Brando and Sasha in NICU General Hospital
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Trina joins her mom at the Metro Court. Portia tells her what a star she is but Trina feels like a loser. This perplexes her mother so Trina reminds her that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. Her mom thought she raised her to be more independent, like her. Trina changes the topic to her mom and Curtis. Portia claims they are taking things slow because of their jobs.

Trina and Portia discuss Curtis at Metro Court

Marshall interrupts them and apologizes for being disingenuous about his identity. He says things didn’t go well with Curtis. Trina doesn’t understand what’s going on so Marshall explains he is Curtis’ father. He explains that he left Curtis and his brother when they were young and he’s hoping he can find a way into his son’s good graces. The doctor suggests he take his time. After he strolls off, Trina says she can understand Curtis’ discomfort with his dad but doesn’t understand her mother’s.

Anna, Carly, and Sonny discuss Peter at Metro Court

At the bar, Anna, Carly, and Sonny discuss Peter’s arraignment. When Anna turns away to take a call, Sonny assures his wife that Peter has no future. Anna returns to announce that Peter is on the way to General Hospital. She’ll keep them posted. After she walks off, Carly asks Sonny if he knows what happened. He’s evasive and she insists she deserves to know. Corinthos admits he put out the hit. She thanks him and says lots of people will be grateful. He knows Peter’s death won’t make up for the pain he’s caused, but at least Jason will be avenged.

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Stella asks TJ about Curtis at General Hospital

Aunt Stella surprises TJ at General Hospital and admires his work. Her doctors in Baltimore told her she’s all better and ready to get back to normal. They sit down and she admits she’s refusing to see his uncle until she knows what he’s been hiding from her. TJ claims not to know but his aunt gets something out of him. He admits there is something but she needs to get it from Curtis herself. She’s impressed by how loyal he’s been to his uncle.

Liz and Finn talk Jason at General Hospital

Finn runs into Liz down the hall. He knows how hard losing Jason must be for her. She wishes Peter had died when he pushed him down the stairs. Her son was already grieving Franco and now Jason too. It’s infuriating knowing Peter is responsible for both deaths. He wishes there was something he could do to make her feel better. The doctor holds her. That makes her smile. She tells him they should do this more often. They get beeped to the ER.

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Finn and Liz are shocked when they find Peter in the ER. He’s on oxygen and unconscious. The doctor says they need to run a toxicology panel. “Tell me he’s going to die,” she begs.

Maxie and Epiphany talk at NICU in General Hospital

Epiphany finds Maxie looking in at Sasha’s baby in the NICU. She’s sure this must remind her of losing her baby. The nurse tells her that sticking around to give Sasha and Brando moral support is a bad idea. She insists that the parents are going to want to be alone once they get the news. Maxie gets it.

When Anna arrives, she bumps into Maxie and warns her that Peter is there. Finn and Liz come out to say Peter is stable but they are waiting for tox results. It’s very possible he was poisoned. Maxie flashes back to telling Sonny she wanted Peter dead.

Maxie and Liz talk Peter at General Hospital

When she sits down with Liz, Maxie admires her for being professional around Peter. Liz says the hospital normally wouldn’t allow her near him but they are understaffed. They remember all the people that Peter has cost them. “Doesn’t at least part of you want to let Peter die?” Maxie asks.

Anna and Finn join them. She explains that the warden in Pentonville is treating Peter’s cell as a crime scene. Maxie says the best thing that could happen is Peter’s death. Anna can’t disagree. “Let him die,” Maxie repeats.

Peter in General Hospital

Liz goes into Peter’s room and pulls out a scalpel.

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Britt and Dr. Fleming go in to see Sasha and Brando. Sasha is hoping they are going to tell them they can take their baby home. The doctors explain that Liam has brain damage. Tests show that he has little to no brain activity. His life can only be sustained through machinery. The parents ask for other options but Britt says there is nothing more they can do.

Sasha and Brando get bad news about Liam in General Hospital

Sasha cries as Brando holds her. They beg for the doctors to take some chances but they repeat there is nothing they can do. Brando and Sasha insist they can help their son fight. Britt encourages them to be realistic. They still have some important decisions to make for their son. Other specialists are confirming the test results and there are therapists if they need them. Sasha only needs to see her son. After they leave, Britt tells Fleming she knows she should have told the parents how bad the options are, but doesn’t think they are ready.

Epiphany goes in to see Britt, guessing the news for Brando and Sasha was bad. Britt worries that she’s only made things worse by leaving them with some hope. The nurse assures her she did the right thing.

Sasha and Brando go down to the NICU to see their son.

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Curtis and Drew catch up at The Savoy

Curtis sits at The Savoy thinking about rejecting his father. Drew surprises him when he saunters in. They hug and catch up about Drew being held captive by Peter. Curtis recaps all the bad things that August has been up to. Drew admires the club and asks when he gets to take his old friend and Jordan out to dinner. His friend explains that they got divorced and he’s started over. Drew comments that starting over is easier said than done, as he is learning. It’s not easy for him to leave Sam behind but she’s happy and that’s all he wants. He’s looking for a way to live his life that will honor Jason and the sacrifice he made for him.

Drew and Curtis talk Marshall at The Savoy

They chat about the reappearance of Curtis’ father. Unlike Drew, he wasn’t happy to see him back from the dead. He’s been looking for answers about what his father has been doing since he disappeared but has come up empty. Drew tells him he’s too close to this and offers to help. Curtis agrees to think about it but thinks he should prioritize spending time with his little girl. After Drew leaves, Stella drops in, eager to hear about what’s going on with him. Before he can say anything, Marshall shows up.

On the next General Hospital: Austin has news on Peter, Michael tells Willow he’s determined to go ahead, and Sonny assures Carly there is nowhere he’d rather be.

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