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Nina stops by Charlie’s Pub and orders some wine. She bumps into Shawn at the bar and explains that she’s a pariah around town. He’s sorry to hear that. They chat and he tells her there’s no rule that something lost is lost forever. She warns that he’s connected to one of the people she wronged.

Nina and Shawn chat at Charlie's General Hospital

Sonny and Phyllis enter and he explains that he bought the pub. He asks for her opinion on its potential and says he needs someone to manage it. Phyllis thinks he’s trying to give her a distraction. When she goes off to freshen up, he eavesdrops on Nina and Shawn discussing ice cream. She heads to the bathroom and Sonny walks over to give Shawn a hug. He offers him whatever he needs to get back on his feet. Shawn assures him they are square.

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Nina bumps into Phyllis and they chat about Charlie’s. Sonny joins them and Phyllis agrees to manage the bar. After she walks away, Nina admires what he has done and says he cares about people just as “Mike” did. On his way out, Shawn gives Nina his number. Nina and Sonny miss the Tan-O.

Joss tells Trina her plans to lose virginity at Kelly's General Hospital

Joss and Trina chat at Kelly’s. Sitting at the bar, Joss tells her that she’s not coming back to the dorm tonight. Trina noticed she packed her deodorant and fancy underwear so guesses she’s not studying for midterms. Joss announces this is the night she’ll lose her virginity. She’s surprised Trina isn’t making a big deal of this. This seems impulsive to Trina. Joss admits Esme partially triggered this. Her friend tells her to do what feels right. They hug and Joss tells her how grateful she is to have her as a friend.

Surprise party for Liz at home General Hospital

Liz arrives at home where her children, Finn, and Charlotte yell surprise at her. They give her a party hat and she admires the balloons. Nikolas enters with a gift, creating awkwardness. Scott barges in and asks Finn to call Anna. He needs an update on Obrecht. The doctor can’t help and neither can the prince. Scott apologizes for stinking up Liz’s party. Aiden’s cake is revealed and Liz blows out the candles.

Cam is surprised by Scott at home General Hospital

Cam is jumpy and heads to the kitchen. Scott files after him and asks why he’s so nervous. Liz listens at the door as Cam complains about how wrong it is that Franco isn’t around to help. As Nikolas exits, Joss arrives. The party winds down and Finn takes Liz out for the night. Scott tells Cam to be safe, hands him a condom, and leaves.

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When Curtis shows up at The Savoy, he tells Nika that there won’t be any live music tonight because the band was double-booked. He worries that this will be bad for the club’s image. Portia saunters in and says the show will go on. She got one of her musician patients and his band to take the gig. Link Brown arrives for the show but Curtis informs him the act has changed. Portia admires his skill in dealing with customers. Her patient calls to say his band can’t come. Curtis thinks this is a bad omen. Portia explains that the band was afraid of the mob violence associated with the club. After overhearing all this, Link steps up and informs them he’s a producer and has an artist who could perform. He’s sure this could benefit them all. They check out his music online and agree.

In an alley, Link tells “Marshall” that he did what he asked.

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Maxie asks Sam about Dante at General Hospital

Maxie is bewildered to bump into Sam at General Hospital. She grills her about her trip to Greece and soon realizes that the PI and Dante are more than friends. Sam concedes she and the cop may have a future together. This isn’t something Maxie would have predicted. Sam suspects she’s warning her away because he was married to Lulu. The blonde assures her she would never begrudge her any happiness. They hug.

Dante is surprised to see Alexis at General Hospital

Dante bumps into Alexis, surprised to see her. She shows him her nine months sober medal. The disgraced lawyer is surprised the Department of Corrections didn’t bother to notify him that she’s been paroled. She admits she doesn’t believe she has the right to be free. He reassures her that she’s taken enough responsibility for her actions.

Maxie and Dante meet and she hopes he’s moving on with Sam.

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Nikolas runs into Trina at Kelly’s. They discuss Ava and he wonders where his son is. He asks if she convinced Spencer to reject the family fortune. She admits she encouraged him to be his own man. He wants her to get through to his son.

On the next General Hospital: Portia asks Liz if she’s ready to move on, Cam asks Joss to the bedroom, and Nina asks Sonny what he will do with his power.

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