Sasha goes into labor in gallery storage room General Hospital
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Carly wanders into Charlie’s and tells Phyllis how excited Sonny is to have her there. Carly wants them to get to know each other. They chat about her settling in and Carly offers to find her an apartment. Phyllis likes to keep things simple and is staying in the back room. They sit down and chat about Nixon Falls. This soon leads to Carly venting about Nina. Phyllis wonders if all this anger is worth the trouble. It’s hard for Carly to forgive and forget. There’s part of Sonny’s life where he’s a stranger and she can’t stand that.

Willow bumps into Nina in square General Hospital

Wiley and Willow arrive in the square and spot Nina. The kid rushes over to his grandmother. Nina apologetically tries to walk away but Willow invites her to stay. Sidney from playgroup takes Wiley off to see Tom Turkey. Willow tells Nina she agrees with Michael about keeping her away from the child, but didn’t see any point in dragging him away. Nina is grateful for any time she has with him. When Nina apologizes again, Willow says she’s not ready to hear it. As Wiley returns, Nina hugs him just as Carly arrives to see this and fume.

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Ned tells Olivia Leo is missing at gallery General Hospital

At the Jerome Gallery, Ned and BLQ tell Olivia that Leo is gone. Dante arrives and they walk him through the disappearance. Ned says the valet saw Leo leave in a group. After Ava checks the security footage, she says Leo was heading south. Ned has a guess about where he went.


As Brando looks for Sasha, her water breaks in the storage room. Gladys tries to keep her calm. There’s no phone service so she bangs on the door. The contractions kick in. Brando arrives outside and manages to yank the door open, explaining it was wedged shut.

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Ned and Olivia find Leo on the pier. He’s fine, just lying on his stomach. Dante and Brook Lynn join them. Leo explains he was looking for an octopus. Ned tells Olivia that he knew where to look because a book he read on autism said people on the spectrum are attracted to water. Taking Ned’s hand, Olivia asks him home. They have a lot to talk about.

Back at the gallery, Ava lets everyone know that Leo is okay. Spencer tells Esme how happy he is that things went well for Trina tonight. His girlfriend says she wants to be alone with him. As they make out, Trina watches.

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Sonny and Alexis catch up at General Hospital

Alexis runs into Sonny at General Hospital and he welcomes her back. They catch up and he voices his concern about her re-entry into the world. He says that things change for the good and she’s sure to find her way. She’s heard he’s nicer since he got back. He got a clean slate and she wishes she had the same. He admits that he was very happy in Nixon Falls but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to run back when he realized what he’d forgotten. She hopes he doesn’t miss his time in Nixon Falls too much.

Maxie and Austin talk Brook Lynn at General Hospital

Maxie tracks down Austin. She wants to know what she did to make him angry. He assures her he’s not angry. They just disagree about Brook Lynn and Gladys. He doesn’t understand why it’s so important to her that he gets along with BLQ. Maxie explains she may be collateral damage if he doesn’t. Before she can explain, Sasha and Brando arrive and the doctor takes her to her OBGYN.

Brando is with Sasha as she goes into labor at General Hospital

Gladys arrives and her son tells her they need to give Sasha some room. The contractions are getting faster. He hates seeing Sasha in pain. She has an idea of who might have trapped her and Sasha in the storage room.

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Brando joins Sasha in her room. He’s surprised when she tells him Gladys was helpful. Gladys arrives with magazines to keep them distracted. She starts reading gossip columns until they send her away. Brando tells Sasha he read the email and knows they are expecting a son.

Austin and Maxie sit and talk. He asks her to explain why she thinks she could be collateral damage. She asks him to let this go.

Gladys calls Brook Lynn and accuses her of going too far.

On the next General Hospital: Gladys gets to Valentin.

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