Peter reveals big plan
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On Cassadine Island, a guard enters the dungeon and unchains Drew from the wall. As he orders Drew out, Drew reminds Jason he agreed to kill him if necessary to stop him from doing another mission for Peter.

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In the main house, Peter tells Britt that it’s no longer safe for them on the island and they must leave. Peter has Obrecht brought in, and she and Britt embrace. Britt thanks Peter for allowing her to see her mother. Peter wants her to thank him properly by reading a statement he’s written for her and Jason on camera. He hands her a paper and after reading it Britt asks if this is a joke. Peter swears if Jason doesn’t read it word for word as written then he will have Drew kill him. A guard drags Britt off, and Obrecht warns Peter that if anything happens to her daughter then she will kill him. Peter gloats there is nothing she or anyone can do to stop him. Drew is brought in, and Peter demands Obrecht check on Drew and make sure he’s in tip-top shape for his next mission.

Obrecht threatens Peter

Britt is taken down to the dungeon, where she and Jason are forced to read Peter’s script as a guard records them on a phone. Britt reads that she, Jason and her mother are being held hostage by Peter. She says they’ve been treated fairly and will not be hurt as long as Peter’s instructions are followed. Peter wants justice for himself and has a request. Jason takes over reading.

Britt reads hostage letter GH

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At General Hospital, Valentin is furious that Robert cut Victor a deal, but Robert says it was the WSB’s call. Valentin and Anna already know Peter is on Cassadine Island. As they bicker about going to stop Peter, and Anna puts her foot down and says she’s going without either of them. Suddenly Anna receives the video message of Britt and Jason from Peter. In it, Jason tells everyone not to think of coming to find them and that any effort to capture Peter and save them will result in all of their deaths.

Anna receives Peter's video GH

Robert departs to make a call, and Valentin tells Anna he knows that island better than anyone. Anna reminds him that he’s still injured. Valentin implores her to at least take Robert, and he can provide them with information on how to get to the island undetected. Later in the hall, Anna tells Robert that she’s booked their plane tickets to Cassadine Island, and it’s time they end this for good.

Back on the island, Britt hugs Jason and doesn’t want to leave him, and slips him something. He promises her that he’s got this. Back in the house, Peter reveals Drew is going to go to Port Charles and bring Maxie back to him. Once he has her he indicates Obrecht will condition her to realize she belongs with him. A guard needs a word with Peter, so they step out. Drew asks Obrecht if she can really do that to Maxie. Obrecht can and Peter knows this. Outside the guard tells Peter that preparations are underway for their departure, but he’s concerned about the restraints on Jason. Peter informs him that Jason won’t be coming with them. Back in the dungeon, Jason has the tarot card that frees Drew and tries to get out of his chains.

PEter gives Drew new orders GH

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At the Jerome Gallery, Trina is a bundle of nerves, but Cam tells her that she’s got this. Esme finds them together and notes how sweet it is of Cam to support Trina. Trina says that is what friends do. Esme congratulates her on getting ELQ to bankroll the show and says it’s too bad Spencer has no money because he could have footed the bill for others in the future. Trina says Spencer is learning the value of earning his own money, something she knows nothing about.

Olivia arrives with Leo, and Ned is glad to see them. They enjoy the photos together, which Olivia finds spectacular. Ned offers to arrange for her to talk to Joel, which excites her.

Ava Ned and Leo at Exhibit

Elsewhere, Sasha tells Brando that she knows the sex of their baby, which they agreed not to find out. She swears it was an accident and a nurse revealed it in an email while scheduling an appointment. She admits knowing makes it even more real for her and asks if he wants to know. He’s torn, so she says he still has a bit of time to decide.

Gladys confronts Kip, who she knows is a fraud. BLQ spots them together and tries to cover by claiming this is “Paulie’s” side hustle, but Gladys says the jig is up. Gladys tells Brook Lynn this will cost her and demands a share of Deception. Olivia and Ned interrupt, and Olivia asks Brook Lynn to look after Leo for a moment so she can meet Joel. They leave the boy with her, and Gladys again tells Brook Lynn to get her a share of the company or Valentin learns the truth.

Kip is busted GH

Ava and Nikolas congratulate Trina on the exhibit. She’s still nervous about the presentation, but her art professor told her she’s aced the class. Nikolas steps off to take a call, and Ava becomes concerned when she sees his agitation. Later, Nikolas tells Ava that Victor cut a deal and is free. Nikolas doesn’t think his uncle has ratted him out but leaves to find out how Victor convinced the WSB to let him go.

Ava and Nikolas congratulate Trina

Ned and Olivia tell Joel how fantastic his work is. He tells them about his books, which Ned has already purchased. Joel excuses himself to sign some of the books. Alone, Olivia tells Ned how amazing this night, and he, has been.

Joel Sartore GH

Esme finds Spencer and tells him that she just caught Trina and Cam snuggling up to one another. Spencer says Cam is happy with Joss and Trina is just a good friend, who doesn’t resort to playing dirty. Esme responds, “Unlike me.” He explains he just means Trina isn’t wired that way, and suggests they not fight and enjoy this night of good art, free food, and booze. Later, Cam catches Esme alone and thanks her for what she’s done in planning their weekend trip, but he doesn’t want her opinion or advice on his and Joss’ relationship. Esme says, “Fine, whatever!” and walks off.

Elsewhere, Britt scolds Kip for not laying low as she and Maxie told him to. He couldn’t pass this gig up because he claims this is how movie stars have been discovered. When Britt turns her back for a second on Leo, he disappears.

BLQ angry at Kip GH

In the backroom, Gladys tries to make a call to Valentin but has no service. Meanwhile, Sasha excuses herself from Brando to use the ladies’ room, and tells him the email from the nurse is on her phone should he get curious. Sasha stumbles upon Gladys in the backroom. The mom-to-be admits she just needed to step away from the crown to find somewhere to sit quietly for a minute. She sits down and wheezes, and Gladys asks if she’s okay. Sasha explains she can’t seem to get comfortable anymore. BLQ peaks in spots them, and then take off. Gladys vents about BLQ to Sasha, who is holding her baby bump and looks concerned.

Esme, who overhears Trina discussing having to get the flowers and ELQ check from the backroom, tries to ruin her big moment. She sneaks off and puts a doorstop in the backroom door thinking Trina is inside. Back in the room, after Sasha feels better she sayss they should get back to the exhibit. Gladys discovers the door is stuck and bangs on it for help.

Ava gathers everyone to introduce Joel and his work. Joel thanks them all for coming, and Ava calls Trina out to present a gift to Joel. Esme smiles as Trina doesn’t appear, but the smile soon fades as Trina arrives with flowers for Joel. As she speaks about how amazing his work is, BLQ finds Ned and Olivia and tells them that Leo gave her the slip and she can’t find him anywhere. Meanwhile, Brando sneaks a peek at Sasha’s phone and the email.

Trina gives Joel Flowers GH

On the next General Hospital: Trouble erupts at the gallery exhibit.

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