Nina has a suggestion GH
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At the Metro Court, Sonny makes Ava a proposition off-screen. She agrees to consider it if the price is right. Sonny excuses himself to take a call, and Nina rushes up to Ava. Ava swears she didn’t use what she knows to pressure Sonny. Nina tells Ava she still has a problem, and she may have a solution. Nina offers to buy Charlie’s because she has great use for it. Ava explains the situation with Charlie’s has changed. Sonny returns and Ava reveals they both have just made bids for Charlie’s, and the one with the deepest pockets will win. Nina and Sonny look at one another, and Ava leaves them to talk it over.

Sonny surprises Ava GH

Nina and Sonny both ask the other why they want to buy Charlie’s, and both admit it’s to give to Phyllis to run. Nina offers to bow out because Phyllis is likely to accept the offer from him. She will give him half the money, as long as he never tells Phyllis. He has enough money of his own and refuses to take her money because it will make them too connected. She gets that’s the last thing he wants. Nina admits she’s been waiting for Carly to tear into her for their relationship in Nixon Falls, but she hasn’t. Nina assumes she doesn’t know. Sonny informs her that he and Carly are rebuilding their life together, and he sees no point in making it worse because of what Nina did. Nina swears Carly will never find out about it from her. She also hopes Phyllis stays in Port Charles because she wants to earn back the trust of the people she loves.

sonny presents ava with a deal gh

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At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael believes this case will help propel Sheridan’s career and make headlines for him. Sheridan tells Michael that he’ll let him know when things are in motion. Willow enters, and Michael introduces her to Robert Sheridan. Michael thinks Sheridan is likely ready to get back to Llanview and sees him out.

Willow is upset with Michael GH

Later, Willow confronts Michael about his meeting. Michael admits he gave Sheridan a high-profile case in prosecuting Nina for fraud and identity theft. Willow thought they discussed not making a move against her. Michael isn’t going to deny her visitation with Wiley, but he does want Nina punished for what she did. Michael vents that he has given Nina chance after chance, and she always hurts them, so now her fate is up to the DA.

Michael makes a move GH

Back at the Metro Court, as Sonny and Nina are concluding their discussion, two cops enter and arrest Nina for identity theft and fraud.

Nina is arrested GH

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At the courthouse, Kevin greets Nikolas and says he spoke to Laura, who was very clear in how she wants things to play out. She doesn’t condone what Spencer did, nor Nikolas’ actions that drove Spencer to do what he did.

Kevin has news for Nikolas GH

Joss and Cam arrive as Spencer’s lawyer asks him how he wants to plead. Joss interjects and asks if someone, looking at Esme, is pressuring him into doing the wrong thing. Spencer explains tells them how Ava’s been put in charge of his trust fund and his being asked to accept his father’s marriage in order to get out of this mess. Joss is no fan of Ava, but says if this is what it takes then to take her offer. Spencer explains that’s what Esme told him to do.

Esme and Spencer in court GH

The court is called into session, and Spencer is asked how he pleads. Spencer looks back at his father, who is joined by Ava, and pleads not guilty. Everyone is stunned. His passport is confiscated pending the trial scheduled in six weeks. Kevin offers to post bail, which is what Laura wanted. Esme hugs Spencer but asks why he didn’t do as they agreed. He reveals he can’t give into Ava because this will never end if he does.

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Kevin tells Spencer that he’ll be moving back in with him. Kevin asks for a moment alone with Spencer, so everyone heads out into the hall. Spencer knows there is likely a catch for the bail. Kevin tells him that he needs to earn their support, beginning by getting a job.

In the hall, Esme thanks Ava for offering a way out for Spencer, and she’ll keep trying to talk to him into accepting it. Ava hopes she does, and that she doesn’t let Spencer drag her into any more bad behavior. After Esme departs, Ava tells Nikolas the look on Spencer’s face when he pled not guilty makes it clear this is far from over.

In Crete, Robert grills Victor at the WSB facility. He asks how long Victor’s been working with Peter. Victor reveals he was forced to do Peter’s bidding. Robert inquires how Peter managed that. Victor refuses to answer any more questions and wants his freedom in exchange for helping the WSB to catch Peter.

Robert grill Victor GH

Elsewhere, a doctor checks on Valentin, who hasn’t regained consciousness. The doctor explains to Anna that the bullet fragmented, and they couldn’t remove all of it. She suggests Valentin undergo surgery in the US because their facility can’t handle something so delicate. Anna looks at Valentin and says he may have been born in Greece, but she won’t let him die there. She gets a message from Robert and steps out of the room, but not before kissing Valentin’s hand and promising to return.

Anna sits with Valentin GH

Anna joins Robert, who leaves her with Victor. The Cassadine offers to help catch Peter in exchange for immunity. Victor tells her to make his case to the WSB, or the blood Peter continues to shed will be on her hands. As Anna goes to leave, Victor asks her to give his best to his son.

Victor is surprised GH

Robert heads to Valentin’s room as the Cassadine stirs awake and asks about Anna. Robert says Anna is talking to his uncle-father, who wants to cut a deal. Anna returns to Valentin, and Robert leaves them. Valentin begs Anna not to give Victor whatever he’s asking for because it’s a trap. Anna feels they have no choice because Peter must be stopped, and she senses that Victor knows where Peter is.

In town, Britt and Jason arrive and meet up with Dante and Sam, who fill them in on Obrecht’s empty cell and a syringe they discovered with a drug in it. Britt recognizes it as a roofie. Jason deduces they are keeping Obrecht alive for some reason.

Britt and Jason arrive in Greece GH

Sam asks to speak to Jason in private, so they find a table. She shares the news about Drew, but he already was informed by Anna. Jason believes there is still a chance for Drew unless they find a body.

Sam and Jason discuss drew GH

Sam and Dante reconnect, and Dante tells Sam the same thing about Drew that Jason said. Sam doesn’t feel there is anything left for her to do here in Greece, and her kids need her. Dante understands and says he’ll arrange for flights back. Sam tells him that he doesn’t have to go with her, but he wants to.

Britt tells Jason that she’s sorry about Drew, and she wouldn’t blame him if he wanted to go home. He refuses until they do what they came for, and suggests they investigate her mother’s cell.

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