Valentin questions Gladys at General Hospital
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Maxie drops by General Hospital to see Austin. They’re interrupted when Chase appears, explaining they need to re-examine the statements of everyone who was there when Louise was born. When the detective asks pointed questions, Maxie accuses him of bias and threatens to report him to Mac. They tell the cop to ask his questions.

Valentin sits in his room thinking about Austin tipping him off about Brook Lynn scamming him. Gladys shows up and he starts quizzing her about where the bodies are buried at work. He reminds her she had something to tell him. She’s worried if she tells him someone will get hurt. The Cassadine is sure she knows something involving him and asks if she wants to be on his bad side. All she can say is that he shouldn’t trust Brook Lynn. Chase interrupts and she takes off. The detective asks him how well he knows Austin. Valentin tells him the little he knows and asks the cop about Brook Lynn and the night she slipped away from Yuri to give birth. Alone, Valentin calls Yuri and orders him to keep his eye on Brook Lynn.

Austin and Maxie talk Louise at General Hospital

Austin greets Gladys by the elevators and Maxie grills her for not being in the office. Once she escapes, Maxie asks Austin how he knows Gladys. He claims he just bumped into her at The Savoy. She warns him away from her.

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Portia and Curtis worry about mob at The Savoy General Hospital

At The Savoy, Portia and Curtis talk about how great last night was. He adds that he may have acquired some unwanted help. He suspects that Linc was a front for someone else and the mob wants a foothold in the club. The doctor warns that if he looks to Sonny for protection, the club will still have a mob reputation. Curtis thanks her for her support and vows to stop anyone who upsets his plans for the club. The topic turns to the mystery man and she wonders if he could be involved in all of this. She tells him to be careful and exits. Linc calls and Curtis asks him over. He soon arrives and they talk business. When Curtis asks who sent him, Linc says it was someone he owed a favor. It wasn’t anyone in the mob but he identifies a drawing of “Marshall.” When Curtis gets threatening, “Marshall” shows up and sends Linc away.

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Spencer and Sonny catch up at Kelly's General Hospital

Sonny visits Spencer at Kelly’s and congratulates him on becoming a working man. They get a table and Spencer explains everything that’s happened. Sonny is proud of him. The Cassadine still can’t adjust to showing up for work. His uncle tells him he needs to accept his decisions. He admits that he still needs to work hard to get back into his good books. The mobster suggests he apologize to Ava.

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Esme confronts Trina about Spencer at Jerome Gallery General Hospital

At the Jerome Gallery, Ned and Trina discuss her project. He’s proud to see ELQ involved in it. She’s sure he can’t wait to see Olivia’s face. After he takes off, Esme shows up and says she and Spencer are excited for the big exhibit. She demands to know exactly what is going on between Trina and her boyfriend. Trina insists she’s only ever given him advice. “Are you trying to steal my boyfriend?” Esme asks. Defensive, Trina dismisses this. Esme suggests that she limit her discussions with Spencer but Trina refuses. Esme suppresses her rage.

Ned and Brook Lynn discuss Olivia at Perks General Hospital

Ned meets with Brook Lynn at Perks. She worries that Valentin is a major threat and out to beat them. He’s distracted and admits it’s by Olivia and Robert. It’s time for him to face his marriage ending. His wife won’t accept his concerns for Leo or face that he might have a problem. BLQ tells him he needs to be better at letting Olivia deal with things her own way. Ned doubts his wife’s heart is in the marriage anymore.

Brook Lynn bumps into Sonny outside of Kelly’s. They hug and catch up about her child. He encourages her to bring Bailey by the house. Gladys eavesdrops. When she interrupts, Sonny abruptly walks off. After they bicker, Gladys walks off. When BLQ turns around, Chase is standing there. He wants to talk about what really happened the night Bailey was born.

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Olivia and Robert talk kiss at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

Robert drops by the Quartermaine estate to see Olivia. She still can’t believe Ned punched him over a little kiss. He tells her their kiss was anything but meaningless. There’s clearly an attraction between them. She admits it. He notes that she uses him as an excuse not to deal with her problems with Ned. Liv gets upset and says she just wants to be happy. Scorpio doesn’t think he can do that because she’s idealized him. She insists she needs someone she can rely on and vents about how alone she’s felt in her marriage. Robert thinks she looks scared that Ned could be right about Leo. As they hug, Ned walks in. Scorpio promptly departs. Ned invites her to the show at the gallery to support a charity she cares about. He walks away and her lip quivers.

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