Gladys, Brando, Sasha argue about her spa day at the Metro Court General Hospital
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Sasha longs for coffee as she has breakfast with Brando at the Metro Court. Maxie pops up and Brando spots his mom as she strolls over to the bar in her spa robe and orders some Dom Perignon. He reminds Gladys she’s supposed to be at work. So does Maxie but Gladys says BLQ gave her the day off and the corporate credit card. This doesn’t go over well with Maxie. She orders her back to her desk and leaves for the hospital. Sasha reminds Gladys of who she works for. Gladys doesn’t like being barked at by a fraud whose child needs a paternity test. They assume she’s talking about Sasha and get offended. She runs away. Sasha won’t excuse her, but she recognizes Gladys has been through a lot. They wonder why BLQ gave her a spa day.

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At Kelly’s, Spencer and Nikolas bicker in front of Ava about who has the moral high ground. As Spencer flits off, Shawn watches them from across the room. Ava quizzes her husband about the Cassadine business he has and why he cares about Valentin being shot. She insists on heading to the hospital with him.

Spencer is cornered by Shawn at Kelly's General Hospital

Shawn corners Spencer as he cleans the bar and starts quizzing him about his relationship with his father. He thinks that if there is anyone Nikolas would come clean to, it would be his son. Shawn asks for his help bringing the person who shot Hayden to justice and explains Nikolas was responsible. Spencer walks out and Shawn trails after him. Butler asks him to ask about Hayden, but Spencer doubts his father would say anything. He storms off. Shawn calls someone to make sure he has a tail on him.

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Brook Lynn gets phone call about Gladys at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Brook Lynn gets a call from Lucy, who hasn’t been able to get a hold of Gladys. She sends Maxie a text and then tells Charlotte that bringing Bailey to the hospital would be too much for her. BLQ reassures her about her father and gives her a hug.

Anna makes a promise to Finn at General Hospital

Anna bumps into Finn at General Hospital. There’s still no sign of Peter. Finn is glad she’s okay. He’s been worried about Valentin’s kids since he heard he was shot. He wishes he’d killed Peter when he had the chance. She assures him that Peter is getting desperate and will be caught. She’s just relieved he and Liz don’t have Peter’s death on their consciences. Once she walks off, Finn tells Liz that Anna has their backs. He apologizes for digging into her family history. She’s never had a close relationship with her father. When he asks about Jeff’s photo, she remembers ripping it up but feigns ignorance.

Valentin tells Charlotte she's lucky at General Hospital

Austin strolls into Valentin’s room to talk business with the Cassadine. He informs Valentin of how BLQ manipulated him and he dropped his case contesting the will. He’s finished with the Quartermaines. “Works for me,” BLQ blurts as she steps in with Charlotte, who rushes to her father. Austin and BLQ leave them alone. Charlotte tells her father that BLQ spends most of her time with Chase while she looks after Bailey. He’s glad Brook Lynn has a “friend” and thinks about Anna.

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Austin and Maxie talk her taste in friends at General Hospital

Gladys bumps into Austin in the corridor while looking for Valentin. She has intel on the Quartermaines. He tells her where the Cassadine is and she heads off. Maxie pops up and Austin tells her that what BLQ did reminded him of how important being a doctor is. He wonders if he’s the only one who thinks Maxie deserves more than bad dudes and morally dubious friends. He says his fight with BLQ is far from over just as she appears. The women begin venting about Gladys. Austin says she was looking for Valentin.

When Gladys arrives at Valentin’s room, Yuri bars her entrance. Valentin suggests his daughter take Yuri down the hall for cocoa. She wants to return the favor he did for her and begins complaining about BLQ.

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Ava asks Nikolas what he's hiding at Kelly's General Hospital

Ava and Nikolas run into Anna in the corridor. She’s surprised he’s paying Valentin a visit and tells him visitation is limited. She informs them that Victor is alive and was colluding with Peter. She adds that he claims to have secrets to share and was obviously working with someone. After she walks off, Ava asks Nikolas what he’s been hiding. Nikolas admits he and his great-uncle have been supporting each other.

Ava chases after Anna and tells her she and Nikolas are ready for their happily ever after. Anna doubts that’s possible with a Cassadine.

Spencer corners his father on the pier and asks him about Hayden. (Watch Marcus Coloma and Nicholas Alexander Chavez’s reaction to the scene backstage here.)

On the next General Hospital: BLQ is desperate to stop Gladys.

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