Brad faces Michael at Metro Court General Hospital
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In Rice Plaza, Willow tells Michael that she can’t believe Brad was paroled, especially after the statement he made to the parole board. They are going to have to make peace with him being back in Port Charles. Michael says he better not come anywhere near Wiley. He doesn’t know why they are out in the cold. She says he can go since Olivia will be there soon.

Finn and Chase talk fatherhood in sauna General Hospital

As Chase and Finn sit in the sauna, the doctor is distracted by memories of Liz kissing him. His brother expects him to say “I told you so” for messing things up by punching Valentin. As he rambles, he senses Finn has something on his mind. Finn changes the subject to Chase, BLQ, and their baby. He suspects that his brother has doubts about being a father and encourages him to open up. Chase claims he’s honored to be a father. His brother is eager to meet his niece, but Chase says things are still settling. Once they have, he will tell their parents the news. He changes the topic to Liz. Shaking his head and pacing, Finn doesn’t know what’s happening… but she kissed him. Chase assumes Violet is thrilled. His brother doesn’t know what all of this means, particularly since she ran away. Finn wants to be careful for Violet’s sake. It’s all so confusing and he doesn’t want to ruin his friendship with Liz.

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Liz tells her friends about Finn in yoga studio General Hospital

Portia, Liz, and Terry are disappointed to see their yoga class is canceled. The door to the studio is open so they enter and Portia encourages Terry to lead them. While they stretch, Liz is visibly distracted as she thinks about kissing Finn. As they do their exercises, Portia senses that Liz is distracted. Her friends wish they’d been at the hospital to support her with Peter. They start prodding her about Finn and she admits she kissed him and then ran away. Portia notes she’s still wearing her wedding ring. Liz doesn’t know if she should be getting involved with Finn when she still loves Franco.

Portia encourages Liz at studio General Hospital

Sitting in a circle, Liz tells them how hard it has been. She’s confused. Her friends encourage her to be honest and take her time. The nurse worries that she and Finn can’t be honest with each other.

When Liz gets to General Hospital, Finn jogs in to see her.

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Willow bickers with BLQ in square General Hospital

Back in Rice Plaza, Olivia and BLQ jog over to Willow. As they talk about shopping, Liv senses the coolness between the women. BLQ explains that Willow hates her because of Chase. Willow is still processing things. She turns away in a huff, and Brook Lynn admits she tagged along with Olivia because she knew she was going to see Willow. Liv tells her she can’t expect people to shrug their shoulders and move on immediately. BLQ throws cheating on Chase in Willow’s face. Olivia tries to keep the peace as the two women justify their actions.

Harmony runs into Willow in plaza General Hospital

After BLQ leaves in a huff, Willow needs a minute alone. As she sits by a tree, Harmony shows up. Her daughter says it’s good to see her. Harmony got a gift for Wiley but says she can say it’s from Santa. Willow wants Wiley to know his whole family. They chat about Harmony’s job and limited social life. She apologizes for overstepping when she showed up at Wiley’s birthday. She hopes that they can have a relationship when Willow is comfortable. “Might that be possible?” she asks. Willow says they can arrange a time for her to give her gift to Wiley.

BLQ barges into the sauna, annoyed that Chase hasn’t been answering his phone. Once Finn exits after saying she should have told his brother he has a son, Brook Lynn lectures Chase for not defending her more. He’d rather discuss this after he’s showered and changed. She gulps and then notices the door is locked.

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Selina drags a reluctant Brad into the Metro Court. He doesn’t think Carly’s restaurant is a good place for him to be. She explains that she has an arrangement with the family. He doesn’t even know what to call her. Selina insists on aunt. She’s been keeping tabs on him but never intervened out of respect for his adoptive parents. She sees potential in him she wants to encourage. When Britt spots him, they scream, running to each other. Selina scowls. Brad thanks the doctor for her statement to the parole board; her words meant a lot to him. He introduces her to his aunt but she already knows who Britt is and tries to drag him away. Britt pulls him into another hug and glares over at Selina who glares back.

Selina scowls at Britt in Metro Court General Hospital

As they get a table, Selina stares in misery and cringes as she listens to the friends catch up. Brad is eager to hear all the gossip. When he asks about Lucas, his aunt tells him to move on. Britt agrees with that. He knows that he and Lucas are over forever. Westbourne tells him to let go of the guilt. People will forget about what happened. “What the hell are you doing here?” Michael demands as he arrives. Selina stands up for her nephew. Brad and Michael step aside to speak alone. Left alone, Selina tells Britt they have a problem and reminds her she forbade her being around Brad.

In the hall, Brad admits to Michael that he doesn’t know what his aunt wants from him. For whatever reason, Sonny agreed to give him a second chance. “You get no second chances with me,” Michael makes clear, threatening to destroy him if he so much as says his son’s name. He storms off and lectures Selina, accusing her of disrespecting him. “Are you threatening me?” she asks.

Britt sits with Brad. He admits his aunt is scary. She tells him Selina threatened her to stay away, but she’s not going to do that.

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Kristina expects disaster at Alexis' General Hospital

At Alexis’, she and Sam break the news that she is planning to become a PI. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to Kristina. As they discuss a case, Alexis starts raising concerns about the environmental record of the client. Sam gets defensive. Kristina snipes that the fighting has already started. Alexis tries to appease her by doling out compliments. She admits that she has lousy judgment and gets self-destructive. Molly is sure she can learn from her mistakes if children can learn not to touch a hot stove. Talk like that convinces Alexis that Molly will be a great lawyer. She asks her mom to look over her opening statement for an upcoming case. Once Alexis starts offering advice, she stops herself and tells Molly to have her own style. Claiming she’s just remembered she has something to do, she leaps up. After thanking them for their love, she runs out. Sam lectures her sisters for giving their mom a hard time when she’s barely coping. If they aren’t helping her, who will be?

Alexis goes to the plaza and bumps into Harmony, who offers her some company.

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