Jason has Peter at gunpoint in Cassadine compound General Hospital
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Jason corners Peter with his gun in the lab of the Cassadine compound. He demands Obrecht and hands Peter a walkie-talkie to send the guards to the other end of the island. Once that’s done, Jason leads Peter out.

Obrecht has been shot on Cassadine compound General Hospital

In the boathouse on Cassadine Island, Britt is shocked to realize she’s shot her mother with a spear gun. Liesl cracks jokes as her daughter checks to make sure no vital organs have been hit. Britt gives her something to bite down on as she pulls the spear out and dresses her wound. Obrecht is happy to hear Jason is there and hopes it means he jilted Carly. Her daughter explains Sonny returned and insists she and Jason are only collaborating. Liesl warns her that danger is a powerful aphrodisiac. Jason and Peter enter from one end of the building and Drew pops up at the other, holding a gun on Britt. She urges Jason to kill Peter. Jason puts down his gun and Peter grabs it.

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Harmony asks Alexis if there is a problem at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Harmony interrupts Alexis feeling bad for herself at Spring Ridge. She recaps the whole Spencer, Nikolas, and Ava situation. Harmony says the Cassadines don’t sound so strange compared to Dawn of Day. Alexis feels sad that Spencer idolized his father so much. She wishes the prince had become the man she thought he could be. Harmony reminds her that Nikolas went up against Cyrus for her sake. Alexis adds that he offered to get her a pardon. Harmony wonders if she’s not taking the offer because she would rather remain locked up. As long as she’s in there, she knows who she is and doesn’t have to make any choices. The former lawyer admits she’s afraid of facing the temptation of alcohol and a life without a career. Harmony urges her to consider what good she can do in the world. Alexis won’t accept her nephew’s offer.

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Nikolas is confronted by Shawn on the pier General Hospital

On the pier, Shawn confronts Nikolas for letting him take the fall for Hayden getting shot. At least Spencer has opened his eyes about him. Nikolas accuses him of using his son. He reminds Shawn that he pleaded guilty to shooting Hayden because he was already there to kill someone. The prince realizes that he hasn’t confessed to anything and Butler has no evidence. He reminds the former hitman that Hayden is a grifter. Besides that, she’s always known the truth about what happened and exploited it to line her pockets. Even she doesn’t care about this anymore. If Shawn wants to put the past behind him, Nikolas will help him. Shawn says no money can buy back the time he lost. The prince urges him to get real and name a figure.

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Trina asks Spencer about his lies at gallery General Hospital

Trina is startled by Spencer as she sings to herself at the Jerome Gallery. She threatens to call the cops and wonders why he’s not at work. If he has trouble, he should be talking to his girlfriend. Trina is the person he wants to talk to. He explains that he knew the stalking was wrong, but he was only trying to do what was best for his father. Now he’s realized his father isn’t the man he thought he was. Trina can see how he’s hurting but wonders if this is another lie and dredges up when he first came to town. She can’t trust him or her feelings about him. He trusts her and says he’s over his games with his father. She needs him to prove himself with actions and stop looking to other people to define him.

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Cameron tells Esme Spencer walked out of work at Kelly's General Hospital

When Joss shoes up at Kelly’s, Cam vents about Spencer bailing out on his first day. Esme rushes in to see her “friends” and wonders where her boyfriend is. They explain he walked out. Esme starts making excuses for him. She suggests they all get Spencer out of town for a day so they can bond. As she spins plans, Cam gets back to work. Esme realizes Joss and Cam have never had sex and assures her that’s okay. Joss tells her to stop wasting her time pretending to be her friend. Esme’s sorry she tried to have an “adult conversation” with her and exits. Spencer shows up and starts apologizing for leaving. Cam refuses his apologies and fires him. When Spencer pleads, Cam caves.

Outside, Joss calls Trina and they discuss Spencer and Esme, who lurks around the corner.

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