Selina issues an ultimatum GH
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At the hospital, Carly video chats with Avery and says she’ll be home soon. Selina Wu appears and tells Carly that she has a lovely child, and she’s sorry to hear about Jason. Carly asks if she’s there to see Sonny, but Selina states her business is not with the family. She says goodbye and walks off.

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Carly meets up with Michael, and she recounts how she had a placental abruption. She recalls how Jason was by her side the whole time.

Carly complains about everything constantly GH

In Obrecht’s room, she is busy flirting in bed with Scott as Britt tries to talk to her mom about her condition. Scott tells Britt that he’s sorry about Jason, and Obrecht wishes a pox on Peter for what he’s done to her daughter. Nina enters the room to check on her aunt and takes the blame for Peter’s latest reign of terror. Britt departs to get work done, and Scott brings up Nina’s trial. Obrecht asks what Nina’s been accused of, and if it has to do with Peter.

Obrecht and Scott hospital GH

Nina and Scott fill her in on the charges Michael brought up against her for lying about Sonny, and Obrecht asks to speak to her niece alone. Scott steps out and Nina expects Obrecht to scream at her for letting Peter escape. Obrecht only advises Nina to make amends to Britt over Jason’s death. Obrecht is afraid with Jason gone that her daughter will harden her heart to the world. Nina promises to be there for Britt. Obrecht also tells Nina to remember who she is, and if Sonny and Carly won’t apologize, then why should she. She advises Nina not to cower in court but instead to fight for her life.

After Nina leaves, Scott returns, and they discuss Nina’s case. Obrecht finds it odd that Michael, not Sonny, is the one going after Nina. Scott thinks Sonny may still be confused and think he’s that bartender “Mike.” Obrecht puts two and two together and realizes “Mike” is Sonny, the man Nina fell in love with. Scott admits he doesn’t know why Sonny hasn’t gone after Nina, but her future could hinge on that reason.

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Britt returns to her office to find Selina Wu in her chair. Britt inquires if they have an appointment and if they know one another. Selina wants this meeting to be kept off the books and introduces herself. Britt is happy to meet her good friend’s aunt, though he hasn’t spoken much about her. Selina actually wants Britt to stop being Brad’s friend. Britt is confused. Selina explains this is Brad’s chance to rehabilitate himself, and she doesn’t want harmful influences from his old life posing problems for his future. She wishes Britt the best of luck and hopes they won’t have to revisit this conversation.

Miss Wu means business GH

Back in the hall, Michael asks Carly if there is trouble between her and Sonny when Selina interrupts. Selina asks Michael if he intends to attend Brad’s hearing. He does, and rants about Brad’s crimes before Selina bids him farewell. Carly agrees with Michael when it comes to Brad, but suggests he might take a different approach with Selina given she’s his father’s ally. Michael promises not to do anything behind the scenes regarding Brad’s parole, but will speak out at the hearing and thinks dad will understand. Carly wouldn’t know given she and Sonny don’t agree on a lot lately. Michael hopes once Nina is in jail things will get easier for his parents.

In the hallway, Maxie asks Sonny what he’s going to do about Peter, who she wants dead. Sonny tells her that Peter needs to be kept alive because he may be the one person to lead them to Louise. Maxie swears he doesn’t know where Louise is and asks him to focus on what Peter’s done to Drew, Liz, and Jason. Sonny thinks about Peter’s threats to reveal the truth about him and Nina should anything happen to him. Maxie warns Sonny that Peter takes from people, and God forbid Sonny has the next thing Peter has sets his sights on. She walks off.

Maxie wants Peter dead GH

Maxie stops in to see Britt and details her visit to Peter. Britt asks why she’d go see him. Maxie wanted to prove to Peter that she wasn’t scared of him, but he’s found new ways to obsess over her. Maxie comments, “It’s just a matter of time now for Peter.” Britt wonders what she is planning. Maxie says nothing and invites her to her place to get wine hammered. Nina stops by to see Britt, and Maxie takes the opportunity to also invite Nina to join their “Peter free world – coming soon” party.

Britt is in trouble Nina GH

Selina visits Sonny in his restaurant office where he asks a favor of her. He hands her a photo of Peter and asks if she could make him disappear for good. He admits he’d be the number one suspect right now if anything should happen to him. Selina says it will cost him. She asks Sonny to use his sway to get Brad a favorable result at his parole hearing. Sonny reminds her of what Brad did to his family. Selina assures him that Brad’s involvement with his family is in the past. Sonny agrees to have his man on the board vote for Brad, but she worries a single vote won’t be enough with Michael on the warpath. Sonny won’t stop Michael from speaking out at the hearing but will do all he can for Brad. Selina agrees to help Sonny with his problem and knows this will likely put him at odds with Michael. Sonny can deal with Michael but feels his family is best served with Peter taken care of. However, he reminds Selina if Brad goes free and he goes near his grandson then there will be hell to pay.

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In the living room at Wyndemere, Nikolas tries to convince Ava to retreat to their bedroom for the night. Ava can’t stop worrying about Victor and wishes Nikolas had never gotten involved with him. Nikolas swears he didn’t ask his uncle to go so far with Hayden and Naomi.

Ava needs the truth from Nikolas

Ava fears Victor will hold what he knows about Nikolas over his head, and if there is anything left to tell her, to do so now. Nikolas confesses that Shawn didn’t shoot Hayden. Ava already knows he hired the person to shoot Hayden, saying she figured it out weeks ago, and Victor all but confirmed it tonight. She says there can be no more secrets between them, and they passionately kiss. They moved to the couch and make love.

Nikolas and Ava discuss lies GH

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At the witness protection cabin, Laura runs a bath and talks to Kevin on the phone when she hears a commotion outside the door. In the living room, the assassin tries to strangle Martin. The guard outside attempts to get in, but the door is locked. Suddenly Laura appears holding a toilet plunger and knocks the woman out.

Woman strangles Martin GH

The guard breaks in, and Laura tells him to call 911. Martin comes too, and the guard cuffs the woman. Laura tries to get her to cough up that she’s working with Cyrus, but the killer-for-hire won’t speak without her lawyer. She’s taken away, and the paramedic looks over Martin. He’s okay and decides to take his own nice hot soak before they are moved to a new location. Laura feels there is another option. Laura says the FBI confirmed that Cyrus was only able to hire one assassin, and they’ve been caught. Laura needs to get back to her family and community and says it’s time for them to stand their ground and face their enemy. Laura promises to take care of Cyrus and protect Martin in the process.

Laura confronts killer lady GH

On the next General Hospital: Anna offers something to Peter. Britt asks Nina if she wants to go down that road. Willow confronts Brook Lynn. And Chase hopes he and Michael can get back to a good place.

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