Sonny on the stand
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Martin wakes up in his bed at the Metro Court with a severe hangover. He rolls over and finds Lucy sleeping next to him, though her feet are on the pillow. She asks if he’s ready for another round, and he puts on his Santa hat. Afterward, Martin suggests they get breakfast. Lucy points out she’ll be wearing her outfit from yesterday and people will talk. Martin relishes the idea, but she reminds him he’s the mayor’s brother and has a reputation. He’s looked her up and knows she’s well known herself. They kiss, and Lucy agrees to let him buy her breakfast.

In the restaurant, Laura and Kevin continue to enjoy their reunion. Nikolas interrupts and offers to reschedule their meeting, but Laura notes what she has to say can’t wait. Laura wants to talk about Spencer’s troubles. She apologizes for coming down harshly on him when he was right about Spencer being the stalker, but now he needs to do right by his son.

Laura warns Nikolas GH

Nikolas will stand by his son once he owns up to his actions. Laura believes he needs there to be there for Spencer so someone else doesn’t step in and influence him. Kevin agrees that Spencer needs a strong foundation, and Laura worries that Spencer feels indebted to Victor. She pleads with her son to think about what’s best for Spencer.

Nikolas has lunch with Laura GH

Lucy still dressed in her Christmas attire, and Martin as Santa, sit down for breakfast. Laura interrupts to have a word with her brother. She pulls him aside and fills him in on Cyrus’ claim that he did not send the killer to the safehouse. She’s not sure if she believes Cyrus but wanted to warn him. She also tells him that Kevin knows a great dry-cleaner for Santa suits. Martin gets back to Lucy, who thinks Laura warned him away from her and tries to leave. He stops her and says this is the most fun he’s had in a long time and he doesn’t want it to end. Lucy smiles.

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Shawn stops by Alexis’ place and learns she’s going back to college. Before she can say more, Dante arrives to see Shawn on official police business. The detective tells them about an anonymous tip they got leading them to some old remains dumped in the woods, which have been identified to a known hitman for hire. They did testing on the weapon buried with him and found out it was the gun used to shoot at Hayden.

Dante lets Shawn know he’s officially cleared of all charges and leaves. Alexis blurts out this was no anonymous tip, and Shawn says her nephew is meticulous. Shawn sees Nikolas calling and says, “Speak of the devil.” Nikolas lets Shawn know the last of the money has been transferred into his non-profit, and Shawn lets him know his name has been cleared by the police. With their business concluded, Nikolas wishes him a good day. Shawn, however, lets Alexis know this isn’t over, even if her nephew thinks it is.

Shawn gets a visit GH

At Cam’s, Joss and Cam kiss when they are interrupted by a visit from Esme, who has a major problem. She tells Joss and Cam that Spencer took the plea deal and is freaking out about serving a month in prison. Esme loves Spencer and knows they do too, which is why she needs their help. Cam asks what they can do. Esme wants to create some happy memories before Spencer must start his sentence, and suggests they move up their winter trip to Sonny’s cabin. Joss hasn’t asked Sonny yet given everything going on, but she will. Esme asks if she could call Sonny now, but Cam says they’ll discuss things and get back to her. Esme thanks him and heads out.

Esme big problem GH

Joss tells Cam that she’ll ask about the cabin, but she’s not changing her mind about Esme. The two get back to their kissing that got interrupted.

Joss and Cam talk Esme GH

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Trina drops by Kelly’s to grab coffee for her and Ava. Victor makes an appearance and asks Spencer how he’s feeling with his legal woes a thing of the past. Spencer admits he’s terrified. Spencer introduces Trina to Victor and explains he signed the plea deal papers this morning. He still has a problem with serving 30 days in prison but is grateful for his uncle’s help. Victor tells him when he gets out that he’ll have him waiting for him. Victor asks for a cup of tea, and once alone with Trina, Victor says he is delighted his nephew keeps company with someone like her.

In the Llanview County courtroom, Obrecht calls Scott and asks if he has a strategy to get Willow on the stand. He’s working on it.

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Michael asks Willow how she’s feeling, as he knows she doesn’t agree with his decision to bring charges against Nina. She just wants to move on. Meanwhile, Carly tells Sonny the same, that she wants this over with and Nina out of their lives. Nina enters the courtroom and overhears Carly. She makes her way to her seat, and Willow walks over to speak to her. Nina again thanks Willow for not telling anyone the truth. Willow is only doing it for Michael and Wiley.

Scott overhears the DA telling Michael and Willow this isn’t a trial but a hearing, and Scott is allowed to call anyone he wants to the stand. Scott realizes he’s found a loophole.

Back outside of Kelly’s, after she gets off the phone with Scott, Victor tries to make small talk with Obrecht. He suggests she and Scott have dinner with him, but Obrecht would rather eat glass.

Victor warns Obrecht stay out of his way GH

Victor reminds Obrecht that he saved her from Peter, and due to her aggression he may not intercede the next time. She vows there won’t be a next time, but Victor chuckles there always is with her. He advises she not get in his way. She warns him to stay away from her or he’ll find out what her Scotty is capable of.

Obrecht encounters Victor GH

Inside, Trina tells Spencer that she knows he’s afraid, but it’s nice seeing this human side of him. Esme interrupts Trina and Spencer’s talk with news about their cabin trip. Just then, Joss calls and tells Esme that she and Cam are in agreement about holding the weekend trip before Spencer goes away. She’ll ask Sonny about the cabin later today. Esme thanks her, and after Spencer learns the trip is on, he is excited. When Spencer asks if Trina will come, Esme quickly blurts out that she’ll probably be too busy with school. Trina insists she wouldn’t miss this for anything. Esme calls it the sendoff for the ages.

Back in court, Nina asks Scott what her chance of avoiding trial is. Scott thinks it’s a good bet. The hearing is called to order by the judge.

Nina's trial begins GH

Scott calls Sonny to the stand and asks why he didn’t file charges against Nina. Sonny explains he lost a lot of time and wanted to just move on and spend time with his family. Scott notes Michael doesn’t agree with him, and he and his wife Willow gave a substantial donation to the Assistant DA before his client was charged. He wonders if Michael should be on trial for bribery.

Scott grills Sonny GH

The Assistant DA objects, but Scott says the donation is a matter of public record. The judge points out Michael is not on trial, and the Assistant DA wants to call a witness to defend his reputation. The judge gives permission, Sonny is dismissed, and the Assistant DA calls Willow to the stand.

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