Peter is ordered executed on island compound General Hospital
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On the patio in Crete, Anna tells Robert, Dante, and Sam that she will be leading the WSB team to find Valentin and Peter. Dante and Sam plan their next move. Before they can leave, Robert and Anna halt them. She says Sam’s personal involvement with Drew will make her a liability, not an asset. Anna takes Dante aside and says that going along with this operation could re-trigger his PTSD. She orders one of her men to keep the cop and PI there.

Sam and Dante talk Drew with guard on Crete General Hospital

After all the other agents leave, Sam and Dante look for a way to escape. Their guard gets them drinks and refuses to leave them alone. They tell him about Drew and how important it is to reunite him with his daughter. That seems to convince him.

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Obrecht gives Drew advice about his conditioning in his cell General Hospital

In Drew’s cell, Obrecht tells him that if he wants to break his conditioning, he needs to concentrate on what’s most important to him. She urges him to keep Scout in the center of his mind. He talks about his daughter and worries if she will remember him. Liesl is sure Sam wouldn’t let her daughter forget her father. A guard arrives and drags her away.

Valentin asks Russell why he’s still under guard when he’s made a deal with Victor. Russell tells him it wasn’t a wise choice but won’t explain more. He leaves him alone.

In a corridor, Victor declares that he’s done with Peter forever and orders his execution. Peter says he’ll never get control of Drew without him. Victor isn’t won over. However, his guards side with Peter. Russell joins them. He’s been bought by Peter as well.

Victor and Valentin are betrayed on island compound General Hospital

Victor is shown into the room containing Valentin. Peter waves a gun at them and complains about how much trouble they cause him. An alarm goes off. Russell runs in to say the WSB has stormed the gates. Peter takes off. Valentin tries to buy Russell off.

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Peter goes to Drew’s cell to give him orders. Drew attacks him. Moments later, the WSB crew comes in and sees Scout’s name carved in the wall but no one is there.

Drew storms in to Victor and Valentin. He shoots Russell in the leg as Victor escapes.

Sam and Dante search the compound General Hospital

Dante and Sam find Victor hiding. He tells them that Peter is out of his mind and has run away.

As Anna and Robert search the grounds, she says she’s not shooting to kill. He is. Suddenly, they see Drew and Valentin crossing a bridge. Valentin calls out to Anna. Peter pops up and shoots him in the stomach. Drew starts shooting into the darkness but Peter shoots him and he falls off the bridge.

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Portia and Curtis on date at The Savoy General Hospital

At The Savoy, Curtis impresses Portia by talking about Magritte after they get back from a gala at the museum. She shows him the letter of apology that Stella sent her. Now they can all start off on the right foot when she returns. He recalls how his aunt used to take him to museums and introduced him to beautiful things. She asks what happened to his parents. He insists his childhood was normal and happy. His father died suddenly when he was young and that’s when Stella got involved and looked after the whole family. Stella had a lot of rules and a strong sense of right. When he became a cop, she made him call her every day. She helped him back into sobriety. Portia is looking forward to getting to know his aunt better and is glad his detective days are over. As they kiss, a man watches them.

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Spienlli has news for Scott, Jason and Britt at General Hospital

Scott startles Britt when he arrives in her office at General Hospital. She explains Jason has agreed to help them. Jason steps in, squinting. He explains that Scott is the one who will find Obrecht and calls Spinelli over for help. They assume that Scott’s computer habits have been tracked and that’s how Obrecht’s abductor knew how to go after her. The lawyer is not comfortable as Spinelli goes through his browsing history. He quickly finds the answer — there has been spyware on his computer for months. Although he can’t figure out who was behind this, he could trace their IP address to Crete. They guess this means the Cassadines.

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