Anna visits Valentin in hospital in Crete General Hospital
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In Crete, Valentin wakes up from a nightmare in his hospital room. He tells Anna he was dreaming of Peter trying to take his girls. She calms him down by getting him to fantasize about taking revenge on Peter. Even though Valentin can drive her crazy, she admits, her life would be boring without him. They catch up on Peter, Drew, and Victor. The Cassadine hates being stuck in the bed but Anna says he should be thankful he’s alive. When they were waiting for the medevac helicopter, she realized she might never be able to tell him… “Ummm, that I wouldn’t know what to say to Charlotte,” she covers. Taking her hand, he says she’s all the strength he’ll ever need. He makes her promise to make sure Bailey knows he loved her. Anna assures him he will be all right for his children. “You’re leaving someone off that list, darling,” he says.

Jason and Britt look for Obrecht in Crete General Hospital

At the taverna, Britt and Jason can’t believe they came all this way only to miss her mother. He leaves to make a call to Dante and Britt complains about how much her feet hurt. Injured Russell hobbles over with his gun out and orders the doctor to leave with him for a ferry. Jason runs up, clobbers, and disarms him. She gets Jason to fetch a first aid kit so they can keep Russell alive and get some answers. As she patches him up, she asks about Liesl. He offers to take her to her mom on Cassadine Island if she keeps him alive. Paramedics arrive and get Russell. One urges them to get on a plane and head back to the States. She wonders if they should call Anna but he doesn’t trust the WSB’s priorities. As they head off for the island, the bartender calls Nikolas.

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BLQ and Sasha meet Maxie and Gladys at the restaurant General Hospital

Maxie joins BLQ and Sasha at a restaurant. They are confused about why they are meeting there until Gladys shows up. She takes them to a table and turns on her phone recorder so she can take notes later. They bicker about office culture and BLQ leaving her daughter at home. When the bickering heats up, Sasha drags Gladys away and reminds her Brook Lynn is her boss. As they argue, Maxie and BLQ’s conversation about Bailey is recorded. Valentin and Anna call. He wants to speak to Bailey but she’s not at home. Anna gets on the line and says Valentin will be airlifted back to Port Charles because of his injury. Maxie says this meeting is over so Sasha takes Gladys away. BLQ is dreading the day Valentin finds out Bailey isn’t his daughter. All of this is being recorded on Gladys’ phone. She returns and puts it in her bag.

Later, in her office, Gladys types up the recording. She hears BLQ admitting Bailey isn’t Valentin’s daughter.

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Ava and Scott show up at the PCPD to help Nina. The lawyer tells his new client that the quicker she is extradited to Pennsylvania, the better. The local DA wants to exploit her case to raise his profile for the election. Scott thinks she has a better chance somewhere that Sonny’s money is less likely to be in play. Plus, she’s likely to get bail there, but not in Port Charles. Nina has to think this over. Scott leaves them to talk. Ava urges her friend to listen to Scott. They both assume that Sonny has turned on her. Ava reminds her she can always use the truth about what happened between her and “Mike” in Nixon Falls as ammunition. If Carly is the one who called the cops, she can turn on the waterworks and exploit Sonny’s residual feelings for her.

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Michael and Jax discuss blackmail at Metro Court General Hospital

Michael drops by the Metro Court. Carly comes over to him but crosses the room when Jax arrives. He and Michael discuss the Nina situation and the blackmail. This leads to them debating what to do about Nina. Jax thinks she may already be suffering enough.

Sonny quizzes Carly about Nina's arrest at Metro Court General Hospital

Sonny joins Carly and asks if Nina got arrested because of her. It’s news to her. He doesn’t understand who would be going after her considering all the people they helped in Nixon Falls. Carly is distressed to hear him using “we” when talking about Nina. He reminds her that they were all living different lives. Carly is adamant that Nina pay for keeping him away from her. They head over to Michael and Jax. Scott calls Jax and tells him Nina needs all the friends she can get as she faces extradition. Michael and Carly want to see that. Sonny is a lot less enthusiastic.

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Nina, Scott, and Ava in court for extradition hearing General Hospital

Carly, Michael, Sonny, and Jax arrive in the courtroom. Sonny and Nina lock eyes. Ava is appalled to see them. They insist they didn’t have her arrested. Michael tells Nina the only person she should blame is herself. Scott gets his client settled and Ava reminds her of the ammunition she’s got. The judge comes in and Scott says his client welcomes the extradition. She’s cuffed and taken out.

On the next General Hospital: Ned pays Austin a visit, Michael asks Sonny if he has a problem with what he’s done.

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