Alexis asks Shawn to bring Nikolas to Justice GH
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At the Quartermaine gatehouse, Michael gets down on one knee and proposes to Willow. Willow asks him to stand, and he feels like she’s going to say no. She tells him, “Not no, just not yet.” Willow loves him and wants to spend the rest of her life with him, but when they marry, she wants it to be about them and not smoothing over an argument. Michael swears that’s not the reason he asked her to marry him.

Michael explains his proposal GH

Willow tells Michael that he is a fixer and always tries to make things better, which she one of the things she loves about him. However, they can disagree and still love one another. Willow says he’s given her love and security, and the feeling of safety to disagree with him. She wants to marry him and promises he won’t have to wait forever.

Willow shocked by Michael's proposal GH

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At Spring Ridge, Alexis tells Shawn about her visit with Nikolas, and that Nikolas offered to get her a full pardon, but the price is too high. She reveals she asked Nikolas if he Hayden shot, and he evaded answering her, which is all the answer she needs. She thought he was better than this, and the good man he once was is now gone. He’s gone bad and will take no responsibility for what he’s done. Nikolas warned her to back off the investigation or the pardon would disappear. Shawn feels the only thing to do is take his deal.

Alexis is angry about Nikolas GH

Alexis refuses because she doesn’t deserve to be pardoned thanks to Nikolas’ connections, and she’s serving her debt to society. She tells Shawn if he wants to help her then bring her nephew to justice. She wants to see Nikolas face the consequences of his actions, and she just needs to figure out how to find a way to make him confess. Shawn thinks about an encounter with Spencer, who said he’d come a long way from the little boy who could get his father to do anything he wanted. Shawn gets an idea.

Shawn talks to Alexis GH

At the gym, Portia tells Curtis her theory that the mystery patient of TJ’s is also the man who she just ran into, who also asked about The Savoy and Curtis. Curtis feels it’s no coincidence that two men who fit the same description are going around town asking about him.

Curtis tells Portia she did the right thing GH

At Kelly’s, Spencer is surprised to see Ava and Nikolas enter. He asks if they want a table or are they there to gloat. Nikolas had no idea Spencer was working there. Spencer explains Kevin demanded he gets a job in return for putting him and Esme up. Ava grabs a table and Spencer vents to Esme at the bar that he thinks this visit was planned. He can see his dad looks remorseful, but Ava is delighting in this. Esme suggests he give his dad room to change his mind about Ava. Spencer doesn’t know how that can happen when Ava never leaves his side. Esme thinks she can help.

Spencer thinks his dad is there to gloat GH

At their table, Ava asks Nikolas if his brooding mood has to do with Alexis. Nikolas explains it hurts him to see Alexis in prison as she is the voice of sanity in his family. Unfortunately, her pardon may not work out. Esme approaches Ava and Nikolas and asks to speak to Ava outside.

Alone, Nikolas tells his son that working at a diner while awaiting trial is not the life he was meant to have. Spencer seethes that thanks to him and his wife, it is the life he has. Nikolas offers to help him get his life on track and advises Spencer to stop punishing him before he wrecks his own life. He begs his son to stop sabotaging himself and listen to him. Spencer will as soon as Nikolas cuts Ava out of his life.

Nikolas tries to talk to Spencer GH

Outside, Esme cries crocodile tears over the pain she and Spencer caused Ava, and she should have talked him out of his actions. Ava wonders why she didn’t. She empathized with Spencer’s pain, noting she isn’t close to her own family. She was so focused on Spencer that she was only hearing his version of events. She didn’t stop to think about what Ava was going through thanks to them. Esme would give anything to take back what she did. She hopes one day she can do something to make amends. Ava is willing to put the past behind them and start fresh, and she hopes Esme can help Spencer to accept his new reality. Ava heads back inside to have breakfast with her husband, but not before warning Esme if she crosses her again then she’ll regret it.

Esme is sorry GH

Ava rejoins Nikolas, and they put in their breakfast orders with Spencer. Spencer again vents to Esme, who has returned to the bar, that his father needs a wake-up call.

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At the Metro Court, Carly tells Nina that she’s outraged she could steal nine months of Sonny’s life, post bail, and show up there as if nothing happened. Nina points out it is just like her watching her daughter die as if that was normal. Carly accuses her of being just like Nelle, always playing the victim. She suggests Nina plead insanity and be done with it.

Nina runs into Carly

Nina refuses to take the easy way out, so Carly tells her that she will be tried and convicted for what she did. Nina claims her lawyer can make a good case that she was protecting Sonny, that he was safe and better off living in Nixon Falls. Carly laughs,  “Good luck with that.” Nina knows that the DA is being controlled by Michael and laughs that he’s making up new laws and crimes that don’t exist. She accuses Carly of using Michael as a puppet to get the revenge she wants.

Nina claims Sonny was better off in Nixon Falls GH

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In the Corinthos kitchen, Sonny gets a call from Cyrus, who welcomes him back from the dead. Sonny asks what he wants. Cyrus heard about his wife and best friend getting married, and that there was some drama at the nuptials. Sonny tells him about Novak and Buscema being blown to bits. Cyrus suggests they discuss that in greater detail when he comes to visit him. Sonny has no reason to visit him, but Cyrus has information on who might want to take Novak and Buscema’s places. Sonny passes on the offer and tells Cyrus to enjoy life in prison.

Cyrus calls Sonny GH

At the gym, Sonny approaches Portia and Curtis, who welcome Sonny home. Sonny asks for a moment to talk about Cyrus. Sonny tells him about the call, and he asks what happened the night that Cyrus went down. Portia recounts the story of being taken hostage by him along with Trina. They continue telling him about Laura’s involvement, Curtis getting shot and Jordan taking Cyrus down. Sonny thanks them for the intel and departs to check on someone. Portia finds it unsettling that Cyrus has come back into their lives. Curtis also notes the timing of the mystery man. Portia asks if he thinks he works for Cyrus?

Sonny meets with Curtis to discuss Cyrus GH

Back at the Metro Court, Nina warns Carly that by trying to hurt her, she’s only going to end up hurting herself. Carly wonders how, when suddenly Sonny enters. He asks what is going on. Carly explains Nina was telling her that it was her fault she’s going to trial. Nina leaves for work, and Carly tells Sonny that she tried it his way. However, Nina isn’t backing down, so from now on, it’s between her and Nina.

On the next General Hospital: Ava asks Nikolas what he’s hiding, Shawn visits Spencer, and Spencer says, “Come clean about what?”

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