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Nikolas visits Ava at her gallery and is followed in by Shawn. Nikolas asks if he and Shawn can use her backroom to conduct some business. She tells him it’s all his. In the backroom, Nikolas asks if Shawn’s thought about his offer. Shawn says Hayden may have forgiven him, but there is another victim. He accuses Nikolas of killing Naomi so he couldn’t find Hayden. Nikolas states he had nothing to do with Naomi’s death and returns to bargaining for Shawn’s silence. Shawn eventually decides to accept Nikolas’ offer but raises the cost to one million. Nikolas again swears he had nothing to do with Naomi’s death. Shawn says he almost believes him.

Nikolas makes Shawn an offer GH

Ned arrives and runs into Trina, who is looking at photos from a special project for National Geographic called the photo ark, which documents animals around the world. Ned is there to purchase a gift for Olivia. Ava joins them and learns about the photo ark project and the photographer, Joel Sartore. Trina was hoping to host an exhibit of his work for extra credit in her art history class. Ava loves her enthusiasm, but she doesn’t think they could find someone to bankroll the event on such short notice. Ned offers to do it as a contribution in Olivia’s name. As an animal lover maybe his wife will see he’s not so bad. Trina rushes off to make the arrangements, and Ava has a suggestion for a piece that would look good in Olivia’s office.

Ned makes Ava an offer GH

Later after Ned leaves, Trina heads out to tell her mother about her exhibit. After Shawn departs, Ava asks Nikolas what his meeting was about. Nikolas thought Shawn could help him with something, but he can’t. She asks if this has to do with Victor, but he tells her that sometimes business is just business. Ava exits to prepare a painting for a customer, and Nikolas makes a call leaves a message for Victor asking if he arranged Naomi’s murder.

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At Spring Ridge, Spencer and Esme arrive late in the evening. Spencer sees his aunt and explains he drove Esme because she’s starting her internship. Harmony offers to show Esme around. Alone, Alexis notices the burn on Spencer’s hand, and he tells her about his new job. He fills her in on the condition of his bail and his attempts to get back into his father’s good graces and show him that he can be responsible. Without access to his trust fund, he can’t hire himself a good lawyer.

Spencer visits Alexis GH

Spencer thinks if he grovels maybe his father will hire him one. Alexis thinks back on Nikolas’ offer to get her a pardon and tells Spencer that going to his father would be a terrible idea and she doesn’t want to see him follow Nikolas’ footsteps. She begs him not to be like the rest of the family, and money isn’t everything. Spencer says he’ll think about it but knows Esme didn’t sign up to be the girlfriend of a pauper. He takes off.

Alexis offers advice to Spencer GH

Meanwhile, Harmony asks Esme what drew her to work with criminals, especially mentally ill ones. Esme believes in the power of redemption and thinks Harmony should know something about that. Harmony sees Esme did her research, and she’s ashamed of what she did for Dawn of Day. Esme thinks it was for a good cause, but Harmony assures her it wasn’t and Dawn of Day was about one thing, feeding Shiloh’s ego.

Esme works at Springridge GH

Later, Harmony gives Esme some forms for her to fill out and asks her to put away the games for the night. Esme moves the chess pieces on the board and says, “Checkmate.” When she finally gets a moment alone, she walks over to Ryan. She puts her hand on his and says the plan hit a bit of a snafu, but she told him she’d be back. She promises him that she’ll take care of everything.

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At the Metro Court, Robert finds Olivia drunk behind the bar and asks what is going on. She laments that things between her and Ned are worse than ever. They get a table, and Olivia rants about Ned and Austin suspecting her son of being on the spectrum and how she refuses to believe it. Robert knows Ned loves Leo so perhaps his concerns could be worth a follow-up. Olivia says if she thought there was something wrong with Leo then she’d make an appointment with a specialist.

Olivia get advice from Robert GH

They continue to discuss her marital issues, and Olivia says she and Ned talk at each other but not to each other. It’s not like the two of them, and she feels she can tell Robert anything. Robert feels that is because they are good friends. Olivia thinks they are more than friends and pulls Robert into a kiss as Ned walks in with the painting he purchased.  Robert pulls away and exclaims she has the wrong idea. Ned spins Robert around and decks him. Olivia lashes out at Ned as Robert tries to speak. Olivia shuts him down and tells Robert he doesn’t need to explain himself. She reminds Ned they’ve been separated for over a year. Ned thought they were fighting for their marriage, but she says he’s kidding himself. He leaves the painting for her and says it was a gift to show her how much he loves her. After he storms out, she opens it. It’s a painting of a dog. Olivia runs off in tears.

Ned punches Robert GH

At the hospital, Dante arrives and learns from Epiphany that Joey Novak was brought in beaten so badly that he almost died.

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Anna escorts Victor in to see Valentin. Valentin tells Victor if he wants to cut a deal with the WSB then he needs to help them locate and bring Peter to justice. Victor says Peter’s whereabouts are his only leverage. Anna thinks he should cooperate for Valentin’s sake. Victor swears he didn’t lie about being his father, and he’s a Cassadine and due all the benefits and curses that come with the bloodline.

Anna brings Victor to Valentin GH

Valentin points out Peter tried to kill him, and he doesn’t like Victor much either. He urges Victor to save himself from Peter’s wrath by helping them find him. Victor wants nothing more than to see Peter caught, but there are other things he wants to, and he can’t accomplish them behind bars. Victor can’t help them because he must think of the bigger picture. Anna has  Victor escourted out. He’s taken away, and Anna tells Valentin if they can’t get another lead on Peter then she may have to tell the WSB to give Victor immunity.

Valentin talks to his father GH

At the Savoy, Portia and Curtis discuss the mystery man, who Curtis doesn’t recognize from the sketch, though he seems vaguely familiar. Sam arrives and fills Curtis in on Drew and the events in Crete. As they all toast to Drew’s memory, Dante arrives on official business.

Dante questions Curtis night before GH

Dante tells them about Joey Novak’s beating only blocks away from the club, and he has to ask Curtis where he was after the club closed. Curtis was there all night and it’s on camera. He tells him about Joey causing a scene earlier and escorting him out. Dante advises him to keep an eye out because nightclubs like his attract people and their shady businesses. Joey might not be back, but someone else will.

Dante question Curtis GH

Back at the hospital, Spencer runs into Trina. He explains he was having his burn checked out to ease his aunt’s mind. They make small talk, and he brings up the fact that when they first met, she had no idea he was crazy rich. She didn’t, but says he’s not rich, his dad is. She departs and he smiles.

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