Peter visited by Anna in solitary
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Peter panics when Anna shows up to visit him in solitary. He tells her that Sonny has put a bullseye on his back. She’s surprised there’s room for another one, but he’s safer there than anywhere else. Sonny is too smart to risk killing him when he’s being watched by the cops. But Peter has made a lot of enemies, which means he has to save himself. He has to own all his crimes, take his punishment, and relinquish his fight for Louise. If he’s willing to do all that, maybe there is something she can do for him. “Louise and Maxie are what keep me human. I won’t give them up,” he says. Anna snaps that death isn’t good enough for him. Once she leaves, his food arrives. He passes on it at first but then changes his mind.

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Sonny and Carly sit down to breakfast at the Metro Court. She has to run off when she learns there is a shortage of marzipan. Selina Wu wanders in and Sonny tells her that he spoke to his friend on the parole board but he can’t guarantee anything. Michael will still speak at the parole hearing. They discuss their deal and Selina makes vague threats as Sonny repeats they are all good as long as everyone sticks to their side of the bargain.

Carly and Sonny talk Jason at Metro Court

Once Selina exits, Carly asks Sonny what bargain she just walked in on. He explains that Selina suggested it’s time to replace Jason. Maybe he was indispensable, but graveyards are full of such men. Carly carried on when she thought he was dead and they have to do the same. If he thinks he can actually replace Jason, she says, he really did change when he was in Nixon Falls. He can’t deny his time away changed him. He just wants them to be better for their kids. Carly says they know what’s best for themselves. “I want you Mrs. Corinthos,” he says. They hold hands. She wants him too. They kiss. He tells her about his dreams of the blonde woman and how she became a reality. Anna interrupts to tell them how sorry she is about Jason. As Carly heads for the bar and sighs, Selina sits down and talks to her about protecting her family.

Anna takes Sonny aside and asks him if he’s going to let the law run its course after putting the fear of God into Peter. He insists he couldn’t touch him even if he wanted to.

Peter collapses in Pentonville

Back at Pentonville, Peter gets dressed after finishing his meal. He suddenly starts to convulse and collapses onto the floor. Brad wheels the food cart away.

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In Britt’s office at General Hospital, she, Maxie, and Nina discuss the choices they made that kept Louise away.

Brando comforts Sasha in her room down the hall. She’s eager to face the day together and optimistic about getting the news about their baby. She tells him that he’s done everything right. Nina joins them to admire how good Sasha is looking. Lucy comes in next with gummy bears for the new mom and Brando makes himself scarce. Lucy says that Conception has been doing even better than Deception and they are thinking of taking the company public. The only future Sasha is concerned about now is Liam’s.

Lucy and Sasha talk babies at General Hospital

Left alone, Lucy tells Sasha about her miscarriages and raising Serena with Scott. Tearing up, she admits this is all overwhelming but you learn to cherish every moment, no matter how scary it may be. That’s what Sasha is trying to do.

Brando prays for son in chapel

Brando goes to the chapel to pray. He says that Liam has opened his heart in ways he never thought were possible. TJ watches as Brando prays that his son knows that he’s loved and they can keep him safe. When he gets up, he’s startled to run into the doctor. TJ didn’t want to intrude, but he heard about his baby’s condition and remembered they were friends once. They share a laugh and Brando thanks him for helping him forget his situation for a moment.

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Britt confronts Nina about Peter at General Hospital

Nina returns to Britt’s office and prompts her to admit she blames her for the mess they are in. The doctor asks why she didn’t call the cops on Peter. Nina explains that once she got Liesl involved things got out of control. She regrets nearly getting her aunt killed and assumes Britt thinks she has Jason’s blood on her hands. They mull things over and agree to support each other as family.

As they ride up in the elevator, TJ encourages Brando to focus on the positive as they wait for test results.

Sasha and Brando wait for news about baby at General Hospital

They head into Sasha’s room as Lucy shows her samples. Brando says the news about their baby will be in soon. Lucy leaves and TJ offers them any help he can give. Britt and Dr. Navarro solemnly file in and close the door.

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B:Q and Chase discuss their situation at Quartermaine estate

Chase mopes over to the Quartermaine estate to complain to Brook Lynn about how useless he feels. He can’t get over the look on Willow’s face when he told her that he was Bailey’s father. Nonetheless, he’s determined to step up so everyone thinks he’s the real deal.

Willow, Michael argue with Chase at Quartermaine estate

Willow finds Michael being pensive in the living room. He’s still determined to speak at Brad’s parole hearing and make sure he never comes near their son again. They discuss the deal Sonny made with Selina. He admits that without Jason, Sonny’s ability to enforce deals is weak. Things get awkward when BLQ and Chase come in. The two couples start bickering and Michael trashes Chase’s choices. The detective asks if there is any way they can get past this. BLQ stands up for Chase, admitting that she’s the one to blame and she kept the truth from Chase. Willow would be a hypocrite if she couldn’t forgive Chase, but Brook Lynn is a whole other matter. For the sake of their kids, she offers to get past this. After Chase and BLQ exit, Michael kisses Willow and tells her how great she is. She wonders if he can find it in his heart to forgive Brad. This is a black and white subject to him and he’s not forgiving of Brad or Nina.

In the foyer, Chase tells BLQ that one day people will know the sacrifices she’s made and realize she’s not so bad.

On the next General Hospital: Sonny tells Carly she deserves the truth, and news about Peter leaks out.

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