Sonny threatens Peter at PCPD General Hospital
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Peter is surprised when Sonny is allowed to visit him in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Sonny says killing Jason threw all the rules out the window. Everyone wants to see him pay and it looks like he’s going to do the honors. Looking nonchalant, Peter is dismissive of these threats and warns Sonny that if he kills him, his secret will come out. He claims that he recorded him kissing Nina and has it locked in a thumbdrive to be opened when he dies.

Peter is confronted by Sonny at PCPD General Hospital

Sonny says this is bigger than what happened in Nixon Falls. He’s going to make him wait and wonder when he will die. Peter becomes furious when Sonny tells him he’ll never know if his baby is dead or alive. Wherever she is, she’s better off without him. Sonny gloats about how he will be spending his time with his children while Peter begs for his life. August doesn’t think that Sonny, of all people, is qualified to judge him. Corinthos says he will smile when he learns he’s dead. Telling him to enjoy what’s left of his life, he walks out.

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The hitwoman returns outside of the safe house. The FBI guard has been convinced that she’s just the replacement cleaner.

Laura worries to Martin about Port Charles at safe house General Hospital

In the safe house, Martin and Laura bicker about her desire to return to Port Charles. He reminds her they are stuck there and need to make the most of it. He even has a surprise for her for later. He looks out the door to offer the agent a piece of hummingbird cake. The agent reminds him he has to stay inside. The hitwoman glares at Martin.

When Martin returns to his sister, they talk about his failed marriages. He thinks they had something to do with his over-attachment to his mother. When he puts on a holiday movie, Christina Comes Home for Christmas, she insists he turn it off. She admits she watches it every year but it reminds her too much of home and everything she is missing. Her brother suggests it could be cathartic but she can’t take it anymore. When she gets up to head for the door, he begs her to do the responsible thing and sit tight. It won’t do any good if she gets herself killed. She’s sorry she freaked out. They hug and she agrees to have cognac and a long bath.

When Laura heads to the bathroom, the hitwoman comes in with the laundry. As the lawyer settles on the couch, she pulls a rope out and starts strangling him.

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Brando and Sasha ask Michael to be godparent General Hospital

At General Hospital, Michael quietly peeks into Sasha’s room. Brando gets up and joins him in the doorway. Sasha quickly comes over and looks forward to the future when their children can play together. He’s thrilled when they ask him to be a godparent.

Gladys and Carly discuss Liam in NICU General Hospital

Carly joins Gladys in the NICU and gives her a hug. As Gladys blows her nose, she complains that Liam is not a very rugged name, like Brando. She offered names but they didn’t listen. As she sucks on mints, she adds she’ll just call him Mike. Carly says there will be lots of people to love that little boy. Gladys hopes his first word is grandma. She was so young when she had Brando that she missed a lot. Looking back, she can’t believe she told everyone he was dead when he turned to drugs and worries this could be punishment. Sasha and Brando interrupt. Gladys tells them how gorgeous their baby is.

After Carly leaves them alone, Brando explains what went wrong during labor. Sasha sobs. She tells Gladys that she was a great mom to Brando. Gladys hopes she can make up for her mistakes and promises to be around to help. Her son explains they are still waiting for Liam’s prognosis before they can take him home.

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Willow confronts Nina about what she heard in General Hospital

Willow and Nina duck into an office. Willow wishes she hadn’t heard a single word of what passed between Sonny and Nina in the chapel. Nina suggests she misunderstood or is taking it out of context. She insists that she and Sonny just had a friendship. Willow heard enough to know they were in love. “Are you and Sonny having an affair?” she asks. Nina explains it never went that far. It was pure love. That doesn’t matter though. Sonny didn’t fall for her, “Mike” did. She fought it but failed. Nina rehashes how she tried to stop it but “Mike” was so happy. Willow knows why she hasn’t told Carly but wonders why Sonny hasn’t.

Nina asks Willow what she will do at General Hospital

“Are you going to tell Michael and Carly?” Nina asks. She knows there is no excuse for what she did, but there’s no point in compounding the hurt when the relationship is over. “You mean, why make it worse for you?” Willow asks. Nina keeps begging her to be quiet. Willow doesn’t know what she’s going to do and walks out.

Down the hall, Carly tells Michael she’s sure this situation is bringing back horrible memories of Jonah. As they head for the elevators, Willow steps off and Michael tells her Sasha and Brando have a long night ahead of them. Carly wonders where Willow disappeared to. Spotting them, Nina ducks around the corner, out of sight. Michael tells Willow they have been asked to be godparents. She’s happy to do it. Carly tells them how important family is.

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Maxie and Austin discuss threat of Peter at General Hospital

Maxie drops by Austin’s office. He wonders if they are friends again. She tells him she’s worried Peter thinks they are more than friends. The doctor fills her in about his run in with Peter and jabbing him repeatedly with a needle. Peter mewled at him like a cornered kitty cat. Maxie nearly laughs. She explains that she paid Peter a visit to make it clear she has nothing but contempt for him. He tells her that August has a heightened way of talking and really seems convinced Maxie is his future.

Austin and Maxie make up at General Hospital

She warns that Peter sees him as a rival. He jokingly assures her that someone will probably kill Peter before he can come after him. Besides, he offered to be Peter’s physician so he can keep an eye on him for her. The doctor apologizes for being so harsh about BLQ and asks if they can be friends. “Sure,” she says.

Maxie bumps into Sonny in the hall and flatly asks if he’s going to kill Peter. Which would make sense and all… except that we recently got a big, big hint that someone else was going to do the deed. Who? Find out here and see if you don’t think [Spoiler] might just do it.

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