Peter is cornered by Jason on Cassadine Island General Hospital
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Peter kicks Liesl awake inside the lab on the Cassadine compound. They recap the situation and she demands to know where Drew is. He informs her that Victor isn’t around to protect her anymore. The only reason he’s not killing her is Maxie. She loathes him and won’t help. He needs her help convincing Maxie to take him back. Liesl grabs a beaker of acid and throws it at him, hitting his arm. She runs out. He calls his guards to search for her.

Britt and Jasons swim to Cassadine Island General Hospital

Jason and Britt swim to Cassadine Island. She makes him turn around as she changes into dry clothes. They duck into some bushes when a patrol goes by. He leads her to a boathouse. Britt is eager to find her mother. She can’t live in a world where Peter is her only living relative. Jason is sure Peter still needs Obrecht for something. They fix up a boat and then he tells her to wait there. After he hands her a gun, he assures her everything will be okay. Shortly after he leaves, she hears someone at the door, grabs a harpoon gun, and shoots at who comes in. When she walks over to the body, she discovers it’s her mother, gasping on the floor.

Peter is startled when Jason shows up in the lab and levels a gun at him.

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Carly and Sonny discuss his call from Cyrus at Metro Court General Hospital

At the Metro Court, Carly vents to Sonny about her problems until he tells her that he got a call from Cyrus, requesting he visit him in prison. Dante and Sam arrive and surprise them by holding hands. They fill them in on Drew being abducted. They tracked him down in Crete, but he vanished after being shot. As Carly shows Sam to her table, the father and son discuss Renault and his reign of terror. Dante says that all his former colleagues have been quiet and worries if Sonny has heard otherwise. Sonny changes the topic to Sam, glad that she’s putting a smile on his face.

Sam and Carly sit at a table and discuss her disappointment at Drew going missing again. Carly is glad that she’s had Dante to help her. He comes over and Carly offers to order them champagne before leaving them alone. They both realize that having Sonny and Carly’s blessing will make their lives earlier.

At the bar, Sonny tells Carly he will visit Renault.

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Shawn joins Spinelli in a van as he does surveillance. Spin has tracked Spencer to the pier and has microphones set up.

Spencer confrons Nikolas about Hayden on the pier General Hospital

On the pier, Nikolas is perplexed when his son brings up Hayden. Spencer still has no idea why anyone would want her dead. The prince didn’t want her to get killed. His son demands the truth. Nikolas accuses him of wearing a wire. Spencer insists he’s only confronting him because he wants him to confirm he didn’t get her shot. Nikolas insists all of that happened years ago and is irrelevant. Spencer continues to harangue him for hypocrisy and his father tells him to let it go. This only convinces Spencer that he’s guilty. The prince demands to know who turned him against him. Shawn pops up to announce it was him.

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Maxie and Austin discuss BLQ at General Hospital

At General Hospital, BLQ freaks out when she learns Gladys is going to visit Valentin. She runs off, leaving Maxie and Austin to wonder what’s happening. He asks if she’s genuinely concerned about him or if she’s just been helping in BLQ’s manipulations. Maxie hasn’t been. She just thinks he’s better at the hospital as a caring doctor than squabbling with the Quartermaines. He remembers helping her give birth and admires her.

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Gladys visits Valentin at General Hospital

Gladys is in Valentin’s room, telling him about his “girlfriend’s” lack of virtue. BLQ storms in, declaring Gladys is drunk and drags her out.

Down the hall, BLQ tells Gladys that exposing her secret means she loses all her leverage. Gladys tells her that her job is already in danger and if she doesn’t clarify things with Maxie and Sasha, their deal is off. BLQ hands her a credit card and Gladys says it will do for now.

Brook Lynn returns to Valentin to repeat that Gladys is drunk. She tells him that she’s only helping Gladys out as a favor to Sasha. The Cassadine admires what a good role model she’s being to their daughter.

Gladys bumps into Austin, who asks her how well she really knows Valentin. She claims she just likes the guy and doesn’t want him hurt.

Brook Lynn and Maxie panic about Gladys at General Hospital

BLQ takes Maxie aside and informs her that Gladys recorded their conversation and knows about Bailey. Maxie starts to panic and agrees to do whatever is necessary to silence Gladys.

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