Peter offers Britt a deal on Cassadine Island General Hospital
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At the Cassadine Island compound, Peter reminds Britt they are family and offers to come to an understanding. He wants her by his side. She thinks he’s lost touch with reality. Wanting her to make an informed decision about what’s at stake, he leads her down the stairs.

Jason and Drew in Cassadine dungeon General Hospital

In the dungeon, chained Jason yells at Drew to wake up. He recounts what happened after Drew was activated, shot, and everything else that happened before they wound up there. Drew thinks he should have shot him when he had the chance. Jason couldn’t do that to Scout. If he wants to escape from Peter’s control, he has to kill him. Peter shows Britt into the dungeon.

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Carly and Diane discuss how Sonny has changed at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Carly thanks Sonny for making time for her. He’s learned to prioritize what’s important and she’s at the top of his list. Nina Wu arrives to join Sonny so they can discuss what’s next now that there is a power vacuum in the crime community. After they walk off, Diane joins Carly at a table. Carly explains that Nixon Falls has changed Sonny into someone she doesn’t quite know. The lawyer congratulates her on being so restrained with Nina. Diane says she could make her pay and offers to file a case. Carly can’t do anything because Sonny wants them to drop it and she didn’t want to fight. The lawyer tells her to get hammered with Jason as soon as he returns so she can vent about Nina. Carly says that’s no longer possible. Because of Nina, she and Jason’s relationship is different. Their friendship is on hold for the sake of her marriage. The lawyer reminds her that she’s only a call away and takes off.

Sonny and Nina Wu make a deal at Metro Court General Hospital

Across the room, Sonny thanks Nina Wu for saving Carly and Jason from the other families and assures her she is a close ally. She explains she had nothing to do with Joey’s beating. Sonny’s organization is taking over the Novak’s holdings and will give her half. As a favor, she asks him to use his power over the parole board to have Brad released from Pentonville. He reminds her that Brad stole his grandson. She makes excuses for her nephew and insists that he’s already paid a price. Sonny won’t do that for a man who hurt his son. However, he offers not to do anything if Brad is released on his own merits. She wants that assurance from his entire family. He insists she has it. Carly returns as the mob boss leaves. She wonders what Nina was thanking him for.

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Esme and Cam discuss vacation at Kelly's General Hospital

At Kelly’s, Esme and Cam talk about plans for a trip out of town. As she babbles about Cabo, Spencer wanders in. When Esme walks off to take a call, Cam and Spencer awkwardly talk about the trip plans and the Cassadine asks about him not sleeping with Joss. Cam gets defensive and tries to explain why it hasn’t happened yet. Esme returns and they get back to planning their trip. Cam tells them about the last trip he took with Trina, Joss, and Oscar. She starts probing about how close he got to Trina. That piques Spencer’s interest. Eventually, Spencer explains that he did not reconcile with his father and doesn’t want any of his money. Esme is shocked. He explains that Trina talked him around. Normally Cam thinks Trina gives good advice, but this was dumb. He urges him to go back to his father and beg for forgiveness. Spencer wonders if Esme feels the same. She claims she’s super proud he’s staying true to his self. He’s surprised. She wishes he’d confided in her rather than Trina. Once he goes off to get ready for work, Esme asks Cam if she’s so horrible to talk to that her boyfriend can’t confide in her. He tells her that Trina is just a very good person to talk to.

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Alexis and Sam vent about Nikolas at Spring Ridge General Hospital

At Spring Ridge, Diane and Sam arrive to congratulate Alexis on her release. Alexis shares a worried look with Harmony, who congratulates her and hopes they get a chance to talk before she leaves. Nikolas arrives to announce that this was because of him. His aunt insists it wasn’t for benevolent reasons. She and Sam sneer at him and Alexis admits he encouraged Spencer to cut him out of his life. As the prince walks out, Sam stops him to apologize and thanks him for getting her mother out. Meanwhile, Alexis tells Harmony that she’s terrified of leaving. She will miss their talks. Harmony says she can always call her. Sam comes to collect her mother.

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