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Finn and Violet meet with Anna at the Metro Court. Finn arranged for the two of them to have high tea and decides to leave them, however, Violet begs her dad to stay. Finn complies, and later Violet runs off to see the giant gingerbread house. Anna notes how great Violet is doing and wonders how things are between him and Liz. Finn says nothing is going on. However, he admits that could change if and when she’s ready.

Anna and Finn reconnect GH

Anna asks if Finn is ready to date again? Finn doesn’t know if he’s ready to talk about his love life with his ex, and wonders if she is seeing someone new. She hasn’t had much time since working to apprehend Peter. Finn brings up the time she’s been spending with Valentin and knows they’ve been circling one another for years. Maybe it’s time she figures out why.

Anna updates Finn GH

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At General Hospital, Laura surprises Kevin, who is dressed to play Santa. Lucy interrupts their reunion and tells Laura that was a splashy entrance, but Santa does have a job to do. Kevin tells her the kids will be fine for another five minutes while he enjoys his wife’s return.

Laura and Santa Kevin reunite GH

Later, Laura thanks her assistant Eileen for managing the town while she was gone. Eileen reminds her that she has the tree lighting this afternoon. Laura gives Cam and Spencer, who are dressed as elves, big hugs. Esme swoops in also in an elf outfit and welcomes Laura home. Lucy reminds them that the kids are waiting for Santa. Suddenly Martin shows up dressed as Santa, and he tells Kevin to enjoy his reunion with Laura and he’ll take over for him.

KEvin plays Santa at GH

Esme, Spencer and Cam discuss the upcoming holidays, and Spencer brings up his Great Uncle Victor who he hopes comes through for him. Before Cam can ask what Spencer means, Lucy interrupts and says Kevin is really going all out as Santa this year. She reveals they are running out of cookies and asks them to go to Kelly’s and get some.

Elf Spencer GH

Later, Lucy takes her turn sitting on Santa’s lap and asks him to guess what she wants for Christmas. She quickly realizes Santa is not Kevin. Martin pulls his beard down to reveal himself. After the festivities are over, Martin asks Lucy out for dinner, and she accepts.

Laura and Kevin share a kiss in his office. He asks how she was able to come home. She tells him about the assassination attempt and her meeting with Cyrus. Laura says Cyrus swears it wasn’t him, and that he’s even found God. Kevin thinks he’s lying, but Laura thinks Cyrus is serious. She also warns there is another threat looming inside their own family. They discuss Victor’s release, and how he’s laying low. Laura knows when the Cassadines play nice is when they are the most dangerous. He thinks perhaps she should not go to the tree lighting, but she’s done hiding. Outside the room, Laura’s assistant appears to be listening in.

Laura warns Kevin GH

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At Kelly’s, Drew and Liz reconnect. They talk about how Jake is doing considering Jason’s death. Drew wouldn’t blame her or Jake for resenting him or blame him for Jason’s death. Liz says Jason was always running into danger, and it’s not his fault. It’s just bad timing as it’s almost a year to the day that they lost Franco. Liz asks Drew how he’s doing given he’s lost both Jason and Franco. Drew is thankful to be home, but the loss is a lot. Liz knows he was special to Franco, and he always treated Franco with kindness when others didn’t. Drew vowed when he got home, he wouldn’t be a prisoner of the past.

Liz reconnects with Drew GH

Drew asks Liz if she’s looking for someone special yet or is it still too soon. Liz has her hands full with work, but there might be someone if she was looking. Drew remarks having loved and been loved by her that whoever this guy is, he doesn’t know what he’s missing. Cam shows up, still in elf attire, to pick up extra cookies. He is thrilled to see Drew and they embrace. Drew has to get going, so Cam warns him to leave through the back entrance so he doesn’t run into Spencer and his father.

Drew gives Liz romance advice GH

Outside of Kelly’s, Nikolas runs into Trina. He asks her advice on two ruby and emerald necklaces he bought and asks which one says Ava to her. Trina suggests nothing says Christmas like red and green, so why not both. He can see why Ava likes her. She asks since he has said he’d do anything for Ava, then what about Spencer? Can’t he give him a second chance? Suddenly Spencer shows up, with Esme, and asks what is going on.

Nikolas questions trina GH

Trina explains that Spencer’s dad was just asking for her opinion on a gift for Ava. Nikolas thanks Trina and says he needs to head to the tree lighting. Spencer tells his dad that grandmother is back in town and will be there, and with Victor on his side, he’s outnumbered. Nikolas takes off, and Spencer and Esme invite Trina to go to the lighting with them.

Trina and Nikolas talk GH

Back inside, Cam asks his mom if she wants to go to the tree lighting. She passes, and he wish she’d stop hiding away like Jake and Aiden are. He thinks she needs to show Jake and Aiden that it’s okay to get out there and be happy. Trina stops in and asks Cam to go to the tree lighting with her, Spencer and Esme. He accepts and asks his mom to think over things.

Victor runs into Ava at Charlie’s and makes small talk. She wonders if he followed her there, and he finally admits he did. He has gifts to drop off at Wyndemere but thought it might be best to leave them with her given his last visit with Nikolas. He remarks he has one more gift that won’t fit in the bag that the entire family will enjoy. Talk turns to the rift between Nikolas and Spencer, and Victor asks Ava if she can see beyond Spencer’s mistakes. He thinks Spencer has a lot of potential, and as the adults, they have to do what’s best for him.

Ava drinks with Victor GH

Ava asks Victor, “The way you did for Hayden and her mother?” Victor assures her that she has nothing to fear from him. Victor says the only ones who have to worry about threats from him are those who cross the ones they love. Ava downs her martini and says she must get to the tree lighting. Victor says he was headed there and will escort her, as there is still danger lurking around every corner even if it’s the holidays. Ava commends him on the British accent, calling it a nice touch. Victor smiles and says he worked hard to perfect it.

Victor warns Ava GH

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Valentin and Charlotte drop by to see Bailey. Charlotte says her papa told her the truth about Bailey, but it doesn’t mean she’s stopped loving her. She bought her a stuffed animal, when she thought she was her sister, but still wanted to give it to her. Charlotte gives the little girl the gift and then takes Bailey for a ride around the house in her stroller. Valentin thanks BLQ for letting Charlotte spend time with Bailey because this hasn’t been easy for her.

New Charlotte Cassadine GH

Valentin notices Brook Lynn appears sad and wonders why since she has everything she wants. She calls it the Christmas blues and admits she hates knowing she’s responsible for Charlotte’s pain. She also apologizes for what she did to him. Valentin brings up the shares she got in return, and she says that wasn’t the only reason she did what she did. Valentin could understand if Bailey’s father was dangerous, but Chase is about as upstanding as they get. He asks why she lied about him being Bailey’s father? She insists she is trying to protect Bailey, and he wonders if she is in danger. Charlotte returns and says she put Bailey down. Charlotte asks to go home, so Valentin warns BLQ this conversation isn’t over. He and Charlotte leave.

BLQ and Bailey get a visit GH

Valentin and Charlotte arrive at the Metro Court and run into Anna. Anna tells them Finn and Violet just left for the tree lighting if they want to go. Charlotte explains they just came from seeing Bailey, and Valentin doubts they are ready for a crowd. She wishes them a Merry Christmas and tells them the buche de noel is to die for. Valentin and Charlotte invite her to join them.

Drew returns to the Quartermaines and tells Brook Lynn what a great mom she is. BLQ decides to enjoy the champagne Yuri sent over to Monica, seeing she doesn’t drink. Drew joins her, and they find it to be interesting. Drew looks at the bottle and sees it’s non-alcoholic. BLQ guesses Yuri really does know Monica.

Victor and Ava arrive in Rice Plaza for the lighting. Laura’s assistant calls to warn him that Laura is back and headed there. Victor thinks this will be a reunion to remember. Nikolas arrives, followed by Laura and Kevin. Laura says hello to Victor and notes that his timing is impeccable for a dead man. He says she is as lovely as ever. Spencer and the others arrive, and Victor says he got news from the prosecutor that there is a way to solve his legal problems. All Spencer has do to is plead guilty, do five hundred hours of community service, make restitution to the victim, and spend thirty days at Spring Ridge. It’s the best deal he could get. Trina says it’s better than one to five years at Pentonville. Spencer asks Laura if she can help him. She says she’ll always do whatever she can do. Elsewhere, Finn arrives with Violet for the lighting, and Violet asks about Aunt Elizabeth.

Eileen introduces Laura, who makes a speech about what the holidays mean before lighting the tree. Everyone gathers to enjoy the lights.

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