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BLQ and Maxie meet with Kip at the Quartermaine mansion. Kip, who’s done acting work for Nina, asks what they need him to do. BLQ needs him to play her baby daddy. They instruct him that he needs to act tough, but also crazy in love with Brook Lynn. Kip needs to understand his motivation as to why he’s letting another man raise his kid. Frustrated, Brook Lynn tells him to just follow her lead. Brook Lynn and Maxie excuse themselves to find a suit for Kip.

Kip on GH

Michael, Willow and Wiley arrive at the Metro Court. Carly gives Wiley a big hug and tells Michael that his dad needs to speak to both of them about an urgent matter. Willow decides to grab a table with Willey while Michael takes care of business.

Willow is surprised GH

Carly and Michael meet with Sonny in her office. Carly assumes this has to do with Sonny’s meeting with Miss Wu. Sonny explains that Miss Wu called in a personal favor, which involves all of them. She’s asking for help for her nephew, who turns out to be Brad Cooper. Sonny explains Brad is Wu’s brother’s son, who was given up for adoption. Sonny promised if Brad comes up for parole he won’t try to stop it.

Michael talks to dad GH

Michael makes it clear he will speak at the parole hearing. Sonny knows that but asks him not to use his influence behind the scenes to stop the parole. Sonny explains he assured Miss Wu as long as Brad doesn’t come near his family then there would be no retaliation. Michael is flabbergasted and swears if Brad gets paroled and comes near his son then it won’t be pretty. He storms out.

Sonny to Michael its personal GH

Sonny remarks it’s been a while since he saw that side of Michael. Carly explains when they thought he died, it changed them all, just like his return did. She says it’s like that old saying, once the genie is out of the bottle it’s hard to put it back in. He senses she’s not just talking about Michael.

Carly marriage friendship GH

Back in the Metro Court, Willow is shocked when Harmony appears. Harmony swears she didn’t plan to run into her but offers to leave if it makes her uncomfortable. Willow tells her not to and to sit down so they can catch up. Harmony appreciates the offer. Willow fills her in on no longer being with Chase and says she and Michael are together. Harmony tells her about her friend getting paroled, and how she’s going to miss her and has been lonely. Harmony decides to leave them, but hopes to see more of Wiley and offers him some candy. Willey says he’s not supposed to take candy from strangers. Harmony tells him that is a good rule and he’s very smart. Willow explains this lady isn’t a stranger, he just doesn’t know her yet. She tells the boy that Harmony is her mom. Michael returns as Harmony departs. Willow assures him that Harmony was on her best behavior. Michael informs Willow they’ll talk about his meeting with his father later, but Wiley is going to need them more than ever.

Harmony visits with Willow GH

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Austin is back at work at General Hospital. Gladys approaches him and thanks him for trying to lift her spirits at The Savoy the other night. She also promises him that BLQ will learn her lesson regarding what she did to him. She mentions BLQ is screwing over a good friend of hers. He assumes it’s Valentin, and she confirms it. Gladys suggests they take this discussion to the Metro Court for some adult beverages, but Austin is working. She asks for a raincheck and takes off.

Austin talks to Gladys GH

BLQ runs into Gladys at the Metro Court bar. Gladys wants to up her list of demands, but Brook Lynn says that won’t happen. Kip approaches and snatches Brook Lynn’s credit card back from Gladys. He asks if this is the one Brook Lynn told him about. BLQ tells Gladys she warned her to quit while she was ahead, now she has to deal with “Paulie.” Gladys wonders what she’s doing with a lowlife such as him. “Paulie” calls BLQ his girl and reveals he’s the baby daddy. He flashes a gun in his waistband at her and tells her to remember who she’s talking to. She asks him if he knows who she is. He knows she’s Sonny’s cousin, who wouldn’t like that she’s blackmailing his niece. “Paulie” smacks his hand down on the counter to make it clear she doesn’t want to mess with him, and then departs.

BLQ orders Gladys to take out her cell phone and start deleting. Gladys complies and claims to have lied about making copies. BLQ warns her that she should still call her Uncle Sonny. Gladys wants no trouble with him. Brook Lynn says she’ll see her at work tomorrow and walks off.

Back at the hospital, Austin spots Maxie and asks if she’s okay. Maxie says she’s been donating to the milk bank, which he calls courageous and selfless. He offers to arrange for her to join a support group after losing Louise, but she refuses. She blurts out that Louise isn’t lost. She quickly revises her statement to say she meant that she believes Louise is alive and those groups are for parents whose children aren’t. Austin admires how hopeful she is. Austin is paged and has to leave, but hopes she’s reunited with Louise soon.

Kip arrives at the hospital and runs into Maxie. He explains how he hurt his hand during his big scene. From afar, Austin spots Maxie giving Kip some money to cover his bills.

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On Cassadine Island, Peter leads Britt at gunpoint down to the dungeon where Jason and Drew are in shackles. He orders Jason gagged, and if he doesn’t comply, he threatens to shoot Britt.  He then has Drew released, uses the tower tarot card, and activates Drew. He hands Drew a knife and orders him to hold it to Jason’s throat and wait for orders.

Peter holds Britt Hostage

Britt begs Peter not to kill Jason. Peter thanks her for asking nicely, and orders Drew to stand back. He then tells Drew to cut his own arm, which he does. Peter then orders Drew to allow his men to re-shackle him and uses the chariot card to release him. He hopes he’s convinced Britt and tells her to patch up Drew. After she finishes, Peter tells her they need to go. Jason warns Peter that the next time they meet there will be a different ending.

Drew faces Peter GH

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Peter takes Britt back to a room in the compound. He hopes he’s proved what he’s capable of to her. She congratulates him on becoming the man their father was in every way. He believes they are one and the same and have to take what they want in this life. He vows he will be back with Maxie soon, and locks Britt in the room.

Peter wants to work with Britt GH

Back in the dungeon, Jason reveals to Drew that he knows how Peter controls him, and how to turn it off. He tells him about the tarot cards, and how the tower and phrase, “You’re active soldier,” puts him under. He reveals Britt saw the card that brings him out and they both heard the code phrase, “Stand down.” Drew can’t believe they may finally be able to take Peter down.

Jason faces Peter GH

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