Brando and Sasha's son fights for his life GH
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At General Hospital, Sasha demands to be taken to see her son in the NICU. Outside the room, Gladys listens in as the doctor tells Sasha and Brando that Sasha needs to be rested and healed so she can be prepared for when she sees their son. Liz catches Gladys outside and tells her that she can go in given she’s family. However, Gladys doesn’t want to intrude because things are tense enough.

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Liz enters the room and updates Sasha and Brando on their baby being on antibiotics, in a ventilator, and that they are using a warming blanket to bring up his temperature. Dr. Navarro explains due to their baby being deprived of oxygen for so long that their son could be facing disabilities, brain damage, and even death. They will know more when the neonatal doctor looks over him. Liz tells Sasha these are the worst-case scenarios, and to think positive. Sasha blames herself, but Dr. Navarro says there was nothing she could have done to have prevented this. Dr. Navarro tells Sasha if she is better tomorrow she’ll authorize her to see her baby.

Brando supports Sasha GH

Later, Sasha feels helpless and tells Brando that she wants to hold their son so badly. She asks Brando to go be with their boy given she can’t. He’s reluctant to leave her side, but she begs him to go tell their baby that she loves him.

Sasha worried for baby GH

At the nurses’ station, Valentin demands Epiphany discharge him. She storms off to get the papers he needs to sign absolving the hospital of any guilt for going against medical advice. A concerned Nina approaches him. He pulls her into an embrace, and she asks why he is in a hurry to leave. In tears, Valentin reveals he has to move out of the Quartermaine mansion and hug his daughter for the last time. Nina assumes he’s sending Charlotte to boarding school, but he tells her that he’s discovered Bailey isn’t his child. He reveals Brook Lynn lied all for his shares of ELQ. Nina thinks there must be another explanation, and perhaps the biological father isn’t a good guy. Valentin says it’s Detective Chase, both he and Brook Lynn confirmed it. He feels this is karma for what he did to Nina, and she has every right to gloat.

Nina comforts valentin over bailey GH

Nina isn’t about to kick him while he’s down, and has moved past what happened he and Sasha did. She is no one to judge given her own mistakes lately. Valentin thanks her for forgiving him, had no idea how much it hurt her to lose Sasha until that moment. Nina hopes one day he can find it in her heart to forgive Brook Lynn the way she’s forgiven him. Valentin realizes he hasn’t had time to catch up with her since she returned. Nina tells him about Sasha’s predicament. He feels bad he’s making everything about him and urges her to go be with Sasha. Nina advises him to try and take the high road with BLQ as she did with him and Sasha. Epiphany returns, slams down the papers in front of Valentin and hopes she processed them fast enough for him.

Valentin tells Nina about Bailey GH

Elsewhere, Maxie calls Anna and fills her in on hearing from Peter. Anna assures her that they have Peter in custody, and he’s being transferred to Port Charles to stand trial. Maxie asks if it is over, but Anna tells her it’s not. Maxie asks about Obrecht and Britt, and Anna tells her they are fine. She thanks Anna for bringing Peter to justice and asks her to thank Britt and Jason too. After the call, Maxie texts BLQ to talk.

Maxie gets a call from Anna

In the hospital chapel, BLQ and Chase try and figure out their next move. Brook Lynn worries Chase not only just made an enemy of Valentin, but if the truth comes out, he’ll have to add Peter to that list. She asks if he’s going to be able to lie to everyone in his life in order to keep Bailey safe. BLQ receives Maxie’s text and says it’s not too late to explain everything to Valentin and hope he helps them.

Chase keeps BLQ's secret

In the hall, Carly meets with Sonny after getting his message about Sasha and the baby. She asks how he knew Sasha was there. Maxie walks by, and Carly asks her about Sasha. Maxie gives them a quick update, gets a text, and walks off. They both think this is bringing up bad memories of Louise for her. Carly tells Sonny they didn’t finish their conversation early about Nina. She tells him how hurt she was when he revealed that Nina was his friend. Sonny claims he didn’t exactly say that, and again wants to just move forward with their life. He reiterates that he’d like her to try and not retaliate against Nina and make things worse than they already are. She agrees to try her best.

Carly insists they settle the nina issue GH

Sonny and Carly bump into Gladys and congratulate her on becoming a grandmother. When they see she’s troubled, they ask if everything is okay. Gladys cries that Sasha is recovering, but her grandson is fighting for his life. Sonny is sympathetic, which Gladys knows she doesn’t deserve. He tells her family is family. Brando walks by, and Gladys embraces her son. He’s on the way to the NICU to see his baby. Realizing he hasn’t eaten, Carly tells Brando she’ll get him some food and takes Gladys with her.

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Alone, Brando admits to Sonny that he’s scared. Sonny assures him that once he sees that little boy that his love for his son will take care of everything. Brando walks off, and Nina runs into Sonny. She walks by him and heads to the nurses’ station to ask Liz about Sasha. Liz can’t provide confidential information but reveals she’s recovering in the ICU. Nina begs to see Sasha because they were family once. Liz offers to see what she can do.

Down in the NICU, Epiphany helps Brando suit up to meet his son, and urges him to touch and talk to him. Brando goes to see the baby and tells him he’s there for him. He reaches in and touches his boy and says he and his mom and love him more than anything.

Liz checks on Sasha and asks if she’s up for a visitor. Liz says it’s not family, but she can look the other way. Nina peers in and Sasha tears up. Nina rushes to her side to comfort her.

Gladys and Carly return later with food for Brando. They think they should check in on Sasha, but Sonny stops them knowing Nina is in there with her. He suggests Carly give Gladys tips on being a grandma.

Maxie meets with BLQ in the chapel and sees Chase there. Brook Lynn tells her that Chase knows everything and has agreed to help them protect Bailey, even claiming to Valentin that he is her father. Maxie relays the news from Anna about Peter, and Chase thinks this means they can reveal the truth about Bailey. Maxie refuses because with Peter back in town soon it won’t be safe, and they must continue to pretend to be her daughter’s parents. They agree. Maxie thanks Brook Lynn and Chase for what they are doing for her and her daughter, especially given what is going on with Sasha. Chase asks about Sasha, and Maxie relays the news. BLQ feels Sasha’s predicament puts everything in perspective and keeping Bailey safe is the right thing. Maxie departs to get another update on Sasha, and BLQ tells Chase it’s probably time they face her family. She knows this is going to be one hell of a Thanksgiving.

BLQ and Chase discuss the secret GH

Maxie bumps into Valentin as he’s signing his discharge papers. She tells him that Peter called her and promised to be seeing her soon. Valentin assures her Anna won’t let that happen. Maxie’s unsure as Peter has escaped justice so far. Valentin feels that is over, and hopefully, Peter can provide answers that will lead them to Louise.

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In Greece, Obrecht looks over both Drew and Britt to make sure they are okay. Anna informs them that the team has arrived to search the tunnels. Britt and Drew want to help, but Anna says they need to leave it to the team. Anna asks what happened down in the tunnels, and Obrecht and the others give her an overview of the events of the past couple of days. Drew explains he was conditioned by Peter to do God knows what. Anna realizes one of Drew’s missions, which he doesn’t remember but sustained a gunshot wound durring, was to try and assassinate her.

Obrecht checks in on Britt and asks how she’s handling not knowing if Jason is dead or alive. Britt cries that Jason was only there to help her, and if he dies, she doesn’t know how to live with that.

Obrecht upset for Britt GH

Later, Anna gets news from the search team, and she the man in charge to run more scans. She then gives Britt, Drew and Obrecht the news that the scan for life in the tunnels has shown nothing, no heartbeats or any signs of brain activity. She’s so sorry.

Anna confronts Peter GH

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