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Esme and Spencer thank Alexis for having them to dinner at her place. She just ordered from Noodle Buddha. The teens take the plates to the kitchen. Alexis admits to Shawn that she does not trust Spencer’s girlfriend. Hearing Valentin on the porch, Alexis goes out to see him. She leads him in, much to Spencer’s chagrin. She attempts to calm them down. Spencer goes off on Valentin not even being a real Cassadine. Ava and Nikolas show up with pie. They thought she’d be alone. After seeing all the guests, Nikolas suspects Thanksgiving at Wyndemere might be a better idea. Spencer certainly thinks so.

Ava and Nikolas are at Alexis' with pie General Hospital

As they clear up following dessert, Ava points out to Alexis that it has been a year since they last saw Julian. Alexis reminds her that things didn’t end well between them. When the doorbell rings again, Alexis jokes that it must be Satan. She’s shocked to open the door and see Victor there. He barges in. Spencer is stunned to see his uncle is alive. Alexis demands to know how long Nikolas has known about this. As Victor slaps Valentin on the back, Valentin reluctantly admits that Victor is his father. This makes him a hundred percent Cassadine. Spencer refuses to accept it. Bickering erupts until Victor whistles and orders them to stop feuding. He insists that things in the family are going to change starting today. Alexis says he’s not going to be the one to patch the family back together. Victor is adamant that the family can be stronger with a united front against what’s coming after them.

Valentin Victor make announcent at Alexis' General Hospital

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At the penthouse, Sam and Dante make out in front of the fire. He worries that he’s overstepping but it’s what she wants. She leads him up the stairs.

Sam and Dante head to bed at penthouse General Hospital

Once they have sex, she says that was a long time coming. He says it felt like the right thing to do. Sam thinks such a big step had to be just about the two of them. His phone starts ringing. After he silences it, he asks if she wants him to take off. The cop doesn’t want to be presumptuous and the kids might ask questions in the morning. She suggests they set the alarm early so he can sneak out. Sam assures him she wants him to stay because she wants to be with him. After he falls asleep, he wakes up and finds her staring out the window.

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Olivia and Ned discuss their future at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Olivia and Ned mull over what Valentin will do now that he’s in a position to take back control of ELQ. She surprises him by saying that staying ahead of this is the right move. Liv can see his head is back on his shoulders and she feels like she can trust his intentions again. He wonders if that includes their relationship. She tells him that she has hope and she wants him in Leo’s life.

Drew and Monica discuss his life plans at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

In the foyer, Monica asks Drew if he’s seen Sam, sure that he’s anxious to get back to his old life. He admits that thinking about Sam helped him through two years in captivity but he can’t expect to charge back into her life. He doesn’t even know what a life in Port Charles looks like. She assures him his place is with his family. Drew says she’s always been incredibly kind to him. They discuss her re-decorating the place. She admits it was hard to take down all the family photos from the mantle. He holds her as she misses Jason. Putting up drawings by Wiley has given her a new sense of family.

Monica and Drew walk in on Liv and Ned hugging. She tells Drew she will have the staff get a room ready for him. Ned welcomes him back home and says his return is nothing short of a miracle. However, he warns that he will be targeted by Valentin at ELQ.

Mac questions Chase about Valentin General Hospital

Chase approaches Brook Lynn outside and wonders what’s wrong. She’s feeling overwhelmed trying to process everything Drew just told them. It puts all their personal drama in perspective. Not everyone is as lucky as they are. The detective suspects that she’s hurting and points out that when Bailey eventually goes back to Maxie, it will hurt her even more. BLQ doubles down that she’s doing the right thing keeping the child from Peter. As they join hands, Mac shows up with questions to ask about Valentin. BLQ jumps in to ask if she is being charged with fraud. He’s confused and explains that Valentin has lodged a complaint about being assaulted by the detective.

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Later, Chase goes inside and informs BLQ that Mac has suspended him from the force for six months.

Britt blames herself for Jason's death General Hospital

Britt startles Carly on the footbridge. She didn’t expect to find her there and doesn’t even know why she’s there. Carly is surprised she even knows about this place. She explains that the original bridge wasn’t safe and had to be torn down but it was rebuilt thanks to a donation from Jason. Britt thought that coming there would make her feel close to Jason again. Carly explains that Jason has always been her other half. The doctor admits he used to talk about her a lot and offers to leave her alone. She reminds Carly that she said Jason would still be alive if they had never crossed paths. Britt assures her that she blames and hates herself too. Carly knows that Jason would want her to forgive Britt, but those generous thoughts don’t come naturally to her. Britt stands with her and they weep together.

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Sonny declares war on Cyrus at Corinthos compound General Hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Sonny gets off the phone from Cyrus’ surprise call and hurls it on the floor, declaring that if Renault wants a war, he’ll get one. He calls Spinelli over and asks him to figure out what’s going on with Cyrus. It’s quickly obvious that Spin doesn’t know what happened in Greece. Spinelli goes into denial when he’s told that there is no sign Jason is alive. Sonny says that Jason knew the risks. In their line of work, you can’t always expect to come home. Tearfully, Spinelli admits he never thought the work would catch up with Jason. They hug. Sonny promises he is only a phone call away if he needs anything. Spinelli is glad that things got sorted out between Sonny, Jason, and Carly before they lost him.

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