Victor ordered hit on Laura General Hospital
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Chase drops by the Quartermaine kitchen to see BLQ. He brings up the steam room, but she doesn’t want to keep bringing up her seeing him naked. Willow and Michael stroll in and lower the mood by reminding them about Sasha and Brando’s situation. Michael leaves and Chase asks Willow if she needs to talk. She says that there’s no choice but just to deal with it when you lose a child. BLQ knows this must be hard for her to be faced with after what happened to her. Willow says she was lucky to have someone there to help her. She leaves to get some air. BLQ encourages him to comfort his ex.

Chase comforts Willow at Quartermaine estate General Hospital


Chase joins Willow on the patio and offers to take a hike if she wants to be alone. She’s doesn’t. She’s hoping that if she can get cold enough, she can forget everything else. Willow doesn’t want to make Sasha and Brando’s loss about her, but she admits that the loss of her son is always with her. This has only brought it back more. The hopes and dreams you have for a child die with them. He holds her as BLQ watches them through the window.

When Chase and Willow go back inside. Chase makes himself scarce she apologizes BLQ for how she treated her in Rice Plaza. She was partially blaming her for how she treated Chase herself. Willow can understand what she did to keep her baby safe. Chase returns and Willow tells them that telling the truth, however painful, is always the best thing to do.

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Phyllis and Sonny surprised at Charlie's General Hospital

Sonny visits Phyllis at Charlie’s. She tells him she’s starting to settle into Port Charles thanks to some familiar faces. Nina walks in. When Phyllis leaves to take a call, Sonny assures Nina that Peter won’t be around for long. She’s surprised to hear the new Sonny would still kill a man. He says it’s best that Peter is left in limbo. He exits as Phyllis returns.

Nina visits Phyllis at Charlie's General Hospital

She and Nina talk about how Sonny often seems like “Mike” in a suit. She can see that the connection between them is still there, but Nina insists that isn’t the case. Her friend badgers her, and Nina admits she doesn’t know what to do. Phyllis warns that things hidden in the dark tend to fester. She thinks she needs to come to terms with how she feels so she can move on. If she runs from what’s inside, she’ll never find peace.

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Obrecht corners Carly at the Metro Court to offer her condolences for Jason. Carly is surprised to hear that from her. Liesl reminds her that he saved her life and Britt’s.

Carly vents to Michael at Metro Court General Hospital

Carly sits at a table sadly until Michael shows up and his mother tells him about how mad she is about the cruelty of the universe. She feels like she should be grateful thanks to the miracle that he is. Taking his hand, she gets him to update her on Wiley. Brad’s hearing has brought back a lot of bad memories. She says that what Brad did to their family was as bad as what Nina did. He tells her he’s already been released and was there with Selina.

Scott and Obrecht talk Nina's case at Metro Court General Hospital

Scott and Obrecht sit at a table and discuss Nina’s case. He admits that he doesn’t have much of a defense. He spits out his water when she tells him she believes that Nina and Sonny fell in love. Carly must not know or Nina would be missing some limbs. They wonder if Sonny gave Phyllis hush money to keep quiet about it. Spotting Sonny sitting with his wife and son, he hurries over to say the DA will see through their trumped-up charges against Nina.

When Scott and Obrecht return to their table, he tells her he can’t keep Nina’s secret. He explains that he suspects Sonny is still in love with Nina and can use it as leverage. She worries about Nina’s safety from Carly. He needs to find someone who knows what happened in Nixon Falls.

Carly, Michael, Sonny talk Brad at Metro Court General Hospital

At their table, Michael tells Sonny that he’s made it clear to Selina that he will protect his family no matter the cost. His mom warns that this attitude could lead to a mob war. Sonny insists that he deal with Selina himself.

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Victor offers Spencer help at Kelly's General Hospital

Spencer is startled when Victor strolls into Kelly’s. He wanted to see where he works and thinks they need to get to know each other better. They get a table and discuss the tension in the family. Spencer declares that he is done with his father. His great uncle understands he has some legal problems and offers to do something about them. Victor tells him he’s the future of the family and he takes that seriously. Spencer doesn’t know how to repay him. When he explains he’s been living with Kevin, Victor offers to put him and Esme up at the Metro Court. Spencer can’t accept that offer when he’s trying to prove to his father that he can make it on his own. His uncle tells him not to confuse honor with virtue.

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Cyrus talks to Laura in prison General Hospital

Laura goes to visit Cyrus in prison. He’s been praying for this day. She tells him that she won’t allow him to keep her away from her family anymore. The assassin that he hired was his last chance for revenge. He insists that he didn’t try to kill her. She doesn’t buy the innocent act. Her half-brother knows that he was on a dark path, but his life is no longer his won and he’s given it to a higher power. She laughs hysterically so he explains that God reached out to him while he had pneumonia. After an angel visited him, he began reading The Bible, and let God into his heart. Laura doesn’t think he has a heart and declares this charade is obscene. Before she can storm out, he warns that she’s in danger.

Sitting back down, she accuses him of threatening her. He insists he’s not the threat. “I was tested and I chose the light. Will you?” he asks. She repeats that he’s incapable of love and compassion, so he offers to pray for her and urges her to keep an eye out for the serpent in the garden. Someone means her harm and it isn’t him.

Victor meets with one of his people. She tells him Laura is on her way back to town. He smiles that their plan to flush her out with a murder attempt is working as he’d hoped.

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