Sonny lays ground rules for Nina at Crimson General Hospital
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In Olivia’s office at the Metro Court, she and Carly discuss renewing Crimson’s lease. Olivia is surprised she isn’t using this to get back at Nina. Carly explains Sonny asked her to lay off and she doesn’t want to look like she’s making the first move. Liv senses her business partner is planning something. As Liv leads her son Leo to the door, he asks Carly for the bauble on her desk. She lets him have it.

Jason rejects Austin at the gym General Hospital

Jason sighs when he arrives at the gym and sees Austin working the bag. To no avail, Austin quizzes him about his relationship with their family. He holds the bag as Jason punches it and the doctor rambles. This soon gets on Jason’s nerves. Austin senses that he has as many problems with the family he chose as the one he was born into. Jason doesn’t want to talk to him. His cousin repeats that he only wants to get his father the recognition he was denied. He explains that he couldn’t enjoy the life he had in the country until he knew what other kind of life he could have.

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Scott and Ava discuss Nina at Metro Court General Hospital

Scott joins Ava at the Metro Court bar. He’s had her divorce papers pulled but suggests she keep them on hand since her stepson was her stalker. He tells her that Nina is now his client and fills her in about what happened with Sonny. He’s sorry that Corinthos is back to his old life. She suddenly realizes that the “Mike” Nina told her about has always been Sonny and runs out.

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Carly and Olivia talk revenge at office General Hospital

Ava shows up at Carly’s office, eager to discuss Avery’s custody arrangement now that she’s not leaving town. Carly won’t discuss this without Sonny present. When Ava brings up Nina, Carly tries to show her the door. Ava tells her what Nina did was deeply disturbing. Carly wonders if she was keeping her friend’s secret. Ava insists she wasn’t. She’s just worried about what will happen now that Sonny is no longer the man he was. Carly immediately calls Jason to share her concerns.

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Britt lashes out at Brook Lynn General Hospital

At General Hospital, Britt leaves an annoyed message for Anna about her missing mother. Brook Lynn approaches and tells her about the tension between Olivia and Ned over Leo’s medical status. She asks if it was a problem for Austin to mention the child may have autism to her. The doctor assumes she knows it is and is playing her. Brook Lynn is eager to tell a disciplinary board that Austin crossed the line. Olivia and Leo appear in time to hear this. After Britt walks off, a nurse takes Leo to the pediatrician. Liv asks BLQ if Austin really thinks her son has autism. BLQ explains she deliberately got the doctor to break medical confidentiality so she could use it against him. Liv wonders if Brook Lynn is using her son and accuses her of putting the company before her family.

At the nurses’ station, Scott and Britt discuss Liesl. Anna has been no help so he suggests they turn to Jason. She refuses and wouldn’t even know how to ask anyways. When Scott walks off, she calls Austin and orders him over. Scott returns and suggests they talk to Mac Scorpio. She insists Mac needs to look out for Maxie. The doctor offers to think about talking to Jason. Austin arrives and Britt shows him into her office.

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Nina refuses to leave Port Charles General Hospital

Sonny drops by the Crimson office to see Nina. He warns that she’s not going to be happy if she stays in Port Charles. She’s not about to leave and start over again. Sonny says that if she stays, there will have to be some ground rules. He wants her to avoid his family and claims the right to change the rules whenever he sees fit. Things get uncomfortable. Before he can leave, she hands him the watch that “Mike” left in Nixon Falls. It was his father’s. He never thought he’d see it again. He threw it away because he thought it was keeping him tied to his old life. Sonny says he wants to forgive her, but hasn’t yet. She explains Phyllis found the watch just in time, much like he walked in on Carly and Jason before they could consummate their marriage. After he leaves, Ava shows up to ask Nina about her double life.

Sonny arrives at his office and finds Jason has returned his old chair. Sitting down, he admits Jason and Carly have been on his mind…

On the next General Hospital: Sonny asks Jason what would have happened if he hadn’t walked in and Ava tells Nina she and Sonny still have a chance.

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