Alexis gets an offer GH
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At Kelly’s, Joss wishes Cam a good morning and kisses him. Spencer and Esme interrupt, and Esme tells them to get a room! Cam gives Spencer his paycheck, which he’s shocked by. Spencer laments to Esme that can’t live on this. Spencer asks Cam for an advance, but Cam doesn’t have the power to do that. Esme pushes Spencer to make things right with Ava and his father. Spencer asks if he can borrow Cam’s car, but he tells him to take one of the delivery bikes.

Esme and Spencer interrupt Cam and Joss

After Spencer leaves, Esme sits down at Joss’ table and hopes they can put this tension behind them and start over. Joss says she has a lot of work to do. Esme heads to Cam and vents about Joss being upset with her still. She thinks they should all go away to that cabin as she suggested. She even offers to get a place with separate rooms for him and Joss since she knows he’s a gentleman. Cam rushes off to the kitchen, and Esme returns to Joss. She again asks if they can start over, pitches the cabin trip, and claims Cam is on board along with the idea of separate rooms for them. She also suggests time alone with Cam may help them get past whatever is keeping them from being as close as two people can be.

Esme sucks up to Joss GH

Once Esme leaves to study for her internship, Joss and Cam approach one another to see what they are doing later. Cam invites her over for his mom’s birthday, which is just a quick party. He reveals she’s going out with friends, and his brothers are at sleepovers. Joss accepts the invite.

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At the gallery, Trina shows her mom the photos for her upcoming project. Portia is glad to see her invested in a good cause. Trina thinks her mom means as opposed to Spencer. She assures her mom that she’s been keeping him at arm’s length since she learned what he did to Ava.

Portia is proud of Trina GH

After Portia departs, Spencer shows up, and Trina is surprised to see him. He reveals he needs to speak to Ava. He’s ready to accept her marriage to his father. Trina says he’s fooling no one, he just wants his money. Spencer admits he needs money for a lawyer and to get a place for him and Esme. He vents this is no way to live. Trina calls him a pathetic spoiled child. She tells Spencer she’s done with him and to get out. He begs for a chance to make things right between them. She says if he wants to do right then find the Victor she met, be a better person, someone who can own up to his mistakes. She thinks one day he might be someone she wants to be friends with.

Trina is over Spencer

Shawn visits Alexis at Spring Ridge. He fills her in on everything that happened between Spencer and Nikolas and says that there isn’t enough evidence to get Nikolas arrested, so he made him pay up. He’s going to use the money from Nikolas to set up a non-profit for a good cause. He invites Alexis to work with him on the project. He then asks about that pardon deal of Nikolas’. She still refuses to take it and won’t let her corrupt nephew be the reason she goes free.

Shawn fills Alexis in GH

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Ava and Nikolas arrive at the Metro Court and approach Sonny and Carly. Ava notes with what appears to be another mob war heating up does Sonny still maintain that Avery is safe with him? Sonny assures her that Avery is safe, and suggests they focus on finding a family counselor for Spencer. Sonny and Carly walk off, and Nikolas doesn’t think Sonny is wrong about Spencer.

A new mob war

They grab a table, and Ava asks if something else has happened with Spencer. Nikolas tells Ava it has to do with something that happened years ago. He fears he’s lost his son for good. Ava believes Spencer will come around and come home to him. Nikolas he hopes does and it’s just not for the money.

Nikolas thinks he's lost Spencer

Shawn arrives and Nikolas excuses himself from Ava to deal with business. He gives Shawn all the paperwork for his non-profit. Shawn warns Nikolas if he ever screws him over again then he will be very sorry. Shawn departs, and Ava approaches her husband and wants the truth about what’s going on. Nikolas suggests they do this someplace quieter, and after he makes a call.

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Ava and Nikolas arrive at the gallery. They assume Spencer is there to see Trina, but he says he came to see Ava. Nikolas wonders if he’s there to make peace. Spencer tells his father that he’s happy he has Ava, but he no longer wants to be a prince or have anything to do with the Cassadine money. He cries he’s no longer his son and says goodbye to Nikolas and Ava. He thanks Trina for showing him the way and walks out.

Spencer wants his money

Shawn returns to Spring Ridge to have Alexis look over the paperwork. She thinks everything seems to be in order. Suddenly the warden appears and says the governor has given her a pardon. Alexis and Shawn are stunned.

Sonny and Carly arrive at the hospital. In Joey’s room, Portia checks on him and gives him pain medication. She explains he was attacked, and the police will want to talk to him. Portia heads out and meets Carly and Sonny in the hallway. She assumes they are here about Novak.

Hospitalized Joey GH

Back in Joey’s room, his associate asks if he saw who got him and how many there were. Joey is groggy and says it happened so fast. Sonny enters and orders the other guy out. Sonny grabs the pain medication control and tells Joey there is no coming back from threatening his wife. Joey gives him his word that he’ll stay away and admits he made a mistake out of anger and grief. Joey asks what he wants to make this go away. Sonny demands everything his uncle owned, the entire Novak empire. Joey doesn’t think the family will agree, but Sonny says that’s not his problem. He is going to let Joey walk out of there, but if he threatens his family again then he’ll take him out. Joey agrees to give him everything.

Sonny gets revenge GH

At the nurses’ station, Liz speaks with Carly about Nina being released on bail. Liz says if it was her, nothing would stop her from making the person who came between her and her family pay. Carly is surprised because she thought she would advise her to forgive and forget. Liz says she’d be wrong, and she hopes she gets the justice she deserves. Carly walks off, and Portia approaches Liz and thanks her for the sketch. While Curtis didn’t recognize him, TJ did and so did the bartender at The Savoy. She feels there is something off about the guy.

Sonny and Carly return to the Metro Court, and he tells her the deal he made with Joey. They still wonder who attacked him given neither of them had time to order it.

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