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In the Corinthos kitchen, Carly and Sonny continue to mourn Jason. Sonny tries to focus on Donna, and Carly knows if it weren’t for Avery and Donna then she wouldn’t have been able to get out of bed this morning. Sonny fills Carly in on his call from Cyrus, who knows Jason is gone. Carly believes Cyrus is the reason Laura and Martin are both out of town and possibly in witness protection. She asks Sonny what he will do about it. They are interrupted when Drew enters for a visit. Carly pulls him into a hug, and Sonny introduces Donna to her Uncle Drew.

Sonny holds Donna GH

Drew knows he must be a reminder of what they’ve lost, but Carly tells him not to say that. Sonny knows what Drew’s done for them and they are grateful he’s alive. Drew tells them how Jason was the one who saved him from Peter’s programming, and in the end, lost his life saving him. Sonny says Jason valued the lives of others that he cared about more than his own. Drew worries that Peter could still flip a switch in his head. He reveals that Peter wanted him to kidnap Maxie, and worries Maxie could be in danger because of him. Sonny and Carly offer him all the help he needs.

Sonny asks what he plans on doing next. Drew just wants to focus on getting to know his daughter again. Drew heads out, and Carly feels they need to get to the hospital to support Brando and Sasha.

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Sam checks in with Alexis at her home. Alexis fills her in on the Thanksgiving drama and revelations, and asks her daughter why she missed the festivities? Sam says she has news, a lot of news. Alexis is shocked to learn Drew is alive. Sam tells her mother that Jason, along with Britt and her mother, were the ones to save Drew. However, Jason died in the process. Alexis hates that she had to deal with this news alone. Sam tells her mom that she wasn’t alone, that Dante was with her. Alexis knows she loved Drew and Jason, and she can’t imagine how confusing this is for her. Sam isn’t confused. She says she’s thrilled Drew is alive, devastated that Jason is dead, but she’s realized she is ready to move on. She is happy and asks her mom how she is. Alexis is happy to be out of prison.

Sam asks Alexis questions.

Sam feels her mom needs something else in her life and knowing her mother is a meddler and fights for what is right gives her an idea. Sam says Curtis opening a nightclub has left her a partner down, and suggests her mom join her at her PI firm. Sam points out Alexis’ knowledge of the legal system could be of great help. Sam tells her mom to take her time in considering, but thinks it will be a great second act for her.

Alexis Sam chat about Dante GH

In the shower, Dante thinks about the night before with Sam. He gets a call and steps out to see it’s from Olivia.

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Chase arrives at the Quartermaine house and tells Brook Lynn that he’s been suspended. Brook Lynn says what he’s doing is the work of a hero and people will eventually realize that. Maxie enters and admits the more she thinks about what Chase did, the less she likes it. She insists they need to undo this mess and get Valentin back on their side. Maxie feels they don’t stand a chance against Peter, and only Valentin can take Peter down like the animal he is. Brook Lynn believes Bailey is much safer with Chase pretending to be his father. Maxie reminds them that Peter poisoned Chase, and he will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Maxie BLQ and Chase talk

Maxie warns them not to underestimate Peter. She fears everything that led Chase to the truth will lead Peter to it, especially when he learns Valentin isn’t Bailey’s father. Maxie’s further shocked when BLQ and Chase reveal Chase has been suspended, and she points out that leaves Chase without a badge, gun, or backup. Maxie excuses herself for a minute, and Chase worries to Brook Lynn that a lot of what Maxie said is true.

Maxie worried about the plan GH

In the kitchen, Dante checks in with his mother. She tells him that he’ll never believe who showed up on Thanksgiving. Dante already knows about Drew as well as Jason. Olivia asks how he learned about this? Dante reveals he spent the day with Sam and her kids. He tells her about their day watching the parade when Drew showed up with the news. Dante decided to stay with Sam to help her deal with everything. Olivia thinks it sounds like things are getting serious between them. Dante must head to work, and Olivia asks him to check in on his dad.

Olivia questions Dante about Sam GH

At General Hospital, Anna runs into Valentin in the hall after learning he checked himself out. He came back after bursting some of his stitches. They head into a private room, and Anna notices the bruise on his face. Valentin tells Anna about Brook Lynn’s lie regarding Bailey, and that Chase is her father. He’s taken back his ELQ shares from Brook Lynn and got Chase suspended from the force by antagonizing him into throwing a punch his way. Anna wonders when he’s going to deal with the emotional trauma of losing a child. He says he’ll deal with that after he makes sure Brook Lynn and Chase get what’s coming to them. Anna points out that he isn’t that man he is anymore, but he says it is. Valentin feels if he has to hurt then Brook Lynn will hurt too.

After comforting Valentin, Anna asks about Charlotte. Valentin doesn’t know how to tell her about Bailey. He also knows when he says goodbye to Bailey that it will all become real for him.

Valentin wants BLQ to hurt GH

In her room, Sasha dreams of her son, while in the hall, Nina checks in with Brando. He says their boy is hanging in there, and Sasha has been moved out of ICU. Suddenly there is a crash from within Sasha’s room. They run in and find her on the floor having tried to get out of bed. She insists she sees her baby because she hears him crying in her head. Brando says he’ll find the doctor, but Amy enters and reveals she’s in surgery and will be for some time. Unfortunately, she’s the only one who can sign off on Sasha being allowed to travel to the NICU. Amy leaves, and Brando promises to get Sasha to see their son with Nina’s help.

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At the nurses’ station, Amy gets an unusual call from a room and goes to check on it. When Brando sees her rush off, he wheels Sasha out of her room. In an unused room, Amy asks Nina why she pushed a call button. Nina claims she’s researching an article on how long it takes nurses to respond, and she did a wonderful job. Amy needs to get back to the nurses’ station, but Nina stalls her by saying she wants to do an interview and to talk about an entire photoshoot featuring her.

Nina stalls Amy GH

Back in the hallway, a woman finds Brando wheeling Sasha away and orders them to stop. The woman recognizes her as the face of Deception and asks for a selfie. Sasha agrees and they quickly snap the photo. Brando then rushes her off.

Sasha and Brando suit up in the NICU, and Brando tells Sasha that he needs to prepare her. He explains their baby is hooked up to a lot of equipment. She is ready to see him, so he takes her in.

Brando prepares Sasha GH

Sasha cries when she sees their son and reaches into the incubator to touch him. She tells him that she loves him so much and that they need to give him a name that says exactly who he is. Brando found a name that means strong-willed warrior, which is Liam. They name their boy Liam Michael and promise to give him the best life.

Brando takes Sasha back to her room, and they tell Nina everything went well. Nina heads out to check in with her office. In the hall, she runs into Sonny and Carly.

Drew returns to the Quartermaine house and Maxie runs into him and smiles. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn worries to Chase about what else Valentin might do. Suddenly, Valentin appears at the door.

On the next General Hospital: Peter issues threats from his hospital bed. Valentin cries to Anna that Brook Lynn won’t let him see Bailey. Carly lashes out at Nina and says she knows nothing about her and Jason.

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