Valentin realizes the truth GH
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Down in the cellar on Cassadine Island, Jason attempts to break his chains. He glances at the tarot card that can stop Drew as a guard enters and tells him his time is up.

The end of Jason

In the house, Britt assures her mother they will get out of there and she slipped Jason the card to break Drew’s conditioning. However if they get a chance to kill Peter they need to take it, no matter what the cost. Obrecht agrees. Peter checks in and announces they’ll be on their way as soon as his guard confirms Jason is dead.

Britt plots to kill Peter

Back in the cellar, as the guard is about to shoot Jason, he pulls the chains out of the wall and jumps him. Jason puts the guard in a chokehold until he passes out, unlocks himself, and grabs the guard’s gun.

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Upstairs, Jason takes everyone by surprise and shoots one of the guards. As he tells Peter not to move, Drew comes up behind Jason with a gun. Peter relishes giving Drew the order to kill Jason. They fight, and Obrecht grabs a dropped gun and points it at Peter. However, Peter points a gun at Britt and tells Obrecht to drop it.

Peter in trouble GH

Britt begs her mom to shoot, but Obrecht puts the gun down. Peter orders them both out and they leave Jason and Drew, who continue to fight, behind.  Jason finally gets the upper hand and uses the tarot card to break Drew’s trance. When he knows it’s Drew in control again, Jason hands his brother a gun and they go after Peter and the others.

Jason saves Drew GH

Down in the cellar, Peter, Obrecht and Britt make their way, along with a guard, through various passages towards a boat to escape.

At the hospital in Port Charles, Brando sits with Sasha as she continues to have contractions. Liz checks on them, and Brando excuses himself to get Sasha some more ice chips. In the hall, Brando runs into Sonny. They chat about Sasha and becoming a father. Brando returns to Sasha and suggests Mike as their child’s middle name, seeing how Sonny and his dad were always good to him. Sasha loves it.

Sonny and Brando Chat

Sasha wishes the baby would hurry up and get there. Liz suggests taking a walk could speed up labor, so Brando takes her for a stroll. They return when Sasha is hit by another contraction. Concerned, Liz decides to get the doctor when the contractions don’t stop and Sasha’s blood pressure runs high.

Sasha and Brando baby

Gladys drops by to see Valentin, whose phone is ringing. It’s Brook Lynn, and Gladys tells him not to answer it because she’ll just lie to him again.

Gladys tries to tel Val truth

In the hall, Austin asks Maxie if she and Brook Lynn are in trouble. Brook Lynn enters on her phone and leaves a message with Valentin to call her immediately. Maxie goes to BLQ and tells her to keep her voice down and mind their audience. Brook Lynn fills her in on Gladys busting Kip, and she runs off to try and keep Valentin from learning the truth. Austin notes that’s the second time Brook Lynn has scurried off and Gladys was involved. Maxie asks him what exactly he thinks she and Brook Lynn are up to. Austin knows Gladys is holding something over Brook Lynn that it has to do with Valentin, and he has a guess as to what it is. Maxie tells Austin that Brook Lynn is her friend, and as of now, he’s not and to mind his business and stay out of theirs.

Austin has questions for Maxie

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Brook Lynn rushes into Valentin’s room and tells Gladys they need to talk about her requests, but Gladys says she’s done bargaining. Valentin asks Gladys to go, and once alone, he confronts Brook Lynn about why Gladys is blackmailing her. Brook Lynn tries to talk her way out of the situation, but Valentin knows she’s lying and it has to do with Bailey.

Gladys tells Val truth

Valentin holds back tears in disbelief that she would hurt him so badly over some damn stock. Brook Lynn cries it’s not as it seems, and not to listen to Gladys and ruin something that’s working. She laments their family is beautiful and one of the only things she’s done right in her life. Rage fills his face. Valentin says he liked her from the moment he met her and he trusted her. If it was just him it wouldn’t be so bad, but Charlotte has bonded with Bailey. Valentin has to know the truth and says, “Bailey’s not mine is she?”

Brook Lynn caught lying GH

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In the park, Willow takes Wiley aside as Carly snaps at Nina for stalking Wiley and harassing Willow. Willow returns as Nina tries to tell Carly she has it wrong. Willow explains to Carly that Nina wasn’t harassing her and they simply ran into one another. Nina swears it was an accident, but Carly tells Nina the next time she accidentally runs into Wiley to walk away. Nina decides to finish her shopping and walks off. Willow tells Carly that Wiley spotted Nina and ran to her, so she couldn’t let him not say hello as he would have started crying.

Carly upset with Nina

Elsewhere, Nina runs into Sonny. She swears she’s doing everything she can to stay away from him and his family. He asks what happened, so she explains herself and says she’s sorry for causing him and his family more problems. Carly approaches and says Nina’s not sorry, but she will be. Sonny steps in and tells Carly that Nina said it was an accident. Willow, with Wiley, says she’ll be taking Wiley home given his grandparents keep fighting. Carly and Sonny say goodbye to the boy, and Nina apologizes to Willow for putting her in such an awkward position. Nina leaves, and Willow and Wiley also take off. Sonny tells Carly she has to let it go and it was an accidental meeting. Carly doesn’t understand why he is defending Nina.

Nina and Carly face off

On the next General Hospital: Liz tells the doctor something’s wrong with Sasha. Valentin demands Brook Lynn say the words. Carly begs Sonny to help her understand. And armed with a gun, Drew says, “If I kill you it’s just a bonus.”

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