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Chase gets out of the shower to answer a call from Brook Lynn. She’s eager to see him, worried that her father’s head will explode when he learns that the cop is supposedly Bailey’s father. The cop needs to talk to his brother first but will be there soon. Talking to the mirror, he rehearses how he will tell Finn that he has a surprise niece.

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Olivia corners Austin at General Hospital

At General Hospital, Finn and Austin chat with TJ about what he plans to do next. Marshall watches them from the stairs. TJ invites Austin to spend the holiday with him and Curtis. Olivia breezes in, eager to speak to Austin. He won’t talk to anyone in her family and strides off. She chases after. She admits she was wrong about him and his motives. If he hadn’t tipped them off, they might never have saved Leo when he ran to the docks. She’s committed to getting her son all the support he needs and she hopes the doctor will forgive her for her accusations. To make it up to him, she invites him to dinner. He turns her down. He’s not forgiving anyone in her family for what they’ve done to him or his father. When she asks him to let his problems with Brook Lynn go, he offers to try.

Finn and Chase talk baby in his office at General Hospital

Chase stops by his brother’s office. He tells Finn that he can’t come to Thanksgiving dinner because something has come up. He’s vague until his brother pushes for an answer. The detective blurts out he has to spend the day with the mother of his child. Chase says it’s Brook Lynn. She was lying and he was angry but they’ve been working things out. This is a lot for the doctor to take in but he’s happy for him and gives him a hug. Chase asks him not to mention this to anyone yet. His brother warns him to watch his back with the Quartermaines. Finn is sure he will be an amazing father and assumes he’s felt a connection to Bailey all along. The cop rushes out.

Finn walks down the hall and bumps into Austin, who tells him how much he’s looking forward to payback.

Marshall chats with TJ at General Hospital

At the nurses’ station, Marshall corners TJ, who remembers him from the time he ran off. Marshall wants to speak to him in private but TJ isn’t comfortable with that. Marshall pleads for a chance to explain.

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Curtis tells Portia about Marshall at The Savoy General Hospital

Portia drops in on Curtis at The Savoy. He’s been staring at the photo Marshall gave him and is distracted. She asks if he’s still coming to Thanksgiving dinner and realizes something is wrong. He’s not ready to explain what’s happened. The doctor won’t push him and hopes he works through whatever is going on. Before she can leave, he asks her to stay and unpacks his talk with the mystery man. “He claimed he was my father,” he explains, handing her the photo. She recognizes him as the man she and TJ met. Marshall claimed that he stayed away because it wasn’t safe. All of this has dredged up feelings that Curtis never processed until now. He doesn’t want a relationship with Marshall either way and thinks that should be the end of it. She’s sure he must have questions and there is more to this story. Curtis can’t just let him swoop back in after making him suffer his loss. She reminds him that he could dig into this to get confirmation he is who he claims to be. He can’t tell Stella about this given her condition, but he should give TJ a heads up. The doctor promises to be there for whatever she needs. He’s not sure he will make it to dinner tonight, but he’s sure she’s a blessing.

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Sam and Dante discuss their relationship at her penthouse General Hospital

Dante is at Sam’s penthouse with the kids. They watch the parade from the balcony. They head inside and send the children upstairs to watch an old Christmas movie. Sam and Dante prepare snacks for them and talk about how the kids seem to be getting along. They both know their children are missing the parents that are absent. She wonders if he’s up to Thanksgiving with her mom. He’s fine with her mom, but asks if she’s ready to go public about them with their families. They discuss Monica and how fortunate it is she didn’t learn Drew was alive since he’s now presumed dead. She hopes Jason will make it back in time for Christmas. They make holiday plans. It all sounds good to her. Their families are blending well together. Even Olivia approves of her. He fills her in on what’s been happening with Leo. She knows how hard that can be given the disorder her brother had. Dante tells her she’s a strong, beautiful woman who can think on her feet and he’s grateful for her. She’s grateful that he’s so open. They kiss until Scout interrupts to say the boys changed the video. Dante goes upstairs with her. Sam is startled when Drew shows up at the door.

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BLQ and Ned discuss Bailey at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Ned tells his daughter that he and Olivia are finally on the same page about Leo. That doesn’t make what his daughter did to Austin okay. Ned admits that he was relieved to see Valentin and Charlotte move out, but after talking to Yuri, he has some questions. Whatever is going on with her, he wants to help. “Valentin isn’t Bailey’s father,” BLQ announces. The good news is she and the father are friends and he’ll like him more than Valentin. It’s Chase. Ned isn’t impressed she used her child to get the ELQ shares back and kept the detective from his daughter. He blames himself for putting too much pressure on her. BLQ takes responsibility. “At least I have my beautiful granddaughter. That won’t change,” Ned says to reassure himself. They’re sure Valentin is going to be out for a fight. Getting in a huff, he blames Chase for this mess and assumes he must have not wanted to know the truth. She repeats that this is not Chase’s fault. The detective arrives at the door with a smile but that drops when he sees Ned’s face.

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