Sonny visits Cyrus GH
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At the hospital, Portia gives Anna the news that Valentin’s surgery was a success, and they removed the bullet fragments. Anna goes in to see Valentin, who is still asleep. She gives BLQ a call with an update on him. Valentin stirs awake and asks about Peter and if Victor has been any help. She hasn’t been keeping up on Victor but asks Valentin how he feels about Victor claiming to be his father. He doesn’t know and will need more than Victor’s word. However, if he’s telling the truth, that makes Charlotte and Bailey his granddaughters.

Valentin has something to tell Anna GH

Valentin suggests Victor may give him information on Peter and asks her to bring his father to him. Anna refuses and points out Victor will try and manipulate him. Valentin knows and he will be manipulating Victor right back.

Chase runs into Liz after his latest appointment. He’s feeling good, but the doctor won’t sign off on his full return to work yet. He thinks this has Finn’s fingerprints all over it. Liz says he just wants him to be careful. Chase tells her that Finn’s lucky to have her by his side. He takes off.

Chase questions Liz GH

Later Liz runs into Portia, who appears troubled. Liz wonders if it has to do with Trina. Portia reveals it’s Curtis, and she thinks he may be in trouble. She tells Liz about the mysterious man interested in Curtis. Liz offers to sketch the man if she can describe him, then she can show it to TJ to see if he recognizes him.


Portia has concerns GH

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Carly and Olivia grab a table at The Savoy and Carly tells Curtis this place is great. He says he’s just getting started. Olivia and Carly relax and order drinks, and the discussion turns to Sonny and what Nina did. Carly has restrained herself from going after Nina because Sonny asked her to, and he says he just wants to focus on them moving on.

Curtis chats with Olivia and Carly GH

Olivia can’t get over Sonny turning the other cheek, which isn’t like him. Carly agrees and says Nixon Falls has changed Sonny. Carly asks Olivia how she’s doing because she can tell she’s going through something. She wonders if it is about Leo. Olivia snaps and says her son is fine. Carly just assumed it was him since he just saw the doctor. Olivia opens up that she and Ned may be heading for a divorce.

Olivia and Carly bond GH

Gladys uses Brook Lynn’s card at the bar and runs into Austin. She recognizes him from the hospital when she was visiting Valentin. She takes off with her drink, and Austin recalls how BLQ was very startled when she learned Gladys was going to visit Valentin.

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At Kelly’s, “Marshall” reads about The Savoy on his phone at his table. He later sneaks out.

Meanwhile, Maxie meets with BLQ, who hopes Maxie has a plan to stop Gladys because she’s racking up credit card charges by the hour. Brook Lynn gets a call from Anna, who updates her on Valentin’s condition. She also has no news on Peter, which BLQ relays to Maxie. Maxie fears Peter could be on his way to Port Charles. She refocuses on Gladys, and says they have to get leverage over her. She thinks Nina knows someone who can help them. Suddenly Chase enters and is glad to see them. He’s been studying Louise’s kidnapping case and has some questions for Maxie. Brook Lynn accuses him of being insensitive and tells Maxie to take a moment to gather herself. She walks off, and Chase feels bad.

BLQ and Maxie worry about Gladys GH

Brook Lynn tells Chase that Maxie is struggling and she won’t be okay until Peter is caught and she has her child back. Chase explains the events of the night Maxie gave birth aren’t adding up. Maxie returns, and Chase apologizes for upsetting her. He wants to go over that night with her again and hopes she’ll remember something new. Maxie agrees to do whatever it takes to get her daughter back. Chase says he’ll be in touch and apologizes for interrupting their evening. Once alone, Maxie says she’s called Nina, and she has put them in touch with a man named Kip who can help them bring down Gladys.

Maxie worries about Peter GH

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At Flatland’s federal prison, Sonny visits Cyrus and demands to know what he wants. Cyrus has information that could be useful, and he hopes down the line Sonny will return the favor. Cyrus reveals Joey’s returned to Port Charles to take over the Novak family. Sonny calls him a hot-headed braggart and can’t believe the Novak’s would back Joey, but he’ll investigate Cyrus’ claim. Before Sonny leaves, Cyrus asks about his sister. Sonny refuses to talk about Laura with him. As Sonny departs, Cyrus says he’ll be in touch about that favor.

Sonny visits Cyrus GH

On the pier in Port Charles, a man welcomes Joey Novak home. Joey blames the Corinthos organization for his uncle’s death. Joey’s associate says he’s been trailing her for him and knows exactly where she is. Joey is pleased and can’t wait to see Carly again.

Joey Novak out for revenge GH

Back at the Savoy, Gladys interrupts Olivia and Carly, so Olivia excuses herself to order another round.

Olivia spots Austin at the bar. He asks if she’s enjoying herself. She was until she ran into him. He offers to leave, but she stops him. She wants to know what he said to Ned about Leo. He says Ned came to him with concerns and asks what motive he would have to lie. She thinks a bunch of ELQ stock. He reminds her that he signed over his claims. Olivia realizes Ned went to see Austin more recently.

Meanwhile, Gladys hounds Carly about Sonny, who won’t return her calls, and she claims she’s missed him. Joey appears and says, “Not everyone has.” He tells Carly, “Long time no see.” She isn’t surprised to see him, but he should know better than to approach her directly. Gladys recognizes Joey and says she was almost in that limo with his uncle that was blown up. Carly calls it a tragic accident, but Joey knows it wasn’t an accident. Suddenly, Curtis grabs Joey and drags him out, as Joey screams that he’s the head of the Novak family and they’ll regret this.

Carly at the savoy GH

Olivia rushes over to check on Carly, and Curtis apologizes for the trouble. Carly is sorry she didn’t have her guys in the club and calls Joey a hothead. Curtis knows who he is, and advises her not to turn her back on a hothead with something to prove. Olivia and Carly try to return to their night, which Carly notes was supposed to make them feel better. Olivia thinks she likely won’t feel better until she speaks to a divorce lawyer.

Portia arrives at The Savoy and tells Curtis that thanks to Liz she knows TJ’s mystery-man and the man she talked to are the same person. She pulls out Liz’s sketch, shows it to him, and the bartender recognizes him as the man who was there the other night asking about live music. Curtis doesn’t recognize the guy but says there is something familiar about him.

Back at the bar, Austin asks Gladys about that guy who was tossed out. She tells him it was Joey Novak, whose uncle escorted him to Carly and Jason’s wedding. As she continues drinking, Austin notices she’s using BLQ’s card. Gladys claims she gave it to her to have a night out, and she could tell him some stories about her. Austin decides to join her for the next round.

Back on the pier, Joey vows to run this town and says he’s going to force Curtis to sell him that club to use as a business cover. Joey looks over and sees Marshall standing there.

Meanwhile, Carly calls Sonny to warn him about Joey, but he already knows. She tells him about their encounter, and he promises to take care of everything now that he’s back.

On the next General Hospital: Anna brings Victor to see Valentin.

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