Brad Parole Day GH
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At the Savoy, Stella demands Curtis be honest with him about what’s going on when suddenly Marshall enters. She’s shocked to see him, and he tells her it’s good to see her again. Curtis scolds his father for showing up uninvited, and says his aunt thought he was dead so seeing him could cause her to relapse and have another stroke. Stella assures Curtis she’s fine and asks Marshall how it’s possible he’s alive and standing in front of them.

Stella on Curtis' father GH

Marshall thanks Stella for stepping up and taking care of his family when he couldn’t. Stella comments they all did the best they could. Curtis is stunned that she appears to have sympathy for his father and asks Marshall to leave. Stella stops Marshall and tells Curtis that whether he likes it or not, Marshall is his father and by some miracle, he’s standing in front of him. She asks Curtis to hear Marshall out. Marshall explains it was a complex situation that could still have reproductions for them all. All he can say is that he had to leave, and he can’t say anymore right now. He came back to connect with his family, and TJ is willing to try.

Stella sees Marshall GH

Marshall tells Curtis should he want to give him a chance then he can find him at the Harbor View Inn. Marshall leaves, and Curtis swears he won’t let that man haunt or hurt them. Stella promises him that she won’t allow anything or anyone to upend the family.

Stella surprises Curtis GH

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At the hospital, Austin runs into Britt in the hall and informs her that her brother is in the ER and is more dead than alive. She calls this the best news of the day.

Austin has news on Peter GH

Maxie asks Finn given the fact Peter was poisoned, what are the top three chemicals available in prison and what can they do to him. Finn notes Peter was in solitary, so someone went to a lot of trouble to get the poison to him.

Finn has opinions on Peter GH

In Peter’s cubicle, Liz holds a scalpel as she stands over Peter and thinks about all he’s done. Finn interrupts her in her daze and snaps her out of it.

liz scalpel peter gh

In Sasha’s room, Sasha believes Liam can feel their love, and that’s enough. She knows it won’t be easy, but she is not giving up. Brando isn’t either and swears they will give their boy a fighting chance. Brando feels it’s time to get answers.

Sasha asks BRando's thoughts on baby GH

Brando finds Britt in the hall and needs to talk. She tells him if he and Sasha are ready, she’ll tell them everything they need to know. Britt heads into Brando and Sasha’s room to clarify things for them regarding their son.

Britt gives Brando advice GH

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Britt explains to Brando and Sasha that Liam will never breathe on his own, know their voices, or move. He will require around-the-clock care, a feeding tube, and a breathing tube. Finally, he would have to be transferred to a long-term care facility, there is no way they can bring him home as Sasha was hoping to do. She tells them they need to consider Liam’s quality of life. Britt explains Liam could live for years in a permanent vegetative state, and his body would be susceptible to all sorts of diseases and issues. Brando realizes Britt is saying there is only one option. Britt says they should consider taking Liam off life support and letting him go. Sasha cries in Brando’s arms that this can’t be the end of the road.

Austin enters Peter’s room and finds Finn talking Liz down. He asks if he’s interrupting something. Liz puts the scalpel down, and Finn whisks her out. As Austin finds the scalpel, Finn takes Liz off to his office to cool down. Liz can’t believe what she almost did and is upset that she couldn’t go through with it to give her boys some justice for Franco.  Finn says she would have gone to prison and allowed Peter to take their mother away on top of everything else he’s done. He tells her it’s okay to be angry and to let it out. Finn assures her that whatever she needs, he’ll be there. She pulls him into a kiss, and then quickly runs off.

Maxie runs into Austin in the hall and asks if Peter is dead yet. Austin says Peter is in bad shape, and whoever did this to him, they wanted him dead.

Maxie and Finn talk Peter GH

At the Corinthos place, Sonny wants him and Carly to focus on the fact that he’s home and they should celebrate. They head into the living room, which has been decorated for Christmas, though the tree is still bare. She doesn’t know how he did this without her knowing. Later, Avery and Donna join them, and Avery asks her dad if he’ll be there on Christmas morning. He promises he will be, and how he’ll read them A Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve and tuck them in.

Sonny and Carly discuss the future GH

The girls go off to decorate cookies with the nanny, and Carly pulls out the ornaments and finds an old keychain with Caroline inscribed on it. Carly thinks back to the previous Christmas without him and how it didn’t feel right. Sonny wants Carly to feel comfortable sharing her feelings about Jason with him. Carly recounts the story of the keychain and showing up on Jason’s doorstep pregnant with Michael. She hangs the keychain on her tree every year. Sonny hangs it on their tree, and Carly knows things have been hard for him. She swears as much as she misses Jason, Sonny is the only man in her heart. She kisses him and cries that they will get through this as long as they are honest with each other.

Carly dreams about Jason GH

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At Pentonville, Willow asks Michael if he’s nervous about the hearing. Brad is brought out in handcuffs, and Michael tells Willow that he’s never been so sure of anything in his life.

Brad at Parole Hearing GH

Ms. Wu appears and assures Michael that she doesn’t condone what Brad did. She promises him that should Brad go free, he will never disturb his family again. Michael believes Brad won’t see the light of day once he gives his statement to the board.

Ms Wu at Brad's Parole GH

Michel addresses the parole board about the pain Brad caused him and his family, along with Willow and Brad’s husband Lucas. He asks Brad to be denied parole to protect the community and allow him to raise his family in peace. Brad is allowed to make a statement, and he again apologizes to Willow and Michael but knows no amount of contrition will be enough. He asks the board for the chance to prove he’s learned from his mistake and if granted parole that he will live a life of virtue. The board says they will decide and get back to him as soon as possible. The hearing is adjourned.

Michael speaks Parole Board GH

Michael, Willow and Wiley arrive at Sonny’s place. Willow takes Wiley to see Carly as Michael and Sonny discuss the hearing in the foyer. Michael is glad it’s over and just wants to put this business with Brad behind them. Meanwhile, Carly sends Willey into the kitchen to play with Donna and Avery. Willow and Carly discuss Brad, and Carly assures her that Willey has the full protection of the family no matter what happens.

Later, Donna, Avery and Willey help hang a few ornaments on the tree. Sonny gets a call from Selina and she informs him that Brad will be released and he has her gratitude. Sonny says a deal is a deal. After he hangs up, Carly asks what is wrong. Sonny assures her everything is good.

On the next General Hospital: Finn and Chase chat in the steam room. Kristina tells her mom this is a disaster. Liz turns to Terry for support and isn’t sure she should be getting involved with Finn given how she feels. Britt meets with Ms. Wu and tells her that she doesn’t know who she’s dealing with. And Michael warns Brad he gets no second chances with him.

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