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In Crete, Robert and Anna go over the bridge toward the dock. She tells him she won’t be shooting to kill. He will be. As Valentin and Drew come over the bridge, Peter shoots Valentin in the gut. The Cassadine stumbles over to Anna, but Drew is shot and plummets into the water. Valentin tells Anna that Obrecht still needs to be rescued. She won’t leave his side and gets him to talk about Charlotte so he’ll stay conscious. He asks her to tell his children that he loved them and how he died. Robert says the WSB is sending a chopper.

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In the Cassadine compound, Victor informs Dante and Sam that Drew is under Peter’s power. Dante insists that he help them search. They go looking for Liesl but she’s nowhere to be found. The cop finds a syringe on the floor of her cell and guesses she didn’t leave willingly. Sam wanders down the hall to Drew’s cell and Victor explains again that Peter has reactivated Drew and sent him out to shoot up the tavern last night. Sam is sure that if he can remember his daughter’s name, he can’t be totally lost. Victor tells them that he regrets getting involved with Peter and wants to get back at him. He offers to help them search.

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After Valentin is airlifted to a hospital, Robert and Anna return to the tavern. They aren’t happy to see that Sam and Dante left. The cop and PI show up with Victor. Anna informs him that Peter shot Valentin in the back. He looks upset and explains Valentin is his son, detailing his affair with Helena more extensively than Robert finds comfortable. If Valentin dies, Anna will hold Victor responsible. Scorpio takes Dante and Sam aside and informs them that Drew was shot and agents are looking for his body in the water. Dante tries to reassure Sam by reminding her Drew is hard to kill. At a table, Victor comments that Robert is a little out of his territory as the Port Charles DA. Scorpio says he’ll always take a personal interest in the Cassadines.

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At The Savoy, Portia tells Curtis she’s glad his detecting days are over and he’s safe and sound. As they kiss, a man watches them from across the room. Curtis toasts to the past staying in the past. When she spots Nikolas and Ava, she starts venting about him and what Spencer did to Trina. He offers to throw them out but she doesn’t want to escalate the tension.

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Ava and Nikolas get a table. He pulls out their wedding rings and asks if she will put them back on. That would make her happy. He slips them on, they make vows, and toast to themselves. Jason enters with Britt and she brusquely joins the couple to ask Nikolas if his family history is still disturbing his sleep. She quizzes him about his family’s operations in Crete and fills them in about the spyware on Scott’s computer and her mother’s abduction. The prince insists it has nothing to do with him. Britt demands a moment alone with him. Ava steps away.

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The doctor offers to talk to Spencer for Nikolas since no one else seems able to get through to him. Britt returns to grilling him about his family’s compound in Greece. Anna calls and fills her in about what’s just happened.

As Ava joins Portia at the bar, Curtis strolls over to Jason. Ava and Portia chat about Trina’s school year. Her boss wonders if she’s as grounded in her social life. Portia admits she partially blames Nikolas for what Spencer did and his deception of her daughter. However, she doesn’t support Ava’s choice to have him arrested. That doesn’t mean she ever wants her daughter to go near a Cassadine again. She hopes Ava’s connection to that family won’t come back to haunt her.

Curtis chats with Jason about Sonny’s return. As they discuss the bureaucratic nightmare of Sonny returning from the grave, the mystery man sits in the corner and questions a waitress about how acts are booked for the club. When she goes to tell Curtis about the man’s curiosity, he looks for the man but he’s gone. Meanwhile, Britt fills Jason in about Drew being shot in Greece and Peter vanishing with her mother. He announces they need to go to Greece.

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Back in Greece, Drew leaves Liesl cuffed and unconscious before taking off his bulletproof vest and getting in a vehicle with Peter. August says that everyone must assume he’s dead by now.

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