Brook Lynn and Chase find themselves trapped in the steam room. Chase tries to force the door open, it’s blocked. In the process of trying to open the door, Chase’s towel slips off. BLQ gasps and says, “Good morning to you, Detective Chase.” He quickly covers up and tells her to call for help. Brook Lynn’s phone is unfortunately in her purse, which is outside. The two argue over the bigger mess they are caught in with Valentin and Bailey, and Brook Lynn says this situation gives everyone permission to say every horrible thing they have thought about her.

Chase naked in steam room

Chase doesn’t know why Brook Lynn lets what people say get to her. She feels all she’s getting is shame and grief for protecting Bailey and her family’s legacy.  Chase recognizes her sacrifice and calls her brave, and says he sees the real her. She knows he does. They come close to a kiss when a custodian opens the door. He thought nobody was in there and apologizes for leaving his floor buffer against the door.

BLQ and Chase locked up GH

At the hospital, Finn tells Liz it’s time they stop dancing around what is happening between them. Liz tells Finn that he’s become important to her and her boys, and if they were together, it wouldn’t be something casual for her, but serious. He doesn’t see that as a bad thing. She also would want to take things slow, which Finn agrees on because he doesn’t want to confuse Violet. Liz admits she is also confused and hasn’t even taken off her ring.

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Finn confronts Liz GH

Finn apologizes for pushing Liz and thinks she’s not ready. She admits she’s scared of losing him. He promises her that she won’t get rid of him that easily, and he really cares about her. Finn is paged to an emergency but says when she’s ready to see where things go then he is ready as well.

Finn and Liz discuss kiss GH

Nina and Sonny exchange glances in the hall. Gladys rushes up to Sonny, hugs him, and thanks him for coming. When asked about the baby, Gladys cries that he was deprived of oxygen for too long.

In Sasha’s room, Brando asks Sasha if she is ready to go to the NICU to… Sasha refuses to say goodbye because Liam is still alive. Brando says they must think about what is best for their son. She rushes out in tears.

Brando finds his mother with Sonny and Nina in the hall. He tells them that Sasha is likely in the NICU, so Sonny heads there so she’s not alone. Gladys tells Brando that Dr. Fleming has been looking for him, and if they want to keep the baby on a feeding tube then they need to make arrangements with a facility. She vents Sasha should be supporting him on this and storms off. Nina tells Brando that Sonny is with Sasha, so he won’t let her upset Sasha.

Nina comforts Brando

Brando doesn’t know what to do. Nina tells him that he and Sasha have a big decision, and they need to make it together. She promises everyone will be there to support them no matter what they decide.

Brando is upset Liam GH

In the NICU, Sonny joins Sasha and recalls how his father accepted his illness and the inevitable even before he could. Sasha cries that Liam hasn’t opened his eyes, looked at her, seen her smile, or even felt her hold him. She only hopes he knows her voice. She cries that others get miracles so why can’t she. Sonny felt the same about his father, and when he realized there wasn’t a miracle coming, he had to make the decision to let him go.

Sonny gives Sasha advice GH

Sasha asks how Sonny came to the decision. Sonny had to realize if prolonging his life was the best decision for his father, or was he just putting off his own pain of losing him. Gladys arrives and overhears Sonny giving Sasha advice. Gladys calmly tells Sasha that Dr. Fleming is looking for her and Brando, and arrangements need to be made based on their decision. Sasha heads out to find Brando. Sonny steps out into the hall and Gladys tells Sonny to never forget that he did right by his father. She asks for some privacy with her grandson.

Sasha faces a decision GH

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Portia runs into Stella at the Metro Court. Stella is lost in thought and eventually asks Portia to join her. Portia thinks whatever is on her mind must be important. Stella admits to seeing Marshall at the Savoy, which was a shock. Portia offers to listen, but Stella assures her that she’s fine and doesn’t want to keep her. Portia heads off, and Stella grabs her phone.

Portia meets with Stella GH

At the bar, Olivia and Carly chat about Nina’s upcoming trial. Carly is trying to keep her cool around Nina for Sonny’s sake and to keep the peace. Olivia warns her that bottling her feelings up could cause her to crack. Carly can keep her cool until Nina is behind bars, as long as Nina stays away from her family.

Olivia supports Carly GH

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At Sonny’s gym, Curtis is giving TJ advice on his form when Marshall arrives. Curtis asks why he’s there? TJ reveals he invited him. Curtis fumes and asks his father if he’s ready to tell them why he faked his death and where he’s been for 40 years. Marshall apologizes for the past, which can never be made right, and instead suggests they focus on rebuilding a future together. Curtis orders his father out, and Marshall leaves. TJ is furious with Curtis because he wants to get to know his grandfather. Curtis asks TJ to let him investigate Marshall and make sure it’s safe to get to know him. TJ agrees.

TJ lashes out at curtis GH

In Rice Plaza, Alexis runs into Harmony. Alexis admits she’s having a hard time and feels guilty for taking the easy way out of her sentence. Harmony reminds Alexis that she took a deal too, and she understands not feeling like your purification cycle isn’t complete. Alexis adds, “And everyone else thinks we’re nuts.”

Alexis invites Harmony over but warns her that her house is full of her children. She quickly recalls that Kristina was one of Harmony’s DOD victims. Alexis realizes it would be inappropriate to invite Harmony over. Harmony says she doesn’t need to explain, and perhaps some friendships are meant to stay in prison. Harmony tells her to have a good life and take care of herself and makes a hasty exit.

Curtis runs into Portia at the hospital by the elevators. She brings up Stella, who appeared shaken up about Marshall. Curtis says he ran into Marshall, who again had nothing to say.

In the hallway, Sonny approaches Brando and Nina. He tells Brando that Sasha’s in her room. Brando leaves, and Nina asks how Sonny is doing. Sonny says this reminds him of losing his father, and he recalls seeing his dad in the woods outside of Nixon Falls. He remembers that Mike saved his life, and thinks it’s not a coincidence he ended up in Nixon Falls using his dad’s name. Nina knows he keeps saying the man in Nixon Falls wasn’t real, but he was. Suddenly, Carly and Olivia arrive and Carly fumes seeing Nina with Sonny.

In Sasha’s room, Brando and Sasha both tell one another that they have been doing some thinking. Sasha breaks down into tears.

At the coffee house, Marshall meets with Stella after getting her message. She says it’s just the two of them, so they should put all their cards on the table.

On the next General Hospital: Sasha fears they’re making a mistake, and Nina asks Olivia if she’s threatening her.

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