Valentin talks to Austin
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The Savoy is jam-packed with customers, and Portia informs Curtis that there is a line around the block to get in.

At a table, Liz thanks Finn for going all out for her birthday. He says she deserves it. Liz admits it’s nice to get out of the house and be an adult for a change. Later Portia joins Liz for some private girl talk. She sees how happy Liz is with Finn at times, but other times she appears hesitant and not ready to move on. Portia advises her if this is too soon for her then go home and do what’s best for her.

Liz considers she's not ready

Carly, Willow and Michael grab a table for the big opening. Carly later approaches Curtis and assures him that Sonny has made it sure what happened with Joey won’t happen again. Carly returns to Michael and Willow. She tried to call Sonny but couldn’t get ahold of him, but she knows he’ll be there soon.

Carly being a problem

BLQ runs into Chase, who is all in black, and she jokes it is the Jason Morgan look. Chase explains he’s doing some side work as security. Chase brings up Louise again, and how if she would stop acting like Maxie’s guard dog then maybe he could find a lead to bring her home. She agrees to talk to Maxie, but things quickly get heated between them. Link approaches and thinks Chase needs protection from his former protegee.

Chase doesn't believe BLQ

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At Liz’s house, after some awkwardness, Cam and Joss end up cuddling on the couch. They are interrupted when Spencer texts Cam about trouble working the register. He turns his phone off, and Joss brings up Esme, who she thinks is a total fake. She asks if Cam really believes Esme is genuine. Cam says he doesn’t think about Esme much, he thinks about her. The two kiss and make out on the couch. Cam eventually suggests they head to the bedroom, and Joss agrees.

Joss and Cam's evening is ruined

Suddenly they see a car approaching as lights stream into the living room. Cam looks out and says it’s just someone using the driveway to turn around. He realizes how jumpy Joss is and says they don’t have to do this. She wants to, but he feels it seems like she doesn’t. Cam reminds her sex wasn’t on the table until this morning. Joss admits Esme got in her head, and she doesn’t want their first time to be about her. They agree to put the brakes on their plans until they feel the time is right.

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At Charlie’s, Sonny asks Nina how it was catching up with Shawn. She admits she never was well acquainted with him, but they have something in common. She notes Shawn went to jail for Sonny, and she’s likely going for what she did to him. Sonny tells her that she’s getting ahead of herself and hasn’t been convicted. Nina jokes if he’s going to use his power to get her out, and he says she has no idea what he can do. She points out at the trial they may be called to testify about everything that happened in Nixon Falls. He again tells her she’s worried about what-ifs, but she thinks that’s all her life is about at this point. Nina laments, “What if Jay never died, what if my baby wasn’t taken from me, what if I was able to save Nelle, what if she told him the truth in Nixon Falls, what if she and Mike…”

Nina asks about Sonny's power

Sonny again stops her and says the DA could end up dropping the charges altogether because prosecuting her for these crimes is too much work. Nina advises him to stop talking as he could make her feel better. They switch the topic to Phyllis, and Nina thinks she’ll have to find a new watering hole seeing he owns the place. She reminds him that he told her to stay out of his life, so Sonny suggests he could change the rules. She’s shocked. He didn’t do all this to keep Phyllis here for Nina to keep her distance, however, he wants her to still stay away from Carly and abide by Michael’s decision about Willy. Nina smiles and says he’s still changed the rules in her favor. Sonny claims it’s for Phyllis, it just happens to work for her too.

Sonny has great power

Back at the Savoy, Curtis sends over some champaign to Finn and Liz. Meanwhile, Brook Lynn asks Link what he’s doing there. Link claims he’s there to see the show. Chase remembers him and warns him not to come within ten feet of Brook Lynn unless he wants to be out on the street. Link doesn’t want trouble and walks away.

BLQ whines about something

Sonny finally joins Carly, Michael and Willow, and Curtis presents the main act, Phido. Phido performs to an enthusiastic crowd.

After the performance, Curtis asks Chase about Brook Lynn and Link. Chase gives him a brief recap of their history. Curtis then offers apologies to BLQ and to let him know if Link gets in her face again. He then talks to Portia about Link, and thinks someone put him up to just showing up out of the blue to help him tonight.

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Finn tells Liz that they can leave at any time, and he knows this isn’t an easy birthday for her. She admits it isn’t but says he’s making it special.

Meanwhile, Sonny tells Carly about Phyllis and Charlie’s, and she thinks they should hang out there more.

At the hospital, Austin visits Valentin. Austin brings up the upcoming ELQ vote that will likely oust him. What has him curious is how Brook Lynn saw Valentin coming a mile away in order to manipulate him. Valentin wonders why he thinks Brook Lynn played him. Austin suggests he talk to Gladys, as she has all the answers.

Austin drops hints about Gladys

Austin fills Valentin in on the fact that Gladys was spending Brook Lynn’s money all over town recently, and let it slip that she thinks Brook Lynn is pulling a scam on him. Austin hasn’t heard from Gladys since the other night, she’s been avoiding his calls. He suspects Brook Lynn got to her. Valentin asks what he wants for this information. All Austin wants is to see Brook Lynn in the hottest corner of hell, and once Valentin’s done with her, to say hello from her old pal Austin.

Scott drops by Ava’s gallery, and she realizes he’s drunk. She sits him down and gets him some water. Scott thinks that won’t help, nothing and no one can help him bring Obrecht home. Scott rambles on and on about how hopeless things look. He says he had one job, to protect Liesl, and he failed. Ava reveals she knows that someone was captured by the WSB at that compound in Greece, and he claims he knows where Peter is and is trying to orchestrate a deal for the information.

Ava listens to Scott

Scott begs her to tell him who the guy is. She reveals it’s Victor Cassadine. Scott realizes it all makes sense now, why Nikolas wouldn’t help him and that Ava was staying quiet to protect her husband. Scott is suddenly sober, and Ava realizes he tricked her into revealing what she knew.

Scott asks Ava for help

Later, Scott meets up with Nina at Charlie’s with information on her Aunt Obrecht. Scott can’t help Obrecht right now, so he talks strategy for her trial. The lawyer thinks she needs to use her legal rights to Wiley against Sonny to get him to force Michael to back down, but she refuses. He rants about Sonny the don, but Nina claims Sonny isn’t the man he once was.

On the next General Hospital: Robert tells Olivia their kiss was anything but meaningless. Esme asks someone if they are trying to take her boyfriend. Spencer asks how he can prove it to Sonny. And Curtis tells Portia that he will stop anyone who tries to take what’s his.

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