Sonny questions Jason about Carly in office General Hospital
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Britt takes Austin into her office at General Hospital. She questions him about diagnosing Leo. He explains he never diagnosed the child, only suggested he see a specialist. He guesses that Brook Lynn is behind this and is using it to get leverage. If this is a formal accusation, he wants a lawyer. She suspends him from practicing medicine pending a disciplinary review. He walks out. She gets a call from Scott and agrees to swallow her pride and talk to Jason about Obrecht. The doctor rehearses what to say.

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In his office, Sonny asks Jason if he walked in on “something” when he found him in the bedroom with Carly. He wonders what would have happened if he hadn’t walked in. Jason admits they would have slept together. Sonny needs a moment and has to sit down. The door that Jason and Carly closed years ago is open again. Jason admits that he started falling back in love with her. Sonny’s not convinced he can just shut off his feelings. His friend explains that he and Carly had agreed that the marriage would be more than just a business arrangement. Now, they are all just friends again. He gets a text from Britt and exits.

Nina and Ava discuss Mike at Crimson General Hospital

Ava storms into the Crimson office and confronts Nina about her relationship with “Mike.” She wonders what Carly really knows about them falling in love. Nina explains she and “Mike” never had sex and forbids her using this to her advantage. Ava claims she only wants romance for her friend. She tells her about Spencer being her stalker and having him arrested. If she and Nikolas can get back together, the same could be true of Nina and “Mike.” Nina insists Sonny has made it clear they don’t have a future. Her friend doubts he wants his old life back.

Jason arrives in Britt’s office.

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Maxie and Britt discuss Austin at gym General Hospital

Maxie and Brook Lynn arrive at the gym to get ready for their kickboxing class. They chat about their arrangements regarding Bailey and admit that they’ve almost become friends. BLQ starts complaining about Austin being a gold-digger. Austin calls Maxie and asks if he can see her. When she mentions she’s at the gym, he says he’s on the way. He arrives moments later and instantly confronts BLQ for using Britt to go after him. She accuses him of using Leo just like he used Chase. She has paperwork drawn up already and says she will drop hers if he drops his suit. He refuses to make a choice and challenges BLQ to take her best shot.

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At home, Carly calls Sonny and tells him that she suspects Ava is working some angle regarding Avery’s custody.

Carly vents about Nina in Corinthos kitchen General Hospital

In the Corinthos kitchen, Trina is distracted as she thinks about Spencer. She tells Joss and Cam she knows what he did to Ava was wrong but she and her friends wonder if Esme pushed him over the line. When Trina vents about how sensitive Spencer is, Joss sends Cam away. They complain about Esme and Joss compares her to Nina. Carly walks in on this. She informs them that Spencer has been arrested. Cam returns in time to hear this and rushes off with Trina. Joss stays behind to tell her mom about her confrontation with Nina. Her mom is sorry she has to deal with this. Seeing Nina walking around looking sorry is too much for Joss. Carly wants her to concentrate on school and let this go. She still can’t get over how Sonny was a different person in Nixon Falls. Her daughter insists that man was left behind. After Joss leaves, Sonny strolls in. “Howdy stranger,” Carly says, startling him.

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Spencer is interrogated at PCPD General Hospital

Esme arrives at the PCPD as Spencer is dragged in for processing. He tells her that Ava had him arrested. As Esme complains, he’s cuffed to a desk. She explains she called Scott but he laughed and hung up. He senses she’s worried she’s going to be arrested too. Chase appears, eager to ask Esme some questions. He leads her off to the interrogation room and asks about the night Ava’s car was set on fire.

Cam is questioned by Chase at PCPD General Hospital

Cam and Trina arrive as Esme returns with Chase. The detective asks Cam into the interrogation room. Pretty soon, Cam admits Spencer said Esme started the fire. Chase goes back out, tells Esme not to leave town, and leads Spencer away. Esme tells Trina that if she really wants to help Spencer, she should convince Ava not to cooperate with the police.

Later, Ava is shown into the interrogation room. She tells Spencer he’s not going anywhere.

On the next General Hospital: Drew explains that Peter is controlling him and Carly tells Sonny that leaving “this” alone isn’t enough.

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