Curtis faces Marshall at The Savoy General Hospital
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At The Savoy, Marshall is perplexed that Curtis has no idea who he is. He explains that he’s the man Curtis has been searching for his whole life. Curtis tries to put together how his canceled music act and Joey Novak being jumped are connected. They go around in circles until Marshall finally announces that he’s his father Marshall Thomas Ashford. In denial, Curtis says he’s dead and orders him out. Marshall knows that it must be hard to fit him into his life, but he’s sure he can recognize him. This is unacceptable to Curtis, but Marshall remembers too much to be lying. Curtis insists there is no justification for him leaving him and his brother. He caused him a lifetime of instability. His father is sorry he sprung this on him. It wasn’t safe before. If they can take things a step at a time, he’s sure Curtis will come to understand. His son orders him out. Before he exits, Marshall leaves an old family photo on the table. Alone, Curtis picks it up and cries.

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Chase confronts BLQ at Kelly's General Hospital

Outside of Kelly’s, Brook Lynn bickers with Chase and tries to deflect as he asks her exactly what happened the night Bailey was born. She complains it’s cold so they head inside.

Brook Lynn reminds him that she and Valentin were not on the best terms when she was giving birth. She was afraid he would take control and not honor their agreement. The detective grills her and she gives him her story. He thinks her story is “too good.” She doesn’t like being interrogated but he still has questions about what happened the night Maxie’s daughter was abducted.

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Sasha invites Gladys to the opening at General Hospital

Brando and Sasha bump into Gladys at General Hospital. She starts complaining about how her boss is piling on the work and giving her a headache. This continues until Sasha invites her to the opening at the Jerome Gallery.

Valentin, Robert, and Anna debate what to do with Victor. Scorpio says the WSB will do what they want regardless.

Valentin threatens a guard at General Hospital

Valentin heads down the hall to question the guard from the Cassadine compound. When he refuses to talk, Valentin pulls out a syringe full of air and threatens to kill him. Anna rushes in before he can. The guard starts talking, but when he refuses to say much without six figures in return, Anna jams a syringe into his arm. He freaks out and tells them Peter is on Cassadine Island. Anna reveals there was nothing in the syringe.

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Scott visits Victor in the cells General Hospital

Victor is surprised when Scott shows up in the cells. The lawyer wants his help finding Obrecht. After they spar over the crash and their feelings for Liesl, Scott insists the Cassadine needs him if he wants to get out of that cell. Robert arrives and tries to get rid of Scott. Victor explains he’s his attorney. Scott threatens to give a press conference to announce how the WSB messed up with Peter and Victor knows plenty of dirt on the organization from his time as their director. Victor tells the DA that if he wants to get Peter, he needs to get him released. Once Robert exits, the door is opened for Victor and he strides out, leaving Scott behind.

Robert returns to General Hospital and informs Anna and Valentin he has a lead on where Peter is.

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Cam, Trina, Esme and Spencer at Jerome Gallery General Hospital

Cam and Trina arrive at the Jerome Gallery. Portia buzzes around them and they talk about how great the exhibition is. Mother and daughter discuss Spencer and the doctor warns her not to waste herself on him. After Portia walks off, Esme and Spencer come over to congratulate Trina. She drops some hints that Cam and Trina are more than friends. Trina and Cam get defensive.

Portia chats with Nikolas and Ava. They discuss his son and she hopes that he will change enough to set a good example for his father. After she steps away, Nikolas eavesdrops when the doctor takes a call about the patient in the hospital from Crete. Ava worries that Nikolas knows him and the “Cassadine stain” is spreading to their doorstep. He’s reassuring.

Portia continues to circulate and gets an introduction to Esme. When she walks off, Portia warns her daughter to steer clear of Spencer’s girlfriend.

Gladys, Brando, and Sasha arrive. As he gets drinks, Gladys spots “Pauly,” who she recognizes as the “father” of Brook Lynn’s baby.

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