Austin signs over ELQ rights GH
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Willow brings Wiley to the Corinthos place to play with Donna. In the kitchen, Carly offers Willow some coffee, and Willow unloads on her about Michael and Nina. Willow is worried that Michael is going to take action and make Nina pay. Carly thinks he should. Willow is angry about what Nina did but feels inciting a big and ugly battle won’t help anyone. Carly feels Nina’s lies may have pushed Michael too far, and while her son is a good and kind man, he will act when pushed to his limit.

Willow and Carly discuss Nina GH

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At the Metro Court, Nina and Phyllis meet for breakfast. Phyllis knows she’ll eventually have to go back to Nixon Falls and face life without Lenny. Nina asks her to consider staying in Port Charles.

Nina and Phyllis discuss Mike on GH

At another table, Ava and Nikolas discuss Spencer’s arraignment. Ava reminds him that they offered Spencer a way out and all he has to do is take it. They discuss Nikolas putting Ava in charge of Spencer’s trust fund because he doesn’t trust himself not to give in to Spencer. Ava is happy to play bad cop, but Spencer made it clear he won’t go along with this. She hopes he swallows his pride and does so because it’s the only way he’ll stay out of jail. Nikolas says he’ll see her at the hearing and takes off.

Nikolas is worried about Spencer GH

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At the courthouse, Esme asks Spencer if he’s considered taking Ava’s deal. He refuses to be beholden to Ava. The public defender shows up and thinks Spencer’s case will be thrown out because nobody saw him deface the garage. Spencer is confused, and the defender realizes she has the wrong file. She rushes off to find his file as Sonny waltzes in.

Sonny angry at Spencer GH

Esme thanks Sonny for coming, and apologizes for the misunderstanding with Nikolas and Ava taking Avery. Sonny knows exactly what she was doing. Esme leaves them to talk, and Sonny lashes out at Spencer for going after Ava by using his daughter. He tells him he crossed a line and reminds him of the code, which includes never hurting children. Sonny advises Spencer that he needs to figure out who he wants to be, the guy who owns his mistakes or waits for his father to write a check and save him. Spencer bemoans that’s not even an option because his dad has chosen Ava over him. Sonny knows the pain of a father choosing an addiction over his own son and says Nikolas is addicted to Ava. However, he says Spencer violated the code and he can’t bail him out this time.

Nikolas arrives as Sonny departs. Spencer thought his father gave up on him. Nikolas says he wouldn’t be standing there if he had. Spencer lashes out at his father for giving Ava control of his trust fund and tells his dad to open his eyes to her. Nikolas says all they are asking is that he respect their marriage, but Spencer fumes he will never do that. Esme pleads with Spencer to put his pride aside and accept his father’s deal, otherwise, he’ll go to jail and she’ll be left alone. The attorney returns, having read his file and only has one question. She asks, “How do you want to plead?”

Spencer has his day in court GH

At the Quartermaine mansion, Ned begins telling Michael about the drama involving BLQ and Austin when Olivia interrupts. She thought Ned would be in the office by now, and says she’ll leave them. She walks away, but Ned chases after her and says they’ll never fix things if they keep avoiding one another. The doorbell rings and Olivia answers it to find Maxie there. She needs to speak to Brook Lynn about what she did to Austin. Michael wonders what Brook Lynn did. BLQ comes down the steps and says she gave them their best shot against keeping Austin out of ELQ.

Brook Lynn explains what she did to Michael. Maxie tells Brook Lynn that Austin is generally a good guy. Olivia interjects that he isn’t and he’s using Leo. Brook Lynn notes Michael is very quiet and asks what he thinks. Michael thinks she found and targeted his weakness and it was a smart move. BLQ gloats, “Gold star for me!” Olivia leaves to check on Leo, and the doorbell rings. Michael answers it to find Mr. Sheridan standing there. Michael thanks him for making the trip from Pennsylvania and invites him in. He’s still puzzled why Michael’s interested in a local election for attorney general in a small Pennsylvania county.

BLQ gloats about her win GH

At the hospital, Monica catches Austin checking on patients’ records. She reminds him he’s on suspension, which he says is because of Brook Lynn’s games. They go into her office to talk. Monica tells him a bit about her history with the family, and how they see ELQ as basically another family member. Austin says that’s how his dad talked about the business, and he always felt like an outsider with the Quartermaines. Monica asks if his father wanted him to go into medicine or business. He says his father just wanted him to be happy. Monica wonders if he knew how the Quartermaines operated, then why did he come knocking on their door?

Monica advises Austin GH

Back at the Quartermaines, Olivia returns to the living room to find Ned arguing with Brook Lynn about what she did to Austin and how it could affect Leo. Olivia is furious with them for not respecting her decision regarding Leo and says she thinks it’s time she and Ned talk about divorce. Austin arrives, and Olivia says, “Just when I thought this day couldn’t get worse.” Austin has an answer for Brook Lynn.

Ned feels Olivia is wrong GH

Austin reveals he wanted to be a part of this family. However, after talking to Monica, if they are incapable of separating their family from a business, then he wants no part of either of them. He agrees to sign over his claims to ELQ and accept Edward’s original will. Austin only wanted to do right by his father but realizes he doesn’t want anything to do with this family and is not a Quartermaine. As he signs the papers, BLQ smiles. Maxie checks on Austin, and he thanks her for her support. Maxie heads out, and Ned wishes Austin luck and says his patients are lucky to have him. Brook Lynn shows Austin the door, but he warns her this isn’t over and this is just the beginning.

Brook Lynn celebrates win GH

Alone, Ned tells Olivia she couldn’t have meant what she said earlier. Olivia feels if they can’t agree on what is best for Leo then what kind of marriage do they have? She storms out.

Olivia and Ned debate Leo GH

In the study, Michael talks with Mr. Sheridan about the upcoming election. They make a deal the audience isn’t privy to and shake on it. Sheridan says he sees a lot of potential here.

Michael and the politician

Back at the Metro Court, Ava goes over to Nina’s table and introduces herself to Phyllis. She says it’s nice to meet the woman who got to boss Sonny around and is fascinated by Sonny’s other life in Nixon Falls. Phyllis gets a call and excuses herself, and Nina asks Ava what she’s doing. Ava needs knowledge and power to go up against Sonny for joint custody of Avery. Nina reminds her that she agreed not to reveal what she confided in her. Phyllis returns just as Sonny enters and spots them all together. He says hello to Phyllis, ignores Nina, and tells Ava that they need to have their meeting.

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Ava and Sonny grab another table to discuss Avery. Ava says their daughter got used to being with her every day and she wants joint custody. Sonny refuses. However, he will give her more time with Avery, on his terms, not the courts. He asks if she’s good with this, and Ava is. She thinks Nixon Falls changed him. She says she’ll write up a new schedule and mail it to him. He tells her they still have some other unfinished business.

Ava and Sonny discuss Avery GH

On the next General Hospital: Sonny has a proposition for Ava. Nina suggests a solution to someone. Britt and Jason arrive in Greece. Joss and Cam arrive at the courthouse to support Spencer.

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