Nina updates Curtis at The Savoy General Hospital
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At The Savoy, bartender Nika tells Curtis about the guy who was asking about live music. Nina shows up. They hug and he asks for a bottle of wine before sitting down with Nina. She starts complaining about how hard her life is thanks to the epic mess she’s made. He tries reassuring her that her transgressions will soon be behind her.

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The man who was spying on Curtis arrives at General Hospital. He approaches TJ, claiming his name is “Marshall,” and complaining of abdominal pain. TJ checks him over and “Marshall” asks him about his life. When TJ mentions his uncle, “Marshall” probes for more. He gets emotional and asks him to keep a hold of his tight-knit family. When TJ leaves him alone, he takes off. Curtis shows up to pick TJ up for a movie and the man watches them.

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Liz asks Finn to trivia night at General Hospital

At the nurses’ station, Liz finds a flyer for the GH trivia night and thinks about Finn. As Finn gets off the elevator, he thinks about Liz and tries to snap out of it. He walks straight into her and she breaks into giggles. She asks him to sign up for trivia night. Sounds fun to him. She reassures him it’s not a date. “What if it was?” he asks, bringing up their almost-kiss. He wonders if they should take a chance.

Britt stops by Terry’s office to announce she’s leaving the country. She doesn’t know for how long. After she explains why, Terry assures her she will look after things at the hospital. As soon as Britt leaves, Terry gets a call.

Terry tells Finn about a call at General Hospital

Terry interrupts Liz and Finn to say her father called to check on her. Terry won’t be Jeff’s hp-between and thinks they should talk to each other. Liz is upset, claims she’s not, and hops on an elevator. Terry tells Finn that if he wants to know what’s up between Liz and her dad, he’ll have to speak to her.

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Willow asks Michael if he can be Willow's boss at Quartermaine estate General Hospital

At the Quartermaine estate, Willow and Michael talk about how lucky they are. The topic turns to him taking over Aurora. She wonders how he feels about being Nina’s boss. He says if anyone should remove themselves from that situation, it’s Nina. Michael explains how upset Avery has been since Sonny came back from the dead. He’s thought about pushing Nina out of Crimson but that wouldn’t solve the issues with Wiley. He’d like to take her to court. Willow asks him to reconsider and let things lay for now so they can avoid a court battle. Once alone, he gets a call from the man running for Attorney General. In return for financial support, Michael wants him to look into a crime involving Nina.

Austin and Maxie talk General Hospital

Austin joins Maxie outside of a restaurant. She brings up Brook Lynn trying to ruin his career and asks if it’s worth it. He’s starting to suspect she’s more invested in the Quartermaine squabble than she’s letting on. She claims she’s only interested in gossip and asks him for a dirty martini.

Ned and Olivia are inside. He reminds her they have been separated for a year and wonders what’s next. She changes the subject to Leo and Ned explains that Dr. Diamond suggested she bring him to a pediatric neurologist. Liv is not pleased with this. They spot Austin and Maxie walking in. Olivia immediately starts lecturing the doctor for sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong and accuses him of exploiting people. After she orders him to stay away from her kid, she storms out. Ned tells Austin that another doctor has confirmed that his worries about Leo might not be unfounded. Austin brings up what BLQ has done. Ned is sorry to hear that. In spite of their problems, he believes in him as a doctor. After he exits, Maxie and Austin sit down. He doesn’t blame Olivia but she needs to start listening.

Outside, Olivia apologizes to Ned for freaking out. She says people like him throw money at problems and she thinks Leo just “needs to do his Leo stuff in his Leo world.” He assures her that consulting a doctor isn’t committing to anything. She doesn’t want to go down that road.

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Carly and Sonny talk Peter at Corinthos compound General Hospital

At the Corinthos compound, Carly and Sonny talk about how invested he was in life in Nixon Falls. As she kisses him, Jason interrupts. Things are awkward. They rehash the last two weeks. Sonny thinks back to telling Nina that he loved her. He tells Carly they need to leave the past in the past. Jason announces he’s leaving town to help Britt search for Obrecht. It all circles back to Peter. Carly can’t understand why Peter didn’t use seeing Sonny as “Mike” to his advantage. Jason continues recapping the situation and the return of Victor. Britt arrives and waits in the foyer as Jason asks Sonny and Carly if they are okay. Sonny doesn’t want to discuss this again. After Jason leaves, Carly tells Sonny she’s glad everything is in the open.

On the next General Hospital: Austin is ready to play dirty, plus Ava tells Sonny what she thinks is best for their daughter.

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