Obrecht listens to Maxie's idea at home General Hospital
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Epiphany welcomes Marshall when he shows up at General Hospital as a volunteer entertainer. They chat about music and she tells him she’s a singer.

Curtis and Portia discuss his father General Hospital

Curtis meets with Portia and admires her outfit. She’s relieved to see him in a better mood. It’s good he’s working with Drew to uncover the mystery of his father. He thanks her for listening to him going on about this. She admits that she bumped into Marshall at the Metro Court and he admitted to Trina that he’d abandoned his family. That only reminded her of what Taggert did to her. Trina forgave her father. “That’s not going to happen between me and my father,” he insists. They spot Marshall with Epiphany, trying to get her to sing. As they perform “O Christmas Tree,” Curtis shares an uncomfortable look with his father.

Brando begs Sasha to come home at General Hospital

In the corridor, Brando asks Sasha to come home with him. She says that he’s the only one who knows what she’s feeling so she will go home with him, but only for tonight.

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When Gladys gets to her car in the garage, she finds the baby seat sitting in the back and depressingly dumps it in the trunk. Sasha and Brando come out and he helps her into the car. His mom tells her they have one stop to make on the way home and they won’t be sorry.

At the Quartermaine estate, Drew tells Monica she doesn’t have to pretend that everything is fine. She misses Jason more than she can say but she’s grateful for the rest of the family and to have him home. Chase and Brook Lynn bring in Bailey. As Drew holds the baby, he tells Monica about how great it was to spend time decorating the tree with Scout.

In the foyer, Drew talks to Danny about his father and hopes they can go to baseball games this summer. Scout gives Drew a hot pink scarf.

BLQ and Chase are awkward at the Quartermaine's General Hospital

Chase and Brook Lynn are by the punch. When he bends over, she stares at his backside and thinks about him naked before abruptly crossing the room. He notices she’s upset. She tells him to stop making this about him. After pacing around, she has an idea for how to get her out of her bad mood.

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Shawn announces he's a publisher at Alexis' General Hospital

The kids unwrap gifts at Alexis’. Sam isn’t thrilled that Kristina gave Scout a tambourine. Molly and TJ gave her an accordion. As they laugh, Shawn thanks Alexis for giving him the best Christmas he’s had in years. Sam’s sisters start teasing her about all the men she has in her life. Shawn calls everyone to attention and announces he’s the new publisher of The Invader. He’s going to make it a platform to advocate for the greater good. Kristina asks her mom if she’s okay with him moving on while she’s still lost. Molly reminds her sister to use some tact.

Davis family toast at Alexis' General Hospital

Alexis brings out a bottle a former client sent her and gives it to her family to toast with. After passing around the champagne, Shawn toasts to Alexis.

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Nina and Obrecht at Maxie's General Hospital

At Maxie’s, Obrecht and Nina talk about the holidays. Liesl thinks the Corinthos are creeps for not letting Nina see Wiley on the holidays. Maxie suggests they try to use Willow as an ally. Nina doesn’t think that will work and doesn’t want to push things. She recalls Willow overhearing her and Sonny talking about falling in love in Nixon Falls. Nina insists there’s nothing more she can ask from Tait. Obrecht doesn’t believe it and is determined to give her a piece of her mind. Nina grabs away her phone and gets them to stop bickering. Liesl thinks about telling Scott that Nina and Sonny were in love and guesses Willow knows. When he shows up at the door, she drags her “sweet linzer torte” into the hallway. She tells him she’s discovered that Willow knows about what happened in Nixon Falls. He’s not sure how he could get her on the stand or that it’s worth the risk. If she gets on the stand and lies, it will be worse for Nina.

Nina and Maxie talk Peter at home General Hospital

Left alone, Nina admits she’s worried about the hearing tomorrow. Maxie is rooting for her and says she had no choice. The only thing she wants for Christmas is Peter’s death. Nina says then her daughter can come home. BLQ and Chase arrive with Bailey to wish Maxie a Merry Christmas.

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At the Corinthos compound, Rocco brings in a gift that was left at the guardhouse for Wiley. It’s from Nina. Joss asks her mom if they are upset about this. Carly says it was expected.

Dante thanks Sonny at Corinthos compound General Hospital

At the door, Sonny thanks Dante for spending the holiday with the family. Dante recalls that last Christmas he learned that his father was missing. He also learned that he bought him a house and thanks him for it and for coming back. They hug. Sonny wishes he could have been there for him last year when he was dealing with what happened to Lulu.

Michael gets a call on patio General Hospital

Michael goes out on the patio and makes a call to confirm that Nina’s hearing is being handled as he instructed.

Sonny returns to the family and finds Wiley playing with Nina’s gift. Sasha, Brando, and Gladys arrive. Everyone is happy to see them. Sonny tells them they are all in this together. He assures Brando that Liam Michael is now with his uncle Mike. Brando didn’t realize this is where he needs to be until he saw their faces. Willow tells Sasha that it may be a cliché, but someday she will be able to live with the pain. Sonny and Carly welcome Sasha to their family. Carly tells Sasha that she deserves happiness and they will do everything in their power to make things easier for them. Brando doesn’t know how they have the room to be so generous given what they’ve lost. Sonny says the losses have taught them to be giving. Michael says grief can be shared and alleviated.

Brando goes out to the patio to look at the sky. Sasha joins him. She knows how rough this is. “It is better with you here,” he tells her. He loves her and doesn’t want to lose her. But if he’s too painful a reminder of their son, he wouldn’t blame her for walking away. She says that Liam left them a legacy: each other. They kiss.

Willow and Joss discuss what they are missing at Corinthos compound General Hospital

Joss takes Willow aside and tells her how grateful she is to have so many sisters in her life, and that includes her. She hands her a card and they hug. Willow has never had a sister. When she is left alone, she thinks about confronting Nina about what happened in Nixon Falls. Michael interrupts her and she claims she was just thinking about how much she cares about his family.

On the next General Hospital: Nina’s preliminary hearing begins.

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