, and Carly shakes her head. As Nina begs Scott to stop, he badgers Willow to explain why Sonny didn’t seek charges. Sonny tries to usher Carly out of the room. Willow blurts out that Sonny didn’t go after Nina because… With some prompting, she admits she overheard Sonny and Nina discussing their relationship. As everyone stares at her, she admits she overheard Sonny say that he and Nina were in love in Nixon Falls. Carly stares at Sonny, who gives her an innocent look before his eyes dart away.

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Drew and Curtis discuss Marshall case at Perks General Hospital

Drew and Curtis get coffee at Perks. It’s great to be back to the normal world but Drew needs to be productive. Aurora is over and ELQ would drive him crazy. But he may have come up with an angle to deal with Curtis’ Marshall project. Marshall has almost no digital footprint and that suggests he’s been living another life or someone has erased all traces of it. It’s time to stop looking for Marshall and look for the man he was pretending to be. Curtis has no leads so Drew offers to do the digging while he plays it straight. If they lay a job in his path, he’ll have to give them something to go on. Drew’s family is involved in the music business so it shouldn’t be too hard.

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