Peter and Jason exchange gunfire GH
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In the hospital, Liz tracks down Dr. Navarro because she’s worried about Sasha and the baby due to her vitals. The doctor checks on Sasha and decides to do an ultrasound. After the test, the doctor tells Sasha that she needs an emergency c-section due to a placental abruption. As Sasha is taken to the OR, Brando asks the doctor if Sasha’s life is in danger too. She tells him it’s possible, which is why they need to act fast.


In Valentin’s room, he asks Brook Lynn to tell him Bailey is his daughter. She cries that she can’t. She never meant for this to go on for so long, and she thought it would be over before he fell in love with Bailey. Valentin cries he has loved her since the moment he knew she existed, and Bailey is everything to him.

Valentin realizes the truth GH

Brook Lynn tries to explain herself, and that she never intended to hurt him. He seethes with anger, and can’t believe she’d do this to him. She’s not the person he thought she was. She admits she’s a screw-up and selfish, but there is a reason she couldn’t tell him the truth.

Brook Lynn tells truth

In the hallway, Maxie runs into Nina, who came after hearing Sasha was in labor. She sees Maxie is troubled, and Maxie admits her plan to protect Louise is falling apart. They both commiserate over how their secrets have hurt so many lives.

Nina Maxie discuss problems


Maxie and Nina see Sasha rushed off to surgery as Brando appears. Brando is terrified and explains he could lose both Sasha and the baby. Maxie offers to walk with him to the OR.

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Brando is brought into the OR to be with Sasha as the doctor delivers the baby. Dr. Navarro holds up their baby boy so they can see him, but quickly takes him to the side. Brando asks what’s wrong as the baby isn’t crying.

At Sonny’s gym, Michael finds Willow taking out her frustrations on the punching bag. She explains what happened with Nina and Wiley in the park, and Carly almost having Nina arrested. Willow hates what Nina did, but wishes they could coexist for Wiley’s sake. She brings up Thanksgiving and worries about Nina showing up and causing a scene. Michael suggests they go to New York City to get away, see the parade and catch a show. Willow loves the idea.

Michael willow angry

At Charlie’s, Chase continues to think about Brook Lynn’s story about giving birth to Bailey and how it doesn’t make sense. He calls the station and asks for Brook Lynn’s easy pass records on the day she gave birth. Later, Chase runs into Bobbie, who just got off her shift at the hospital and is on her way to meet Carly. As Bobbie orders a coffee, Chase gets a response to his inquiry that BLQ was in Beecher’s Corner.

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Bobbie overhears Chase pondering what BLQ was doing there. She says Beecher’s Corner is a lovely place and she was there around Memorial Day. He asks if she was on vacation? Bobbie explains she sees no reason to keep it a secret any longer and reveals she was supposed to meet Maxie, who had learned the truth about Peter. The plan was for her to help Maxie deliver her baby in secret without Peter knowing. She wasn’t sure what Maxie’s endgame was, only that she was determined to do anything to keep the baby away from Peter. She feels bad because, after everything she did, Maxie still doesn’t have her baby.

Chase questions BLQ story

At the park, Carly asks Sonny to help her understand why he doesn’t want Nina held accountable for what she did. Sonny explains if they destroy Nina then he’d be denying who he’s become. Sonny says he lived another life for nine months, as did she, and he can’t believe that everything can just go back to normal. He feels Mike is still part of him, and for nine months his friendships with Lenny, Phyllis and Nina are what kept him alive and safe. He can’t change the fact that up until a few weeks ago, Nina was the one friend he had in the whole world.

Carly needs answers

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Carly is stunned because this is the first she’s heard Sonny say Nina was his friend. Sonny begins to explain when Bobbie arrives. Sonny decides to leave them and tells Carly that he’ll see her later. Bobbie asks her daughter if everything is okay. Carly admits she doesn’t know. Bobbie asks if things are still awkward because of what happened between her and Jason. Carly reveals they’ve moved past that. Bobbie notes that is good because there is nothing worse than feeling like there is a third person in your marriage.

Carly wants to destroy Nina

Nina goes to Charlie’s looking for Phyllis, only to run into Sonny.

Back at the hospital, as Brook Lynn is about to tell Valentin everything, Chase bursts in. Valentin tells him he’s just in time for BLQ’s latest bomb that he’s not Bailey’s father. Chase says he knows and then claims he’s the girl’s father!

In the tunnels below Cassadine Island, Obrecht thinks Peter has no idea where he’s leading them and points out the tunnel is unstable. Britt tells Peter that her mother’s right and they need to get out of there.

Britt is lost in tunnel

Meanwhile, Drew uses his training to track Peter and the others. He also notes the tunnel is in bad shape and warns Jason that any loud noise or gunshot could bring it down.

Peter and the others remain lost, but he refuses to give up. He insists they will make it to the harbor where Drew will bring him Maxie and he’ll get everything he wants. Drew appears aiming his gun at Peter and says that’s not going to happen. He informs Peter that he’s taking Britt and her mom and killing him will be a bonus. Suddenly Jason enters the scene and shoots Peter in the arm.

Peter trapped in Tunnel

Jason, Drew and the lone guard with Peter exchange gunfire until the guard finally surrenders. Britt hugs Jason as Drew realizes Peter is gone. Obrecht announces they don’t have time to waste looking for Peter because the tunnels are about to collapse. Suddenly Peter reappears and opens fire on them. Drew grabs Britt to protect her as the tunnels collapse and Jason is buried in the rubble.

On the next General Hospital: Robert threatens to shoot someone, Sasha hemorrhages in the OR. Chase tells Brook Lynn that he’ll never forgive her, and Drew, Britt and Obrecht lay unconscious in the tunnels.

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